5 Best Websites with Esport News

Best Websites with Esport News

Esports is a contest using video games. It commonly requires the form of planned, multi-player video game tournaments, especially between skilled players, independently or as a group. Esports means electronic sports. Esport news is the most recent report from throughout the esports industry covering event coverage, interviews, opinion portions, surveys, and more from the esports world. Below are the top 5 websites providing you an Esport news.

Top Rated and Best Websites with Esport News:

#1 Global-Esports NewsTop rated Websites with Esport News

As a digital gaming magazine, Global-Esports News offers you a platform with high-quality articles about gaming, e-sports, and more. The world of games is on the upswing. The field of e-sports is booming and growing daily. And with it, of course, the need for professional reporting. They are happy to take on this task. Its team consists of full-blooded journalists whose hearts beat for gaming.

They are happy about your interest. Stay tuned and check back regularly to make sure you don’t miss anything. Global Esports News still has big plans. If you like their work, feel free to recommend them. Global Esports News will take you to the next level. If you don’t want to miss any news, subscribe to them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

#2 Esportz NetworkWebsites with Esport News

Esportz Network is a global esports/gaming news, and entertainment media company. Their business is based around the explosive growth that esports and gaming offer on a global basis and the opportunity to create collaborative business components that work together seamlessly to build and support the overall media company and its brand.

They are among the largest esports news agencies in the world with more than 90 professional freelance reporters active on its news and entertainment platform. Their approach provides the first marketplace for freelance esports reporters to readily monetize their story content while enabling them to capture, distribute, and monetize leading esports coverage around the world.

Esportz Network’s custom platform technology allows them to work with reporters in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner. At Esportz Network, they are proud to post and represent some of the absolute best Cosplayers in the world.

#3 ESTNNBest rated Websites with Esport News

ESTNN is multifaceted gaming and esports publication staffed with competitive gaming experts from around the globe. They strive to provide esports news, interviews, features, guides, videos, tournament coverage, and all aspects of competitive gaming to its users in a fan-friendly environment. ESTNN hopes to be your primary source for all major esports content.

#4 BelongGood Websites with Esport News

Belong is delivering unforgettable grassroots esports experiences to gamers since 2016, Belong is a community that welcomes all gamers. From those that are new to the world of gaming, as well as professional players and teams. Every gamer can feel like they’re part of something bigger with Belong. Watch your favorite teams compete in their custom-built viewing areas, play with your friends on top-spec PC hardware and the latest consoles, or kick off your esports journey through their nationwide tournaments.

Make special occasions even more exciting by hiring their arenas for birthdays and team outings or make use of their Pro rooms for training and practices. Read all the news from Belong and find out about their latest events and tournaments.

#5 Boise State EsportsOne of the best Websites with Esport News

Boise State Esports hosts competitive videogame teams (eSports) as an officially sanctioned varsity activity for undergraduate and graduate students. Teams are recruited and selected from current students who have part or full-time status at Boise State University and compete in intercollegiate play as part of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE).