5 Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Denver, CO

Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Denver, CO

Below is a list of the top and leading Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Denver. To help you find the best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys located near you in Denver, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Denver’s Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys:

The top-rated Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Denver, CO are:

  • HKM Employment Attorneys LLP – commits and represents all its clients without fail
  • Livelihood Law, LLC –  fights for a world where workers get paid fairly
  • Bryan E. Kuhn – highly passionate employment and business lawyer
  • Baird Quinn LLC – boutique business and employment law firm
  • David Lichtenstein Attorneys-Law – is dedicated to protecting its valued clients

HKM Employment Attorneys LLP

reliable Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Denver, CO

HKM Employment Attorneys LLP commits to represent all its clients without fail. The firm is committed to providing and advocating workplace fairness. Their attorneys represent employees in all industries at all employment levels. In addition, they have a remarkable reputation for helping employees in all practice areas. Furthermore, they have the experience, resources, and the skill to help clients all throughout the way.

The firm specializes in administrative and employment law. These include employee counseling, employment contract, and breach of contract. Moreover, they manage cases involving retaliation and severance pay.

Products/ Services:

unfair dismissal attorney, employment attorney


Address: 730 17th St Suite 750, Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 991-3075
Website: hkm.com


“Working with Julian from HKM Employment Attorneys LLP during one of the most trying times in my life was the best decision. Julian and his team made the entire process seamless and acted as a great liaison between me and my employer. Finally, I was able to feel heard and that someone actually wanted to help me.”– Tina Turner Mayberry

Livelihood Law, LLC

premier Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Denver, CO

Livelihood Law, LLC fights for a world where workers get paid fairly. The team is dedicated to improving employment conditions within the local community. They represent employees throughout state and federal courts. Moreover, they are honored to stand with their clients when they face complicated employment issues. In addition, they believe that legal representation is shaping the future of work for them and their clients.

They provide representation regarding a large selection of employment law practice areas. Furthermore, these include retaliation, discrimination, and commission disputes. They also answer wrongfully withheld unemployment benefits.

Products/ Services:

unfair dismissal attorney, legal representation


Address: 3401 Quebec St #6009, Denver, CO 80207
Phone: (303) 465-6972
Website: livelihoodlaw.com


”Michelle Gibson is a very professional and knowledgeable attorney. She really listens to what your issue or problem is. She helped me deal with a former employer/business owner and their unscrupulous business practices. I thank Michelle and the entire team at Livelihood Law!” – Gerald Styles

Bryan E. Kuhn  

preferred Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Denver, CO

Bryan E. Kuhn is a highly passionate employment and business lawyer. His team is highly experienced in the field of obligations, employment, and administrative cases. In addition, they are committed to finding the most suitable options available for their clients. They take every case and matter seriously to assist their valued clients. Their team strives to provide each client with the attention and professionalism they deserve. Furthermore, they work with state and federal agencies.

Their employment law practice covers a full spectrum of employment practice areas. Moreover, these include civil rights, sexual harassment, and policy and procedure violations. They also provide services for employment agreements and insurance.

Products/ Services:

unfair dismissal attorney


Address: 660 Lincoln St #2330, Denver, CO 80264
Phone: (303) 424-4286
Website: bryankuhnlaw.com


”After researching I decided to call Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, PC, and my first consultation was with Adriana via a video call. I was immediately impressed and knew I had made the right choice. No need to go into great detail, but my problem was fixed! I strongly suggest that if you are considering an attorney that understands the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, you need to look no further.”- Rob Caines

Baird Quinn LLC

known Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Denver, CO

Baird Quinn LLC is a boutique business and employment law firm. They provide dynamic and high-quality legal counsel and representation to all individuals. The firm proudly represents individual clients to large employees in litigation and administrative proceedings. In addition, they have leveraged with over 40 years of experience with employment law. They provide clients with excellent and practical legal solutions. Furthermore, they have cost-effective legal representation.

They feature a large selection of specialized practice areas. They specialize in unpaid wages, wrongful termination, and non-compete agreements. Moreover, they provide sexual harassment case filing services.

Products/ Services:

unfair dismissal attorney, case filing


Address: 2036 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80206
Phone: (303) 813-4500
Website: bairdquinn.com


”Baird Quinn helped me with a wage dispute with a former employer. I was very happy with their aggressive representation, hard work, honesty, and professionalism. The fact that I could rely upon them made the entire matter much less stressful. I highly recommend the firm!!!” – Taryn Mooney

David Lichtenstein Attrnys-Law

professional Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Denver, CO

David Lichtenstein Attorneys-Law is dedicated to protecting its valued clients. They believe that every worker deserves to be paid for their work. In addition, they aim to make their clients feel safe at work and be free from discrimination. Their team exclusively represents workers and never employers. They work and help workers know their rights. Moreover, they are sure to serve justice whenever needed.

The firm specializes in a wide variety of practice areas. These include wrongful termination, unfair dismissal, and a hostile work environment. Furthermore, they also solve discrimination cases and sexual harassment cases.

Products/ Services:

unfair dismissal attorney, legal counsel, case filing


Address: 1556 N Williams St Suite 100, Denver, CO 80218
Phone: (720) 831-4750
Website: lichtensteinlaw.com


”Julia is the new receptionist and she is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, nice, and goes above and beyond to help clients. I am HIGHLY impressed with Mr. Lichtenstein. Hiring this firm to represent me is one of the best decisions I have ever made.” – Christy Chai