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5 Best Unfair Dismissal Lawyers in Lexington-Fayette, KY

Below is a list of the top and leading Unfair Dismissal Lawyers in Lexington-Fayette. To help you find the best Unfair Dismissal Lawyers located near you in Lexington-Fayette, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Lexington-Fayette’s Best Unfair Dismissal Lawyers: 

The top-rated Unfair Dismissal Lawyers in Lexington-Fayette, KY are:

  • Frost Brown Todd – interdisciplinary and multijurisdictional approach they use when deploying service teams strengthens
  • Landrum & Shouse LLP – was built upon the well-deserved reputations of its founders as experienced
  • Golden Law Office – guide your family through each step of the procedure
  • Lockaby PLLC – approach the profession of law with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Roark & Korus, PLLC – have over 25 years of legal experience in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

Frost Brown ToddUnfair Dismissal Lawyers in Lexington-Fayette

Frost Brown Todd is a comprehensive law firm with over 575 attorneys and 16 offices across eight states and Washington, D.C. Committed to honing the art of client service, they draw on technical, industry, and legal expertise, as well as practical experience, to serve a diverse range of clients, from large, established corporations to start-up businesses.

The interdisciplinary and multijurisdictional approach they use when deploying service teams strengthens their ability to manage client service, maintain product quality, and improve client business knowledge. It also ensures that practices and locations consistently communicate the client’s needs. The team of lawyers, paralegals, and business specialists meets on a regular basis under the supervision of a client advocate to ensure that everyone has the resources needed to handle the issue.

Products/ Services:

Employment Discrimination & Wrongful Termination, Business & Commercial Litigation, & More


Address: 250 W Main St #2800, Lexington, KY 40507
Phone: (859) 231-0000
Website: www.frostbrowntodd.com


“I am very pleased to God to put on my way Mr. Todd and Mrs. Joanne. They are beneficial, professional, honest, diligent, and care deeply about their clients. When I called him I felt more support and care about me I got a concussion in my head in a car accident and I didn’t know what to do after I left the hospital he guided me after the test in my head they found an aneurysm in my brain. I am very pleased to have Mr. Todd and Mrs. Joan. This is the place you really need to trust, they’re exceptional. I highly recommend them. I couldn’t done it without them. Great team” – Angela S.

Landrum & Shouse LLPTop Unfair Dismissal Lawyers in Lexington-Fayette

Landrum & Shouse LLP provides a broad range of civil litigation services to people, businesses, governmental entities, and organizations from offices in Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky. They are one of the biggest legal companies in Kentucky, and as such, they are equipped to handle even the most challenging cases. The founding partners of Landrum & Shouse LLP began their legal careers before World War II. The resulting firm was built upon the well-deserved reputations of its founders as experienced, knowledgeable, and hard-working Lexington and Louisville civil litigation attorneys.

The late Weldon Shouse and the late Charles Landrum, Jr., in conjunction with their firms, practiced law throughout Kentucky for nearly 40 years following military service before fusing in 1984 to become what is now known as Landrum & Shouse LLP.


Wrongful Termination, Noncompete Agreement Litigation, Sexual Harassment & Retaliation, & More


Address: 106 W Vine St Suite 800, Lexington, KY 40507
Phone: (859) 554-4038
Website: www.landrumshouse.com


“Great service. Thank you.” – Ryan R.

Golden Law OfficeUnfair Dismissal Lawyers Lexington-Fayette

Golden Law Office, You wouldn’t trust just anybody to give your family great care when you need someone to step in and aid when you’re unable to. The same is true if your circumstances change unexpectedly and you find yourself in need of high-quality legal representation. Never put your future in the hands of just any legal team.

Their Lexington, Kentucky personal injury attorneys at Golden Law Office can guide your family through each step of the procedure, from submitting a claim to going to trial, and will be by your side until they obtain a favorable result. The lawyers in their firm have the knowledge your case needs. They have a distinct advantage since they have years of experience managing Kentucky personal injury lawsuits as both plaintiff and defense attorneys.


Wrongful Termination, Workers’ Compensation, Product Liability, & More


Address: 771 Corporate Dr #800, Lexington, KY 40503
Phone: (859) 469-5000
Website: www.goldenlawoffice.com


“The team there is outstanding. When you call you actually talk to a person, and they are very thorough in their work. I have worked with Dale, Drew, Anthony, and Perry on various cases.” – Danielle S.

Lockaby PLLCGood Unfair Dismissal Lawyers in Lexington-Fayette

Lockaby PLLC, a single tenet served as the foundation when it first opened its doors on March 1, 2016. Serving those in need, helping those who are dealing with challenging situations, and serving their community. For the sake of achieving their unwavering objective, they reject the archaic legal profession practice that mandates that a firm may only represent plaintiffs or defendants, employees or employers, but not both. Instead, in order to best serve their clients, they approach the profession of law with an entrepreneurial mindset.

As a result of their experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants, Fortune 500 companies and individuals, plaintiffs and defendants, and plaintiffs and defendants, they have a distinctive and balanced perspective that enables them to more thoroughly and accurately assess each client’s case, claims, and damages as well as their risks and to offer sound, logical, and practical advice.


Wrongful Termination, Workers’ Compensation, & More


Address: 476 E High St #200, Lexington, KY 40507
Phone: (859) 687-8900
Website: www.lockabylaw.com


“We used Tamara Patterson at Lockaby to write our will. We have some complicated family dynamics and she saved us from certain disasters using what is written in Kentucky law as the default. We now have our assets going to the right place and have some peace about everything from finances to funerals to medical directives. We have backups for our backups and a plan to keep our will current as things change in the future. We are 100% satisfied.” – Steve A.

Roark & Korus, PLLCOne of the best Unfair Dismissal Lawyers in Lexington-Fayette

Roark & Korus, PLLC, Nobody really likes to become engaged in litigation, let’s face it. However, there are instances when you are powerless. You’ve been fired unlawfully, your employer won’t pay you what you’re owed, or you’re worried that criminal activity is taking place at work. Your only option might be to get up and fight. They can help with that. In total, the lawyers of Roark & Korus, PLLC, have over 25 years of legal experience in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

They have fought against defendants of all sizes and in a wide range of sectors. Additionally, they have steered countless Kentucky companies through the choppy waters of labor and employment challenges. Understanding your rights and the factors affecting your case is their focus on working with you.


Wrongful Termination & Retaliation, Wage & Hour, Sexual Harassment, & More


Address: 401 Lewis Hargett Cir Ste 210, Lexington, KY 40503
Phone: (859) 203-2430
Website: www.lexingtonemploymentlaw.com


“From the very beginning and until the very end of working with Roark and Korus, their entire firm always made me feel like family. I never had to doubt that their firm always had my back. During the trial, they not only represented me as their client, but I continuously felt emotionally supported by the team. We won our lawsuit and were awarded a sizeable amount.” – Melissa F.