5 Best Solar Panels in Henderson, NV

Best Solar Panels in Henderson

Below is a list of the top and leading Solar Panels in Henderson. To help you find the best Solar Panels located near you in Henderson, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Henderson’s Best Solar Panels:

The top rated Solar Panels in Henderson, NV are:

  • American Energy And Solar – want to bring their client’s state-of-the-art equipment and installations
  • Kayo Energy – ensure your system is installed to the highest standards
  • SunPal Energy – is devoted to providing you with the best price, service, and solar programs
  • SunPower by Today’s Energy Store – have been a trusted solar company since 2008
  • Solar Rx – the founders have been providing residents in this area with home solar solutions

American Energy And SolarSolar Panels in Henderson

American Energy And Solar is a consumer-focused aggregator of renewable energy solutions and finance. They want to bring their clients state-of-the-art equipment and installations. The entire installation and financing process is built to be transparent. They provide you with A-tier equipment that is backed by industry-leading warranties and certifications. American Energy And Solar provide the option of adding energy storage to your system. This technology keeps the power on in the event of an emergency outage, protecting your loved ones when you need it the most.

They have created a comprehensive residential energy package that flips traditional solar financing to truly benefit the consumer. Their proprietary Energy Freedom Program, American Energy And Solar allows you to wrap your solar equipment, energy storage, and installation costs into your home’s mortgage.


Equipment & Installation, Financing, Energy Storage


Address: 6 Sunset Way #106, Henderson, NV 89014
Phone: (800) 915-5482
Website: www.americanenergyandsolar.com


“This company is awesome. The entire process took 2 weeks to get solar and Craig was very informative and attentive. He was quick to answer any of my questions. Strongly Recommend!” – Michael D.

Kayo EnergyTop Solar Panels in Henderson

Kayo Energy has helped thousands of homeowners reduce their energy costs while giving a more comfortable home environment. They are a fully integrated residential energy solutions company. Their aim is to provide their customers with a world-class experience. It never gets old seeing the enthusiasm on their customer’s faces when they see the positive impact their products have made in their lives. Kayo Energy experiences immense satisfaction knowing they helped customers put some of their hard-earned money back into their pockets.

They have the expertise and attention to detail to ensure your system is installed to the highest standards. Kayo Energy offers monitoring and protection on your solar panels so you can benefit from peace of mind.


Solar Panels, Installations, Consultation


Address: 7585 Commercial Way Suite B, Henderson, NV 89011
Phone: (855) 464-5296
Website: www.kayoenergy.com


“After 15 sales pitches and quotes from other Solar companies, we were impressed with Wes Cagle and Kayo Energy’s price, products, and customer care. Our Kayo system was installed by careful professionals, who respected our home and family. They left our home better than when they arrived. We are very please with the system design, the panels, micro-inverters, and thorough installation, but what has impressed us the most is Wes’ continued customer support and persistence to see the job done with excellence. Well done Kayo and Wes Cagle, we are grateful for your top-notch service! Highly recommend this company and this guy.” – Brent F.

SunPal EnergySolar Panels Henderson

SunPal Energy is devoted to providing you with the best price, service, and solar programs with a focus on lowering your electric bill with 0 upfront cost. They’re working to educate the general public on solar and its amazing benefits. They hope you enjoy the services as much as they enjoy offering them to you. Residential solar panels can be advantageous for homeowners that make the switch.

There is a scope of benefits not only for you to save money on your monthly electricity bill but also for saving the environment from harmful toxins used by fossil fuels. Solar panels need very little to no maintenance compared to regular or standard electricity.


Home Solar Panels


Address: 2277 Bull Lake Dr, Henderson, NV 89052
Phone: (702) 979-4673
Website: www.sunpalenergy.com


“The new age of saving money on your electricity bill. SunPal Energy did a great job of really educating me on the true benefits of solar. The installation process was very easy. It took half a day to get it done. You will not go wrong by going solar with Sunpal Energy.” – Daniel V.

SunPower by Today’s Energy StoreGood Solar Panels in Henderson

SunPower by Today’s Energy Store, since 2008, they have been a trusted solar company for Henderson residents as well as throughout the southern tip of Nevada including Las Vegas. As one of a select few solar companies with the designation of SunPower Master Dealer, they are dedicated to providing their customers with durable products and trustworthy services. Even with their strong and reliable panels, they realize that defects and damage may occur over time.

That is why they offer the SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty. This warranty will cover your whole system, making you eligible for repairs and replacements including reimbursements.


Solar Energy


Address: 137 N Gibson Rd, Henderson, NV 89014
Phone: (702) 558-1500
Website: www.todaysenergystore.com


“I recently had solar installed by today’s energy store. Two days ago I was having power surges. I called Marc and he came out on a memorial day. Figured out the problem. Which was due to NV energy. But he was able to get NV energy out to my house on a holiday and get the problem fixed. He was very prompt and helpful. I am really glad I went with an honest, helpful, and prompt company!” – Nicole C.

Solar RxOne of the best Solar Panels in Henderson

Solar Rx was inspired to help the residents in Nevada to maintain the health of their solar systems when they have been left by their solar contractors. For more than a decade, their Solar Rx founders have been providing residents in this area with home solar solutions. They are excited to provide you relief that your solar system is working so you can continue saving money by harvesting energy from the Sun. Get a system health check and be at ease knowing your panels are working at optimal performance.

It could take months before you realize half of your panels aren’t even working. Let Solar Rx save you the trouble of finding out the hard way, or when it’s too late. Solar Rx has you covered for all of your maintenance and repairs. Take preventative measures and give them a call for a free consultation.


Solar Panels, Solar Maintenance, Repair & Cleaning


Address: 137 N Gibson Rd, Henderson, NV 89014
Phone: (702) 570-1497
Website: www.solarrxnv.com


“I contacted Solar RX to start a regular maintenance program for my solar system which needed to have panels cleaned. I also needed a critter guard installed to deal with pigeons. The critter guard was installed after the panels were washed. They did a great job and I was happy to finally find a maintenance company for my solar system. I signed up for a yearly maintenance program.” – Letitia L.