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5 Best Sports Massage in Henderson, NV

Below is a list of the top and leading Sports Massage in Henderson. To help you find the best Sports Massage located near you in Henderson, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Henderson’s Best Sports Massage: 

The top-rated Sports Massage in Henderson, NV are:

  • Knead To De-stress LLC – creates the perfect mind and body restorative medicine
  • Las Vegas Sports Massage – personally tailors medical services that fit each patient’s needs
  • Zenti Healing – strives to help every individual achieve progress and change
  • Mobility Matters – strives to help every individual achieve progress and change
  • Dynamic Spine & Sports Rehabilitation – provides quality healthcare

Knead To De-stress LLCprofessional Sports Massage in Henderson, NV

Knead To De-stress LLC creates the perfect mind and body restorative medicine. They offer patients massage therapy treatments that guarantee long-lasting relief. Moreover, they aim to provide patients with a way to restore balance and health to both body and mind. Founded in 2011, they feature a broad range of sports medicine treatment and pain relief services. In addition, they are dedicated to helping their patients get back to their normal way of life.

The team provides a wide range of minor and major restorative treatments. Furthermore, these include pain management, diagnosis, and sports massage. The team also provides massage relaxation and pain relief.

Products/ Services:

sports massage, diagnosis, pain management


Address: 7915 W Sahara Ave #101, Las Vegas, NV 89117
Phone: (702) 408-8479
Website: kneadtodestress.com


”If you want a massage in Vegas this is the place to go! Well worth the $25 cab from the strip. Extremely clean, professional, fantastic massages at the right price. Next time I’m in Vegas, I’ll be back.” – Gwen Murphy

Las Vegas Sports Massage

certified Sports Massage in Henderson, NV

Las Vegas Sports Massage personally tailors medical services that fit each patient’s needs. They greatly believe that sports medicine is very important for all their patient. Furthermore, their team is dedicated to helping patients get back on their feet. The center is also home to various manual techniques and medical treatments perfect for any injury. In addition, their patients are also given post-discharge preventative care for all-around medical care.

They provide a large variety of restorative sports treatments. Their services include sports massage, massage therapy, and bone correction. Moreover, they also provide patient education and post-care.

Products/ Services:

therapist, sports massage


Address: 70 E Horizon Ridge Pkwy #180, Henderson, NV 89002
Phone: (702) 888-2686
Website: lasvegassportsmassage.com


”I’ve been doing the CBD massage a few times and would definitely recommend James!” – Sophia Nguyen

Zenti Healing

affordable Sports Massage in Henderson, NV

Zenti Healing uses various modalities to relieve the stress points of their customers. They also make use of the most refreshing products in their services. They help their clients restore their inner peace and good health. Furthermore, they have been serving the community since 2015. The staff makes every session personalized and unique. The rooms are also private and exude calmness.

They offer a wide range of services. Moreover, these include Zenti Relaxation, Zenti Expecting, and Zenti Therapeutic. There are also massage add-ons like aromatherapy, warm stones, and CBD creams. They also offer deep tissue massage and body scrub.

Products/ Services:

rehabilitation, sports massage


Address: 2920 N Green Valley Pkwy #215, Henderson, NV 89014
Phone: (702) 984-1747
Website: zentihealing.com


“Honestly one of my favorite places to go! I love getting my massages and facials here. Amazing location.” – Erika Rose

Mobility Matters

impressive Sports Massage in Henderson, NV

Mobility Matters strives to help every individual achieve progress and change. The team offers patients opportunities to progress through their health. In addition, they make sure to offer a patient-centered health plan. They also offer continued advances in productive activity for athlete patients. Furthermore, the center guarantees certified and full-service rehabilitative service. They are dedicated to promoting good health and strength.

The clinic offers a wide range of rehabilitative mobility services. These include mobility testing, sports massage, and deep tissue massage. Moreover, they also offer pain management and relief services.

Products/ Services:

sports massage


Address: 9005 S Pecos Rd Suite 2600, Henderson, NV 89074
Phone: (702) 715-0056
Website: mobility-matters.square.site


Cassandra works wonders! I’m extremely active and she helps me manage my injuries so I can continue to do all the things I love. She’s absolutely one of the best massage therapists I’ve ever had.” – Amber Crawshaw

Dynamic Spine & Sport Rehabilitation

effective Sports Massage in Henderson, NV

Dynamic Spine & Sports Rehabilitation provides quality healthcare. With its warm and inviting environment, they are the perfect center for patients of all ages and disabilities. Furthermore, they aim to provide a complete and holistic treatment of the mind and body. For over 36years, they have been offering level-appropriate medical care to each patient. In addition, they also offer a quality caring manner for their patients.

They provide a large selection of spine and sports rehabilitation services. Moreover, their services include sports massage, pain management, and spine correcting. They also provide spine rehabilitation and mobility sessions.

Products/ Services:

sports massage, physical therapist


Address: 105 N Pecos Rd Ste. 130, Henderson, NV 89074
Phone: (702) 565-1243
Website: dynamicspinesport.com


”Great team, and Dr. Joe, make sure you are feeling better and give you a workout that helps you to feel better.” – Jaylon Calhoun