5 Best Travel Blogs in 2022

5 Best Travel Blogs

After a tumultuous few years, travel has finally become a viable option for many once again. Before you set off anywhere, it is important to get inspired and gain some advice on the places that you want to go. Travel blogs are an engaging and informative way to prepare yourself for travel, no matter where you want to visit. These 5 blogs are the best travel blogs to subscribe to for valuable advice and exciting stories.

5 Best Travel Blogs

#1 The Travel Vibes

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The Travel Vibes is a highly unique travel blog which is why it tops our list. As a collective blog, you can read expert travel insights from a variety of experienced travel writers and journalists. Founded in 2020, the blog has skyrocketed to success in only a few years due to the engaging content produced each day. Particularly famous for providing comprehensive lists of things to do when you visit a new place, this blog has helped countless readers get the most out of their travel. Whether you are looking for advice, tips, or inspiration, The Travel Vibes is a blog that thoroughly covers it all, guaranteeing you an exciting trip of your own.

#2 Anywhere We Roam

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Anywhere We Roam is a collection of travel stories from Mark and Paul. The pair have a love for globetrotting and are known for their incredible ability to share their experiences through both visual and written mediums. This blog allows readers to witness some of the most amazing cultures from across the world through the eyes of Mark and Paul. This unique blend of photography and written reflection makes Anywhere We Roam one of the best travel blogs to follow.

#3 Alex in Wanderland

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Alex in Wanderland is run by New York native Alex. Alex has now spent many years on the road after setting off one day with no particular plan other than to fulfil her wanderlust. Despite being scared at first, Alex found a love for the adrenaline that travel brings and uses her blog to share her amazing stories and encourage others to follow in her footsteps. With stories dating back to 2009, you can find it all on Alex in Wanderland’s blog.

#4 The Blonde Abroad

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The Blonde Abroad is an award winning travel blog run by Kiki. She aims to provide endless resources for others, particularly women, looking to embark on solo travel adventures. Her exclusive travel tips have helped countless individuals follow their own travelling dreams. Having visited over 70 countries, there is a reason why Kiki’s blog has gained over 1 million followers.

#5 Wandering Earl

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Wandering Earl has been an avid traveller since 1999, taking off on a nonstop trip around the world. This blog follows his adventures from over 20 years of travel. He has visited over 100 countries on 6 continents, working, living, and travelling. With each place he visits, he shares his experiences and first-hand advice with his readers. Aiming to promote travel as a realistic lifestyle option, Wandering Earl rounds out our list of the best travel blogs to follow.