5 Best Translation Companies

Best Translation Companies

Translation allows efficient connections between individuals throughout the world. It is a bearer for the transmission of understanding, a defender of cultural assets, and important to the growth of a world economy. Highly competent translators are essential. Translation studies help practitioners improve those skills. The translation services give the capability for two parties to express and exchange thoughts from various countries.

There are numerous companies that are committed to providing translations services online. And helps you in many ways on how to understand different languages from different countries around the globe. If you need help below are the top companies who provide translation services.

Top Rated and Best Translation Companies:

#1 Your Translation

Your Translation

Your Translation is an experienced translation company with customers worldwide and the ability to translate in all modern languages. They have professionals spread around the world who understand the markets where the products are inserted, guaranteeing a perfect vocabulary and textual adaptation by areas and target audience. Its biggest goal is to connect businesses to the global marketplace by breaking down communication barriers.

It enables these companies to communicate in the local languages of their customers, employees, partners, and distributors in an efficient and dynamic way. With more than 900 million words translated annually since 2010 and clients worldwide, Your Translation is proud to say that it’s the fastest-growing company in Brazil working on small and big projects.

#2 Translation Services USATranslation Companies

Translation Services USA was established in 2002 with the purpose of helping companies and individuals to convey world information. They employed vetted professional linguists to power all their document translations into over 100 languages such as Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, etc. To date, they have translated thousands of technical manuals, employee handbooks, marketing flyers, restaurant menus, birth certificates, diplomas, transcripts, just to name a few.

They work hard to serve each and every client with personal service by having human account managers answering phone calls, emails, chats, and in-person. Their New Jersey-based office is open for walk-in clients by appointment and they accept clients from all locations such as NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Philly, Miami, and even those in different countries by submitting to them the documents electronically: website, email, text message, messenger or fax.

#3 Translation AZBest rated Translation Companies

Translation AZ was founded in May 2009 in Florida, United States, it is a fast-growing translation agency with offices in both the USA and Europe. They have the knowledge, technology, and resources required to provide accurate translations for business or personal use. They are the translation agency you were looking for to take care of your business, legal, personal, medical documents, etc.

In fact, Translation AZ can also help you translate your business website into a language of your choice. Their native translation professionals are certified and up for the job. Translation AZ delivers you the best quality translation in the original formatting after thorough proofreading.

#4 KL TranslationsGood Translation Companies

KL Translations is a translation agency based in London and New York that provides translation services, interpretation services, and transcription services to clients worldwide. Its team boasts more than 5000 translators, editors, and interpreters worldwide. They pride themselves on their efficient project management procedures and aim to uphold the highest standards when it comes to their language services.

While they are extremely passionate about translation, KL Translations are most passionate about customer satisfaction. Their diverse network and dedicated team provide the foundation for an excellent client experience every time, guaranteed. KL Translations translators are all native speakers capable of accurate localization and consistent accuracy. They specialize in client satisfaction, accurate translations, prompt turn-around time, and attention to detail.

#5 The Translation CompanyOne of the best Translation Companies

The Translation Company has been providing quality translation services since 2005. Their translators, project managers, editors, proofreaders, and graphic designers have delivered literally millions of pages of quality content to companies of all sizes and industries in the US and abroad. They believe that translating content into other languages is just a piece of the puzzle. Competitive advantage and success in translation projects are achieved by a cohesive treatment of all the aspects related to your content.

By content, The Translation Company means not only text, but graphics, web media such as apps, news sites, blogs, and any traditional media your customers may use. Their job is to ensure you succeed in creating and showcasing content that will meet your strategic goals. From the inception of your marketing materials, websites, or product documentation, when this material is made available, The Translation Company handles each step of this road with you.