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5 Best Supermarkets in Oklahoma City, OK

Below is a list of the top and leading Supermarkets in Oklahoma City. To help you find the best Supermarkets located near you in Oklahoma City, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Oklahoma City’s Best Supermarkets:

The top rated Supermarkets in Oklahoma City, OK are:

  • Crest Foods – opened its first grocery store in 1929
  • Sprouts – are everything you enjoy about a farmer’s market
  • WinCo Foods – believes passionately in the advantages of employee ownership
  • Eley’s Foods – is your community’s source for high-quality groceries
  • Homeland – is Oklahoma’s biggest family-run supermarket business

Crest FoodsSupermarkets in Oklahoma City

Crest Foods was launched by Crest founder Nick Harroz, Jr.’s father, Nicola Harroz, Sr., the family’s first grocery store in 1929. In 1999, Nick and Cherry retired and handed over their firm and heritage to their son, Bruce Harroz. Since taking over the company’s leadership, Bruce has continued to follow his father’s teachings of hard labor, reasonable prices, clean stores, and quick, courteous customer service.

Crest Foods has grown to nine locations, the most recent of which is in Yukon, fulfilling Bruce’s promise of more stores with a wide range of products. Regardless of how much time has passed, Bruce is still as engaged in the store as he was as a young man. His love for the people of Oklahoma is evident in his everyday efforts of filling shelves, sacking groceries, and leading by example.


Nick’s Picks, Party Trays, Party Cakes, Gift Cards, Online Shop


Address: 10601 S May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73170
Phone: (405) 814-8100
Website: www.crestfoodsok.com


“Wonderful selection, and competitive prices. I highly recommend this Crest location specifically. It’s orderly, clean, big, well-stocked, and modern. Parking is convenient and is kept free of abandoned shopping carts. Also, they offer self-checkout, so you can get in and out quickly. An added bonus is that they keep their shopping baskets & carts organized and easy to grab.” – Sheena Y.

SproutsTop Supermarkets in Oklahoma City

Sprouts are everything you enjoy about a farmer’s market, and they’re open seven days a week, rain or shine. Their specialty stores provide a new and pleasant approach to grocery shopping, allowing for natural exploration and discovery. They are known for having the freshest, most flavorful produce of the season, and they take special care in curating distinctively nutritious goods to meet any lifestyle.

Some say natural is the new normal, but at Sprouts, natural foods are nothing new. They started their first store in 2002 in an effort to make natural foods more accessible to everyone. Today, they have over 360 outlets and over 35,000 team members. These folks are crucial to their success.


Produce, Meat & Seafood, Dairy, Frozen, Deli, Bakery, Bulk, Grocery Aisles, Vitamins & Body Care, Beer & Wine, Sprout Brands


Address: 12100 S Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73170
Website: www.sprouts.com


“Clean and modern grocery store with friendly employees and a stocked, fresh selection of produce!” – Mandy G.

WinCo FoodsSupermarkets Oklahoma City

WinCo Foods believes passionately in the advantages of employee ownership. WinCo Foods continues to support employee ownership values in August of 2017 by becoming a founding member of Certified Employee-Owned, an alliance of firms dedicated to developing a voice for employee ownership. Certified Employee-Owned works to unite employee-owned businesses under a single brand, raising national awareness of employee ownership and providing a point of uniqueness for its members.


Bulk Foods, Produce, Meat, Deli, Seafood, Variety & Seasonal, Bakery, WinCo Foods Brands, WinCo Foods Pizza


Address: 3535 NW 39th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Phone: (405) 832-5070
Website: www.wincofoods.com


“Like shopping here have a great selection of almost everything. And cashiers are really friendly.” – Shanna H.

Eley’s FoodsGood Supermarkets in Oklahoma City

Eley’s Foods is your community’s source for high-quality groceries, courteous service, and low costs. Their family-owned company provides a handy one-stop-shop where you can get anything you need, from everyday necessities to unique things from around the world. Their courteous staff is there to help you locate exactly what you’re searching for and to provide assistance with all of the products they carry.

They are proud of their neighborhood and value your business. They understand that you have numerous options for food purchases and want you to know that they work hard every day to keep your business.


Quality Meat, Bountiful Produce, Dairy, Recipes, Meal Planner


Address: 3106 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Phone: (405) 942-2113
Website: www.eleysfoods.com


“I love this little store. They always have what I want for mid-week “I-forgots” and the employees are always really nice. The store is clean. Great meat counter.” – John Paul D.

HomelandOne of the best Supermarkets in Oklahoma City

Homeland is Oklahoma’s biggest family-run supermarket business, with 31 locations across the state. Employee Homeland’s purpose, which it has owned since 2012, is to serve its community by delivering great customer service, competitive pricing, and the freshest meat and produce available. Homeland strives to serve its consumers with all of its grocery favorites as well as local items. They are a proud partner of the Made in Oklahoma Coalition and carry a variety of locally grown produce.

Considering their staff are also proprietors, they are deeply committed to giving high-quality service to each and every customer. Its aim as an employee-owned company is to provide healthy food options to the communities they serve, to support local farmers and producers, and to grow and reinvest in their employee-owners.


Departments, Pharmacy, Recipes, Coupons, Shop Online


Address: 9225 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Phone: (405) 751-7595
Website: www.homelandstores.com


“Homeland is always awesome. They have new Items every day, excellent prices, good products and produce is superb. Now, they have a coffee and ice cream bar for customer. It’s a nice relaxing place to shop.” – Victoria B.