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5 Best Soap Shops Online🥇

Soap is more important than ever given the current world situation regarding COVID-19. Keeping your hands clean has always been important; however it is definitely more important now more than ever. Washing your hands has also been a way to smell good and to practice good hygiene.

However, the soap market is huge and there are so many different brands of soap available and they are spread out across the market. This can make it difficult to choose a brand of soap that is not only hygienic but also smells good.

There are also various soap shops online which put these brands together, and it can be hard to choose one which has the best quality soap as well as the most hygienic ones too.

Here are the top 5 best soap stores online:

  1. Dope Soaps & Body Works

Dope Soaps and Body Works

Website: dopesoapsandbodyworks.com

Dope Soaps & Body Works offers natural cosmetic oil and natural handmade soap. When it comes to soap, it is always better to go with naturally based products, and handmade can’t hurt either.

Dope Soap & Body Works offers a variety of different health and beauty products which have many different fragrances and all circulate around a theme of being natural. With their affordable prices, you can’t go wrong here.


  1. Aesop


Website: aesop.com

Aesop is a well-known brand of soap which has been offering their products on the market for a while now. Their products are known for their beautiful and exotic fragrances and are commonplace in many family homes. Soap is their primary market, however they offer other health and beauty products such as skin care items, shampoo and body wash.


  1. Suds-o-Rama


Website: sudsorama.com

Suds-o-Rama offers anti-bacterial soap with interesting fragrances, as well as general good smelling soap. Their products are handmade with organic oils, vegan and non-GMO. With such a ‘healthy’ and natural-based soap line, there is no reason to not have a look at their products available.

Soap is their primary offering however they do have products related to hair, baby care, beard care, pet care and many others to do with health and beauty for all.


  1. Lush USA

Lush USA

Website: lushusa.com

Lush USA has an amazing line of products, offering soap, hair products, bath bombs and body care items. Their bath bombs are incredible looking and smell amazing, and their bar soap comes with unique colours and funky names. Being 100% cruelty free and with incredible fragrances, Lush USA has it all.


  1. The Body Shop

The Body Shop

Website: thebodyshop.com

The Body Shop has some of the most amazing flavours for soap on the market. From creamy coconut to pink grapefruit, all made with real natural oils, The Body Shop is offering some of the coolest flavours out there. With antibacterial qualities and tropical flavours, The Body Shop is definitely worth a look.

In summary, there are various soap shops available online, however this list should bring the best ones together for you to take a look at and decide which is best for your needs.

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