5 Best Towing Services in Santa Ana, CA

Best Towing Services in Santa Ana

Below is a list of the top and leading Towing Services in Santa Ana. To help you find the best Towing Services located near you in Santa Ana, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Santa Ana’s Best Towing Services: 

The top-rated Towing Services in Santa Ana, CA are:

  • Knight Towing – are equipped to handle these as well as other car troubles
  • Towing Fighters – help you avoid spending hundreds of dollars on emergency towing
  • John’s Towing & Transfer – offers the most competitive rates, honesty, and quick towing service
  • Santa Ana Tow Truck – provides excellent service at reasonable costs
  • G.S. California Towing Inc. – has been a towing professional since 1982

Knight TowingTowing Services in Santa Ana

Knight Towing, they are aware of the anxiety that can result from a breakdown on the side of the road while you are rushing or running late. They come to your aid like a glorious knight. Their skilled tow drivers have undergone rigorous training so they can handle a variety of issues, including flat tires, dead batteries, and simply running out of petrol.

They at Knight Towing are equipped to handle these as well as other car troubles. In the unfortunate event that the matter cannot be fixed on-site, your vehicle can be taken to a repair facility without hesitation since Knight Towing will always show up at your location with a tow truck. The towing industry has been served by Knight Towing.

Products/ Services:

Towing Service, Motorcycle Towing, Accident Assistance, Tire Change, & More


Address: 1001 N Logan St, Santa Ana, CA 92703
Phone: (714) 627-9602
Website: www.knightstotherescue.com


”You don’t really get a lot of towing companies that are very nice and respectful. Front office and drivers are really cool.” – Tyler C.

Towing FightersTop Towing Services in Santa Ana

Towing Fighters,  whether you are traveling for work or on a well-deserved vacation, nothing is more annoying than getting stuck on the side of the road in need of an emergency tow, battery jump-start, or flat tire repair in Santa Ana. A car lockout in Santa Ana can be just as upsetting. You need someone who is a vital component of the community in situations like this.

When it comes to roadside help for a flat tire fix or a Santa Ana battery jump-start, the Towing Fighters team and their team of connected technicians are Licensed and Bonded, have an Honest Pricing policy, and have years of experience in this field. Their roadside towing services in Santa Ana will help you avoid spending hundreds of dollars on emergency towing.

Products/ Services:

Emergency Towing Assistance, Towing Services, & More


Address: 2024 N Broadway unit # 109-7, Santa Ana, CA 92706
Phone: (714) 242-5640
Website: www.towsantaana.com


”Great service. The workers know what they are doing. Once I got rescued from the freeway on my way to LA and they were there on point to help me. I would recommend it to anyone. They are trustworthy and helpful. Prices are affordable too.” – Angel M.

John’s Towing & TransferTowing Services Santa Ana

John’s Towing & Transfer, in Santa Ana, California, offers the most competitive rates, honesty, and quick towing service. They are available around the clock, seven days a week, to attend to all of your automobile emergency needs. In order to service and repair your car, their Certified Expert Technicians use the most up-to-date diagnostic tools as well as the best possible parts and fluids.

The next time your car, truck, van, or SUV breaks down, you can count on them. They give a thorough assessment along with all repairs, even if you are unclear about the problem with your car. Sometimes all you need is a refill on your fluids. While other times, a completely new transmission can be required.

Products/ Services:

Towing Services, Jump Start, Lock Out, Battery Service, Tire Change, & More


Address: 1102 E 6th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701
Phone: (714) 834-0551
Website: www.towingtrucknearmenow.com


”Raul towed our truck to the Ford Service Center in Rancho Santa Margarita and was wonderful. He did a great job and we recognized him from towing this truck before. He was very friendly, and careful when he loaded the truck onto his tow truck. He even gave me a call to report once the truck got to the Service Center. I will use them again. Thank you Raul for taking good care of Ellie.” – Deborah K.

Santa Ana Tow TruckGood Towing Services in Santa Ana

Santa Ana Tow Truck is run and owned by a local of Orange County. They set out to compete with Southern California’s slow, expensive, and unreliable towing and roadside help businesses years ago. With each service call, they fulfill their promise to provide excellent service at reasonable costs. In addition to all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles and motorcycles, they can tow coupes, sedans, wagons, SUVs, minivans, crossovers, pickups, convertibles, full-size vans, and hatchbacks.

They can typically handle the vast majority of commercial vehicle breakdowns that occur on Orange County’s roads, including tractors, RVs, municipal buses, moving vans, ambulances, semis, and others, through their medium- and heavy-duty towing service.

Products/ Services:

Towing Services, Roadside Assistance


Phone: (714) 587-5607
Website: www.santaanatowtruck.com


”They were friendly on time upfront and helped me remove my car from the parking lot.” – Tracy S.

G.S. California Towing Inc.One of the best Towing Services in Santa Ana

G.S. California Towing Inc. has been a towing professional since 1982. In the previous 40 years, G.S. Due to their outstanding client and public transportation customer service, California Towing has been given many contracts. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Tustin Police Department, Garden Grove Police Department, Santa Ana Police Department, and California Highway Patrol are some of their most important current clients.

G.S. California Towing has always been accessible around-the-clock, every day of the year. G.S. California Towing adheres to the belief that selecting excellent staff is the first step in effective training. All employees must be free of any criminal convictions, have a clean driving record, and be able to pass a pre-employment drug test.

Products/ Services:

Heavy Duty Towing, Flatbed Towing, Accident Assistance, & More


Address: 2202 W 5th St, Santa Ana, CA 92703
Phone: (714) 558-7645
Website: www.gscaliforniatowing.com


”My mom was in an accident tonight and G.S. towing recovered her vehicle from the scene. Later that evening after she got out of the hospital we went to get her belongings and release the vehicle to her insurance company. I didn’t catch his name but the driver who met us was so kind and understanding. If we are ever in need of towing services in the Santa Ana area again we would definitely call them. Thank you so much for your patience, kindness, and warmth.” – Deserae F.