5 Best Tech Stores in the US

Best Tech Stores in the US

Technology is constantly changing and developing to offer us the most innovative services possible. There is an endless amount of fascination with what new technology will be developed next and what it can potentially offer our rapidly modernizing world.

Every day, people all across the world continue to work on developing technology and making it widely available to the public. There is no limit to gadgets and devices that you can buy from tech stores in the US. If you are someone who is interested in the latest, most innovative developments, it is important to stay up to date when these products become available to purchase.

These stores are some of the best tech stores in the US. They continuously provide exciting products that aim to make our lives easier in a number of ways.

Top Rated Tech Websites & Stores in the US:


#1 TechCrunch


TechCrunch has been delivering all of the top stories relating to the tech industry for years. It is an extensive database where tech enthusiasts can go to find everything they have ever dreamed of. With a large team of passionate and skilled writers, the website provides informative and accurate reports on the latest technological developments.

On top of detailing all of the latest tech information, TechCrunch also provides tips and advice for people starting their own businesses within the industry. They have a number of articles providing useful advice and even run events where they can educate people on everything there is to know about navigating the tech industry.

The platform is a multimedia one, with plenty of articles to read, videos to watch, and audio to listen to. As one of the best tech stores in the US, the team are dedicated to providing the most accurate information quickly and clearly, so that you stay in the tech loop.

If you are looking to promote a tech product, TechCrunch provides a platform through which you can be established as an industry leader. If you are simply looking for information and updates about the industry as a whole, there is plenty of engaging content to enjoy with TechCrunch.

#2 Gizmodo


Gizmodo is all about the future. It is no secret that tech plays an enormous role in shaping this future, and Gizmodo aims to highlight this and educate people on the latest developments. This news and opinion website covers topics ranging from gadgets, technology, science, environmental news, entertainment, culture, and more.

One of the biggest benefits of Gizmodo is the reviews that they provide for tech enthusiasts. When considering purchasing new technologies, it is important to get a sense of what the experts think. As always, technology requires constant development and updates, so some new technologies may not yet be the best that they can be. Reading reviews gives you an indication of whether they are worth the investment or not.

The Gizmodo store provides a place for you to find all of these technologies if you do wish to proceed with purchasing them for yourself. You can explore everything from top of the line technologies to fun little gadgets to play with.

Gizmodo aims to cover everything related to technology, including the science behind it, in an engaging and honest way. The passion and accuracy that the team demonstrates is a key part of what makes them one of the best tech stores in the US.

#3 Engadget


Engadget  is composed of a team of dedicated technology specialists who carefully select the most exciting and innovative gadgets to report on. Their reviews are thorough and informative and serve to educate everyone, from casual tech lovers to dedicated fans, on the best aspects of the newest devices.

The Buyers Guide is ideal for anyone looking to purchase the latest tech. The expert knowledge of team provides invaluable input for anyone making the decision to buy or not to buy. At Engadget, they too have a store. They have a number of impressive deals in their store that ensures you purchase only the best technology for the best possible price, making them a popular choice of retailer.

There are plenty of other mediums on Engadget for you to engage with the latest tech news. They have a popular podcast that details all there is to know, a YouTube channel with engaging and informative videos, as well as a consistent flow of articles detailing the news.

If you are interested in general tech news, gaming news, upcoming products, and more, then Engadget is a top US tech store to visit. There is no shortage of content to explore, and this includes everything from articles to physical products that you are sure to love.

#4 The Verge

The Verge

The Verge has been reporting on tech news and providing a range of exciting tech products for a decade. Founded in 2011, The Verge has a key mission of examining how technology has the ability to shape and transform our lives and the future of our world.

At The Verge, they understand that the future is “arriving faster than ever” and that people need to stay informed about this rapid shift towards technology. They provide information on tech, science, creators, entertainment, and more, as well as providing detailed reviews of the most exciting new products.

The store contains a number of the products that you can read about, and is a popular place for tech lovers to get their hands on the latest devices. With an extensive product range, you can buy anything from expensive and impressive gear to fun little novelty devices.

The Verge has steadily built a reputation as a one stop shop for tech news and for buying tech products. The knowledgeable team make the website what it is and are one of the key reasons that The Verge has become well known as being one of the best tech stores in the US.

Tips for Getting Your Hands on the Newest Technology

Now that you know about some of the platforms that are out there for buying exciting new technological products, here are some tips for how you can successfully purchase the gadgets that you need and want.

Many gadgets are in high demand, particularly if they are new and interesting. These are some of the top things to keep in mind so that you don’t miss out on buying your next favorite device.

Subscribe to a Newsletter

As seen above, subscribing to a newsletter or information platform that provides all that you need to know about the latest technology is one of the best ways to stay up to date. Newsletters are most often written by people whose job it is to stay ahead of the game when it comes to technology news. They will have access to the newest information as it becomes available and can relay it in an engaging and clear way.

Many technology innovators want to promote their products and will reach out to these newsletters to advertise them. This gives them unique access to new information. Subscribing to one or many of these newsletters will allow you to gather recommendations and tech information quickly and effectively. It may also allow you to access special deals in various products. These newsletters are a great way to get information on the newest technology delivered directly to you.

Read Reviews

Technology can be expensive, and it is important to have all the facts before making an investment, particularly if you are looking at purchasing a new piece of technology that is unfamiliar to you or the community.

Reviews are a great way to get expert advice about which pieces of technology are worth looking into at all. Something may look impressive from a description, but if it doesn’t actually work as it should in real life it’s not worth spending your money on. Getting professional advice from an expert with experience in the field is a great way to separate the purchases that are worth it and not worth it.

Reviews will tell you how the product performs and if it will genuinely benefit your life. Reading them is a great way to stay on top of your spendings and only buy technology that is actually innovative and effective.

Know When New Products Drop

Some tech products, based on how new they are and what they do, can be in extremely high demand. If there is a product that you simply cannot miss out on, you need to stay on top of when it is due to drop. That way, you can be the first one there to buy it, ensuring that you don’t miss out on trying the latest new product for yourself.

Tech publications will often list these dates, so if you subscribe to a newsletter you can often find out. When the day comes, make sure you are ready with your financial details to snap up a product before they are gone.

Fortunately, most tech products will eventually be rolled out in mass to the general public. If you like to be the first to have them however, being aware of when they are released is highly important for securing yourself a product.

Be Aware of Upcoming Sales

For the tech enthusiast on a budget, it is often not feasible to spend a great deal of money on technology unless it is 100% necessary. As mentioned before, tech products can be expensive and require a great deal of research before you can commit to them.

Fortunately, plenty of retailers have various sales throughout the year. Knowing when these sales are likely to be could save you thousands. There is nothing worse than spending hundred on a product only for it to go on sale for half price the next day. Being aware of when things are likely to drop in price will allow you to get the latest products without breaking the bank.

Many newsletters and tech publications also offer special deals in their stores for tech lovers. Make sure you do your research and explore all available avenues before spending all your hard earned money. Being aware of when sales typically occur allows you to get the best products for the best prices.


Visiting these 5 best tech stores in the US and using our handy tips for securing the latest products will mean that you can experience the best that technology has to offer. To stay ahead of the game and up to date about everything that is happening in the wide and ever advancing world of tech, one of the best things you can do is read some of these online publications and visit their online stores for the latest products.