5 Best Tutors in Columbus, OH

5 Best Tutors in Columbus, OH

Below is a list of the top and leading Tutors in Columbus, OH. To help you find the best Tutors located near you in Columbus, OH, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Columbus, OH’s Best Tutors:

The top-rated Telephones in Tutors, OH are:

  • Varsity Tutors – award-winning tutors in Columbus, OH
  • The Tutoring Center – empowering children to reach their highest potential.
  • Sylvan Learning of Columbus – extraordinary futures begin with Sylvan Learning of Columbus.
  • Tutor Doctor – guiding students through a customized learning experience with online tutoring and support.
  • Anne Schlichter Reading Specialist – a highly rated educational tutoring service in Columbus, OH.

Varsity Tutors

5 Best Tutors in Columbus, OH

Varsity Tutors is a tutor service provider in Columbus that helps students with their personalized curriculum so they can achieve their goals. This tutoring company has helped students access over two million hours of online instruction on their site. Varsity Tutors have experts who are more than capable and qualified to tutor your kids and help them get ready for any examination they need to take. These tutors are experienced and will make sure your kids are ready and your expectations met. So, if you are in Columbus and are in need of a capable tutor for your children, Varsity Tutors is a very excellent choice.

Classes, self-study, learning solutions

Address: Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
Phone: (614) 682-2660
Website: varsitytutors.com

Really, really, wonderful company. I tutored them for two years, and it was a very flexible, very enjoyable way to make a living while I turned my passion into a career. – Alex Chacon

The Tutoring Center

The Best Tutors in Columbus, OH

The Tutoring Center helps children with their growth in studies through supplemental education. This tutoring service provider is one of the best choices any parent in Columbus can make when it comes to helping their kids learn more or learn better. The Tutoring Center provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere to their clients so that they can learn and study at ease. With this in mind, the stress that children face while studying is limited, and their learning is maximized. Their team of highly qualified and experienced tutors is among the best not only in Columbus but in the entire state of Ohio.

Math program, K-3 reading program, 4-12 reading program, writing program, kindergarten program

Address: 1987 W. Henderson Rd Columbus, OH 43220
Phone: (614) 459-0091
Website: tutoringcenter.com

Awesome place, great staff. Everyone here is attentive and patient. Our daughter is still excited to go even after four months of three days a week. Her reading skills have improved dramatically. Her critical thinking and math skills have improved too. We highly recommend the tutoring center to friends and family…. strangers too! – Joshua Wickham

Sylvan Learning of Columbus

Best Tutors in Columbus, OH

Sylvan Learning of Columbus is an excellent choice if you are in need of tutoring or supplemental services for your children. As one of the more prominent tutor service providers in Columbus, Sylvan Learning abides by high standards. Sylvan Learning of Columbus has amazing tutors that are not just highly qualified but has the experience and knowledge necessary to teach your kids how to be better in school. These teachers and tutors are not just smart, they are caring, friendly, and will also take care of your kids while helping them be the best student they can be.

Personalized tutoring, school support, advancement and test prep, in-home tutoring

Address: 5721 N. Hamilton Road Columbus, OH 43230
Phone: (614) 528-4932
Website: sylvanlearning.com

Sylvan has been a wonderful experience for my first grader who was struggling with reading. After several months of work with their dedicated staff, she is feeling more confident and there has been a marked improvement in her reading and writing. Highly recommended. – Jacob Boswell

Tutor Doctor

Columbus, OH Best Tutors

Tutor Doctor provides the best online and in-person tutoring services in North Columbus. This private tutoring company provides the same services as other tutor service providers but better. Tutor Doctor offers flexible and high-quality tutoring and mentoring services by their amazing team of tutors. These tutors aren’t just highly competent and experienced, but they also have the empathy and passion to provide each student the best lessons possible. They will go above and beyond to not only make sure that you get your money’s worth with their tutoring services, but they will help your children be overall better people.

Group tutoring, high school tutoring, adult tutoring, summer learning programs, online tutoring, summer reading challenge

Address: North Columbus, OH 43002
Phone: (614) 333-0850
Website: tutordoctor.com

Tutor Doctor of Northern Columbus is great! Very professional and everything was communicated very clearly. Best value around the North Columbus area when it comes to SAT prep! Keep up the great work guys! – Ryan C. Brown

Anne Schlichter Reading Specialist

Columbus, OH's Best Tutors

Anne Schlichter Reading Specialist provides some of the best educational tutoring services in Columbus and specializes in reading. This tutoring service provider has provided their services for over 30 years. Since 1987, Anne Schlichter Reading Specialist offers services like reading, tutoring, SAT tutoring, and more. Their tutors have been known to successfully help students achieve new heights in their studies and make them overall better students. If you are in Columbus and are in need of a competent and trustworthy tutor who will provide you with results, Anne Schlichter Reading Specialist should be really considered.

Reading specialist, test preparation, private tutoring

Address: 1429 King Ave. Columbus, OH 43212
Phone: (614) 486-6141
Website: anneschlichter.com

Our kids have worked with Anne for years, and she’s helped them grow and accomplish much, much more than they would have been able to through school support and direct, individualized instruction. I’ve recommended Anne Schlichter to so many parents over the years and will continue to do so. – Erin Longhitano