5 Best Streaming Platforms in the US

Best Streaming Platforms in the US

Streaming platforms in the US have quickly become the number one way for viewers to consume all of their favorite movies, TV shows, live shows, and much more. In the comfort of your own home, you can watch and re-watch all of your favorite forms of entertainment.

With a wide range of platforms out there, all with specific niches, these 5 are the top ones to consider for a unique viewing experience. These are the 5 best streaming platforms in the US.

5 Best Streaming Platforms in the US

#1 BroadwayHD


If there is one thing that the US is famous for, it’s the plethora of live shows that are put on around the country each year. Broadway is the hub for these performances and has become a treasured location for lovers of musical theatre from all around the world.

BroadwayHD is a revolutionary new platform that allows viewers to watch high quality live recordings of over 300 shows for only $11.99 a month.

From the comfort of your own home, you can watch some of Broadway’s best loved shows anywhere, anytime, and on any device. BroadwayHD has been instrumental in keeping the magic of theatre alive during lockdown and beyond.

#2 HBO Max


One of the top competitors in the streaming service world this year has been HBO Max. Providing viewers with some of the top blockbuster movies each year, for only $14.99 per month, you can get all the action from the comfort of your own home.

Through a partnership with Warner Brothers, this streaming platform in the US has become a top destination to find all of the biggest movies and TV shows.

#3 Hulu


Hulu is one of the most affordable streaming platforms in the US and provides viewers access to a range of shows from some of the top networks. Many of the cable shows are even available the day right after they air.

In addition to this, the show offers a number of original releases that have generated interest from across the country. The live streaming option is an additional bonus that makes Hulu one of the best all-rounder streaming platforms in the US.

#4 Peacock


For a streaming platform in the US with one of the best free subscription plans, look no further than Peacock. Parent company NBCU has spent the past few years getting things moving and the platform is finally available to viewers who want to enjoy live sports, originals, and much more.

As the exclusive home of WWE in the US, Peacock has become a popular streaming platform for sport lovers in particular.

#5 Crackle


Crackle is a Sony-owned streaming platform in the US that has become known for its classic cheesy action movies. Free of cost, Crackle is a unique streaming service with a range of quirkier classics and engaging original content.

Although the service does have ads, it has a range of highly entertaining shows and movies that are ideal for people who like something a little bit different.