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3 Best Therapy Clinics in London

Psychology clinics are a great way to help you handle your emotions or other stress related problems. Even if your issues aren’t life-altering or traumatic, therapy helps to offer life changing solutions to many of the common struggles we all face.

Simply openly sharing ambitions with someone, adds a degree of accountability for your goals and actions. It helps to open your emotions and clarify your thoughts to discover purpose. And in the process, you systematically dissect a problem to find new solutions.

Best Therapy Clinics in London:

Here are the best clinics:

  • The International Psychology Clinic – leading therapy clinic in London
  • The London Practice – experienced chartered psychologists
  • One Therapy London – providing therapy in London since 2006

The International Psychology Clinic

Best Therapy Clinics in London
The International Psychology Clinic

Website: https://theinternationalpsychologyclinic.com
Phone: 020 71836757

The International Psychology Clinic is run by a team of compassionate psychologists and psychiatrists in Central London. As part of their many services, they offer international therapy service to English-speaking clients in Italy, namely expats.

Therapy begins with an initial comprehensive psychological assessment of your needs and expectations. This usually takes between 3 to 5 sessions. After which, a case formulation and treatment plan is developed and shared with the client for transparency.

All potential new clients are given a free 15-minute phone call consultation to discuss personal needs and expectations. Many people are able to use this opportunity to determine if they need a therapist. Other times, it could be to simply determine what treatment type best suits your needs. Scheduling this free telephone consultation can easily be done online via their website.

Usually the first session will be organized to get you know you. This could be done using a structured, formal interview or via a free-flowing conversation. Because the clinic works with a partnership of other specialists, should you find that you are not satisfied with your therapist, you can have a second consultation with another therapist free of charge. Depending on the scope and severity of the issue, more therapy sessions may be required.

The London Practice

The London Practice
The London Practice

Website: www.thelondonpractice.com
Phone: 020 7435 9632

The London Practice is a convenient personal therapy practice that helps clients see their problems with renewed clarity. Problems are not only viewed in the present lens of the now, but also in relation to the past with the aim to identify the roots of the problem to avoid repeated pitfalls. Their therapists understand that looking at your past experience will shape how you respond to the ways you choose to live today. In this sense, therapy helps to develop deeper coping mechanisms to overcoming many of life struggles. In doing so, clients are able to easily identity what truly matters most and move towards and enriching, fulfilling lifestyle.

For many professionals, the scope of their problems lie beyond themselves. As such, The London Practice also offers executive coaching and mentoring. This gives all participants the opportunity to invest in leadership skills and development. Finding confidence in your management team and maintaining clear communication is vitally essential. This personal coaching will help you to move forward with renewed motivation.

One Therapy London

One Therapy London
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Website: www.onetherapy.london
Phone: 0333 207 9330

One Therapy London has been providing therapy since 2006. Their services include short and long-term counselling, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and couples counselling. One Therapy London has noticed the recent changing technological shift in the counselling and psychotherapy industry and has adapted. Treatment sessions can be done online via calls like Skype from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, therapists will boldly speak up rather than silently listening to distressed patients. And let’s be frank, sometimes you need to say it like it really is. Of course it also goes without saying that privacy and confidentiality is always maintained. As an official practice, all client records are protected by the Data Protection Act.

Because of the many applicable uses for counselling, there is no limit to the kinds of issues that can be addressed in therapy. As with other clinics, One Therapy London tailors the best type of solution to your needs.