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5 Best Tattoo Artists in Portland, OR

Below is a list of the top and leading Tattoo Artists in Portland. To help you find the best Tattoo Artists located near you in Portland, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Portland’s Best Tattoo Artists: 

The top-rated Tattoo Artists in Portland, OR are:

  • Icon Tattoo Studio – provides its clients a safe and comfortable tattoo session, especially for newcomers
  • Wonderland Tattoos – is home to proud owners serving the area for more than 10 years
  • Infinity Tattoo – offers creative and unique tattoo designs and creatives
  • Lombard Street Tattoo –  top-notch tattoo shop home to renowned artists from all around the world
  • Blue Ox Tattoo – specializes in custom quality tattoos in a clean, friendly, welcoming environment

Icon Tattoo Studio
caring Tattoo Artists in Portland

Icon Tattoo Studio provides its clients safe and comfortable tattoo sessions. The studio aims to recreate the perfect recreation of individualized tattoo designs. They are experts in giving out the finest tattoo art for every customer they have. Furthermore, their parlor store aims to give their clients a once-in-a-lifetime memory that they will treasure.

They offer tattoo supplies with all sorts of trendy arts and sizes. Their online scheduling makes it easier for their clients to create their appointments. Moreover, there are experienced and reliable tattoo artists making their clients’ dream designs to reality.  In addition, they offer their clients after-care services for every session.

Products/ Services:

tattoo artist, customized tattoo, aftercare


Address: 813 N Russell St, Portland, OR 97227
Phone: (503) 477-7157
Website: www.icontattoostudio.com


”Last week I went in for an appointment with Willis, the shop was BEAUTIFUL, the staff all very friendly. Willis went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable, offering to set up privacy barriers.” -Isaac

Wonderland Tattoos

clean Tattoo Artists in Portland

Wonderland Tattoos is home to skilled and experienced tattoo artists serving the area for more than 10 years. They welcome clients with a vast selection of designs delivered with the utmost passion and care. Furthermore, they pride themselves on creating the best output with every tattoo session. They have dedicated teams creating the perfect tattoo. In addition, they aim to serve all their customers with affordable services.

There are various tattoo artists and products they offer for their valued customers. Their tattoo areas include goth, classic, and even full-colored tattoos. Moreover, they even handle customized designs. Their services also prioritize safety.

Products/ Services:

colorized tattoos, tattoo artist


Address: 7020 SE 52nd Ave, Portland, OR 97206
Phone:  (971) 254-4352
Website: www.wonderlandpdx.com


”I traveled all the way from a small town in Oklahoma to visit this shop because I have been following this shop since I was a teenager. This was somewhere I always wanted to go and I was not disappointed. I got a tattoo from Sean and he did an absolutely stunning job. ” – Peyton Reed

Infinity Tattoo

creative Tattoo Artists in Portland

Infinity Tattoo offers creative and unique tattoo designs and creatives. They even have guest artists and local artists available. They aim to only supply their clients with the finest quality of the tattoo and post-care service. Furthermore, the shop is attentive in attending to any issues in the said tattoo through their reliable customer service. The staff makes sure that the customers have a great tattooing experience.

They offer a wide range of products and services for clients. They personalize their services to deliver the most fitting tattoo to their clients. Moreover, they have artists of various specialties. In addition, they have a selection of vibrant to eccentric tattoo paints.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 3316 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97217
Phone: (503) 231-4777
Website: https://www.fortunetattoopdx.com/


”Had my first and only tattoo done by Colby, who was beyond patient and kind with this wimpy middle aged mom. He is the perfect combination of creative and professional, with a light touch and a good sense of humor. The result exceeded my expectations. Almost makes me want to get another tattoo” – Carmen Steen

Lombard Street Tattoo

top-notch Tattoo Artists in Portland

Lombard Street Tattoo is a top-notch tattoo shop home to renowned artists from all around the world. They carefully screen every client and ensure the best possible tattoo they can guarantee. Furthermore, they help customers attain the best retail price for every service they offer. Their staff is reliable and friendly. They promptly answer questions that their clients may have.

They provide a wide array of services personally curated for every client. Moreover, they offer traditional tattoos, classical designs, and black and white tattoos. The shop is also ready for any clients interested in their tattoo classes.

Products/ Services:

traditional tattoo, tattoo classes, tattoo artists


Address: 8937 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203
Phone: (503) 719-6780
Website: www.lombardstreettattoo.com


“This shop is great! High ceilings, bright light, and plenty of skilled staff to take on your tattoo requests. They’re still taking safety measures like limiting the number of people in the shop, masks, and hygiene which I personally appreciate. I had a great experience ” – Ash Murlin

Blue Ox Tattoo

unique Tattoo Artists in Portland

Blue Ox Tattoo specializes in custom quality tattoos in a clean, friendly, welcoming environment. Their shop specializes in personally tailoring tattoos for every client. Their team of knowledgeable and lively staff helps customers every step of the way. Furthermore, they assist their clients with aftercare services for tattoos. This helps increase the tattoo’s lifetime. Additionally, they are home to over 20 artists.

They have an amazing selection of artists who have a variety of styles, talents, and artistic backgrounds. Moreover, they offer an amazing deal depending on every tattoo. They offer affordable and reliable tattoo services and products.

Products/ Services:

Tattoo salve, tattoo artist, classic tattoo


Address: 1907 N Kilpatrick St, Portland, OR 97217
Phone:  (503) 894-9411
Website: blueoxtattoo.com


“I’ve had all three of my tattoos done at this shop! I absolutely love the atmosphere and how welcoming the artists are. Kati Green did my first and also my most recent tattoo. Completely head over heals with the floral piece she did for me!” – Amanda Sargent