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5 Best Solar Battery Installers in El Paso, TX

Below is a list of the top and leading Solar Battery Installers in El Paso. To help you find the best Solar Battery Installers located near you in El Paso, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

El Paso’s Best Solar Battery Installers:

The top rated Solar Battery Installers in El Paso, TX are:

  • Solar Maxx Inc. – is dedicated to minimizing its customers’ costs
  • NM Solar Group – is a family-owned and operated solar enterprise
  • Solar Power Bros – assist you in going solar without any difficulties or bother
  • Sunshine Renewable Solutions – provides a comprehensive solution
  • Sunshine City – experts prioritize properly educating their clients

Solar Maxx Inc.Solar Battery Installers in El Paso

Solar Maxx Inc. provides an easy solution to utility corporations’ unsustainable rate increases. The solar installation allows you to secure a low fixed monthly energy payment, save money, raise the value of your property, and help save the environment. They understand that competition helps them to offer cheaper prices and more savings to their clients. They are excited about the competition.

Solar Maxx Inc. is dedicated to minimizing its customers’ costs and improving savings. Solar Maxx Inc. distinguishes itself from all other solar rivals by guaranteeing a low price while providing industry-leading guarantees and warranties on your system.


Solar Panel Installation, Residential Solar Panels, Commercial Solar Panels


Address: 11940 Don Haskins Dr Unit A1, El Paso, TX 79936
Phone: (915) 304-0147
Website: www.smxsolar.com


“Met with Dwight Kersey last Thursday & was very impressed with his knowledge of the process, the cost & how much money I would have paid to El Paso Electric over the next decade. I’m so pleased with the fact that our system was installed not even a week later. If you are interested in water systems or solar, Solarmaxx is the company!” – Shawndalyn N.

NM Solar GroupTop Solar Battery Installers in El Paso

NM Solar Group is a family-owned and operated solar enterprise situated in Albuquerque, New Mexico. NM Solar Group, founded in 2015 by Ryan Wallace, has assisted over 500 homes in owning their own electricity through solar. They’ve now opened offices in Alamogordo, Las Cruces, and El Paso, Texas. They are always growing in order to better serve New Mexico and its adjacent communities.

They offer customized solar systems for both households and businesses. Because they are from New Mexico, they are familiar with the roofing types that are unique to this state. They have various mounting options that will work on virtually any type of install, even flat and tile roofs. Their skilled teams can also construct ground-mounted solar systems to fit your needs.


Pearl Certification, Solar Panel Consultation, Financing, Solar Panel Monitoring System


Address: 6060 Surety Dr Suite 200, El Paso, TX 79905
Phone: (505) 415-6172
Website: www.nmsolargroup.com


“Robert and Pablo helped us pick the perfect solar system that best fit our home and get a new roof for a great price. Up to date, Pablo has been very attentive and answered every question or concern that we may have. If you are looking to save money on your electricity, I highly recommend them. Great product, great pricing, and excellent service!” – Bianca O.

Solar Power BrosSolar Battery Installers El Paso

Solar Power Bros have arrived to educate and empower households about their energy consumption. They are there to assist you in going solar without any difficulties or bother. Going solar may appear to be expensive, but it is not. You currently pay your utility company on a monthly basis yet own nothing. Change your utility bill to a solar bill and begin to own your energy. Solar is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, and it’s easy to see why.

They all want to help the environment, and solar energy is a huge part of that. Aside from being environmentally aware, they have a practical purpose for installing solar panels at home: they want to save money. Their clients generally save 20% to 50% compared to their traditional utility providers — and this is true from day one.


Solar Panels, Batteries, Inverters


Address: 7001 Westwind Dr Ste 300A, El Paso, TX 79912
Phone: (915) 201-0342
Website: www.solarpowerbros.com


“My mom switched to solar with Alberto a few months ago. She is so happy with her new bill price and savings!” – Jessica M.

Sunshine Renewable SolutionsGood Solar Battery Installers in El Paso

Sunshine Renewable Solutions looks forward to working with you on all of your solar needs. They have you covered when it comes to finding a solar energy installation firm. Their broad knowledge covers the most recent developments in your solar energy demands, solar panels, and their growing certified solar installer workforce, all of which are certain to position them as the leader in solar panel installation. They recognize, however, that purchasing solar panels for your home or company is not a simple decision.

As a result, they provide their solar customers with a comprehensive solution for their solar energy demands. Sunshine Renewable Solutions is your solar energy partner since they offer everything for your solar energy solutions for your house and solar energy solutions for your business. They offer solar loan alternatives for their consumers regardless of their budget.


Residential & Commercial Solar, Solar Products, Financing


Address: 4011 Alabama St #3302, El Paso, TX 79930
Phone: (832) 409-9155
Website: www.sunshinerenewable.com


“In my opinion, Sunshine Renewable is likely the best solar company in Texas. They are very professional, perfectionists and on top of it, every step of the way. Highly recommended.” – Ryan M.

Sunshine CityOne of the best Solar Battery Installers in El Paso

Sunshine City is a veteran-owned residential solar power company based in El Paso, Texas, that serves the Southwest region. The company’s basic beginnings were humble, as founder Sam Silerio would walk door-to-door in an attempt to persuade El Paso households of the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy.

Their top priority is to assist El Paso and Las Cruce’s households in exploring their alternatives in order to give them a more cost-effective, ecologically friendly, and overall cleaner way to power their homes. Their solar experts prioritize properly educating their clients on the technology, financials, and incentives before making honest advice on whether solar power is good for their home or not.


Solar Panel Services


Address: 500 N. Oregon Second Floor, El Paso, TX 79901
Phone: (915) 745-9675
Website: www.sunshinecitypower.com


“Great company and locally owned. They will get you a fair and very competitive price. Easy to work with it and knowledgeable. They also do a great job of keeping you in the loop on progress. I worked with Preston. Great guy with great character. He was present during installation to make sure everything was installed correctly and with quality.” – Anthony B.