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5 Best Turkish Restaurants in Miami, FL

Below is a list of the top and leading Turkish Restaurants in Miami. To help you find the best Turkish Restaurants located near you in Miami, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Miami’s Best Turkish Restaurants:

The top rated Turkish Restaurants in Miami, FL are:

  • Kalamata Mediterranean Cuisine – always make sure that your dining experience is excellent
  • Doya – is all about seasonality, availability, and using the highest-quality foods they can find
  • Motek – Mediterranean Cafe & Restaurant – a family-owned company
  • OZZ Chef – caters to all dietary restrictions
  • Sufrat Mediterranean Grill – only utilize the freshest ingredients to keep everything wholesome and delicious

Kalamata Mediterranean CuisineTurkish Restaurants in Miami

Kalamata Mediterranean Cuisine, their chef is eager to share their vision with you and all of their customers after 20 years of expertise in the best restaurants. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful experience with them thanks to their dedicated and caring personnel. They have worked hard to ensure that their food is packaged so that you can enjoy it in your house.

Even though they would prefer to see you in person, they always make sure that your dining experience is excellent. In their restaurant, they won’t accept quality compromises. They obtain their fresh goods from nearby farmers’ markets as a result. You can be certain you’re eating the best of the season at any time of year.


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Address: 423 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (786) 953-4662
Website: www.kalamatamiami.com


“Oh my goodness! Where do I start? This place was absolutely, amazingly delicious. The atmosphere makes you feel welcomed and relaxed. The mixed grill was perfect. Especially the chicken. Perfectly done rice pilaf and side salad was made with fresh ingredients. You can tell! Also, worth noting the men’s room was clean and cool. You can tell the staff really cares for this organization. Great job.” – Ron G.

DoyaTop Turkish Restaurants in Miami

Doya honors the Meze culture of Turkey and Greece. They also draw inspiration from the Middle East and the wider Mediterranean area. Because it is built on the idea that food is best when shared, they like meze culture. Particularly when done with loved ones. Their cuisine is prepared in the purest manner, frequently over coals and a wood fire. They use live fire to cook because the food tastes better.

They prepare their bread dough two days in advance since good food requires time. They adore straightforward cooking with vibrant colors and robust flavors. They prefer veggies over meat and fish equally. Doya is all about seasonality, availability, and using the highest-quality foods they can find. They are aware that the end product’s quality can only be as good as its constituent parts.


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Address: 347 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127
Phone: (305) 501-2848
Website: www.doyarestaurant.com


“Amazing Greek-Turkish inspired modern restaurant. Everything tasted delicious, they have a wide variety of wines and cocktails. Bursa was my favorite cocktail, Baklava tasted just the right flavor and the day’s special, Iskender, was the show stopper.” – Tevi T.

Motek – Mediterranean Cafe & RestaurantTurkish Restaurants Miami

Motek – Mediterranean Cafe & Restaurant, the goal for Motek, a family-owned company with a love and passion for food that is true to its hometown roots, is to elevate Miami’s fast-casual food culture by bringing authentic, considerate, and delicious Mediterranean food to everyone without ever losing sight of the significance of freshness.

They constantly maintain a clean, welcoming, and joyful environment while serving and delivering food made with only the highest-quality ingredients. The opportunity to share their favorite Mediterranean-inspired delicacies with you at their upcoming new locations in Aventura and Miami Beach makes them incredibly grateful.


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Address: 36 NE 1st St Suite 132, Miami, FL 33132
Phone: (786) 685-3495
Website: www.motekcafe.com


“This was my first time having Israeli Mediterranean food and I am so glad
I chose Motek!! I was in love and blown away first and foremost by the fresh pomegranate lemonade but then my sampler came and took the prize! The hummus is fresh, rich, and creamy! I was truly impressed and will be back again! My server Dani was extremely
Attentive and recommended some amazing dishes! Thank you Motek for making my first experience an amazing one! We will definitely be back!” – Liza P.

OZZ ChefGood Turkish Restaurants in Miami

OZZ Chef is conveniently situated in Brickell’s downtown. Their goal is to give an exceptional experience and beyond all expectations by offering first-rate food, exemplary service, and a tranquil setting in the heart of Miami. You can enjoy the sound designer’s selection of music, a comfortable sitting space, and a gourmet experience to suit any taste in the elegant setting with a designer’s touch, which welcomes guests both indoors and on the lovely patio.

They cater to all dietary restrictions and have tasty keto, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free items on their menu, which was created by their highly regarded international chef. The Sabri Hospitality Group, which is bringing you this establishment, is dedicated to holding its new Miami restaurant to the highest standards possible.


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Address: 921 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131
Phone: (786) 796-5896
Website: www.ozzchef.com


“Excellent service and tasty food, I really enjoyed the time with my friends in this elegant restaurant. I was really shocked to see bad reviews. The staff were so friendly. Very recommended.” – Samir L.

Sufrat Mediterranean GrillOne of the best Turkish Restaurants in Miami

Sufrat Mediterranean Grill likes the joy that a hearty dinner and a full stomach bring. Their meal is always great, and they only utilize the freshest ingredients to keep everything wholesome and delicious. They guarantee to satisfy your cravings for the most amazing Mediterranean food.

Sufrat, which is derived from the Arabic term sofra, which means “dining table,” refers to the skill of making meals the highlight of your day. the ideal time to get together with loved ones and friends. The most delectable Mediterranean cuisine, known as Sufrat, is prepared with care in a welcoming and giving environment.


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Address: 1570 Alton Rd C, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (786) 558-4540
Website: www.sufratgrill.com


“6 stars! Greatest and cleanest Mediterranean food in south beach. Great ambiance inside and easy to find street parking right in front. Our server was great we came back two days in a row. The dishes are all delicious and portions are great and fairly inexpensive. The hummus and baba are authentic! Great spot and I’ll definitely be back! Don’t forget baklava for dessert !” – Patrick N.