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5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Oakland, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Seafood Restaurants in Oakland. To help you find the best Seafood Restaurants located near you in Oakland, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Oakland’s Best Seafood Restaurants: 

The top-rated Seafood Restaurants in Oakland, CA are:

  • Rockin Crawfish – personally creates and serves Cajun-style seafood
  • The Lake Chalet Seafood Bar – welcomes its customers for memorable seaside seafood dining
  • alaMar Kitchen & Bar – highlights classic seafood dining
  • Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar – shares its culture of fresh and tasty dishes
  • Marica Restaurant – aims to share its passion for tasty seafood dishes

Rockin Crawfish

delicious Seafood Restaurants in Oakland, CA

Rockin Crawfish personally creates and serve Cajun-styled seafood. They have great appetizers with the finest 5-course menu dishes. Moreover, the restaurant is known for its selection of the best Cajun-style seafood dishes. The staff also serves every customer from the moment they step inside the restaurant. In addition, they serve every dish in a relaxed and dynamic dining atmosphere. The restaurant is also home to over half a decade of experience in the industry.

They provide a full range of tasty, fresh, and locally-sourced dishes. These include shrimp baskets, calamari, and snow crab boils. Furthermore, they also serve red wines and lemonades.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 211 Foothill Blvd, Oakland, CA 94606
Phone: (510) 251-1657
Website: therockincrawfish.com


”Enjoyed a good meal at this Oakland location. Its nice to see Lake Merritt across the way and parking is limited. Service was great we were checked on few times when more customers came in. My boyfriend and I ordered the shrimp basket and some wings with a strawberry lemonade. They tasted great had good portions and provided dipping sauces. ” – Tehya Posey

The Lake Chalet Seafood Bar

flavorful Seafood Restaurants in Oakland, CA

The Lake Chalet Seafood Bar welcomes its customers for memorable seaside seafood dining. They take pride in being nominated as The Best Outdoor Dining Restuarant and Best Restaurant in the City. For over a decade and counting, they have countlessly served customers fresh and tasty dishes. In addition, the restaurant is home to skilled and award-winning seafood specialized chefs. They serve each dish in a friendly and professional atmosphere. Furthermore, their staff serves every customer with care and attention.

They feature a wide selection of affordable seafood delicacies. Moreover, these include shallot crab soups, crab boils, and salmon fillets. They also serve clam soup and clam chowders.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 520 Lakeside Dr, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 208-5253
Website: thelakechalet.com


”Good atmosphere by Lake Merritt. We got lucky to be there at 4.30 pm Sunday and there were a couple parking spot in the front!! The service and food were awesome!! Drinks a little pricy but ok. We got crème brûlée for dessert. It was too sweet for us. It’s still a good experience overall!” – Kanya Latte

alaMar Kitchen & Bar

fresh Seafood Restaurants in Oakland, CA

alaMar Kitchen & Bar highlights classic seafood dining. With over 2 decades of experience in the industry, their team of chefs places emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine. They share their passion for Cajun-style dishes with all their customers. Moreover, they focus on Michelin-grade seafood dishes and delicacies. The team brings their own unique take on classic dishes with their own twist. In addition, from plating to ingredients, their chefs bring the best out of every food.

The restaurant serves a broad selection of affordable seafood dishes. Furthermore, these include baby back ribs, Caesar salads, and calamari. They also serve shrimp corncakes and mussels with shallots.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 100 Grand Ave #111, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 907-7555
Website: alamaroakland.com


”Wow, y’all, this place was awesome! Good vibes are galore! The chef brings unique and fun flavor to classic seafood dishes. The crab, in particular, came in incredible savory garlic sauce-would recommend ordering the bread as a side to take full advantage. We had an awesome dinner here, complete with good vibes from the whole staff! Highly recommend for a casual but nice seafood dinner downtown” – Ashlee Wilson

Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bartasty Seafood Restaurants in Oakland, CA

Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar shares its culture of fresh and tasty dishes. The gracious seafood dinner house serves award-winning house-made seafood specials. They capture the growing tradition presented through the finest seafood dishes. Furthermore, they prepare each dish in a light, crisp, and friendly surrounding. With skilled chefs, they bring phenomenal dishes to all their valued patrons. They also have been serving locals and visitors since 1976.

They offer a broad variety of tasty seafood dishes. These include Canadian salmon, scallops, shrimp boils, and lobster combos. Moreover, they also serve toasted Wedemeyer Kaiser rolls.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 2 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607
Phone: (510) 444-3456
Website: scottsjls.com


”The place was great, food was delicious and the service was excellent!! We had a great time celebrating my birthday last night.
Thank you for the birthday surprise (rose, sorbet and souvenir photo). It made my birthday celebration memorable and extra special.” – Velizy Austin

Marica Restaurant
affordable Seafood Restaurants in Oakland, CA

Marica Restaurant aims to share its passion for tasty seafood dishes. They are a locally-owned and operated seafood restaurant featuring locally-sourced seafood. The restaurant also serves organically-farmed seafood dishes with gluten-free options. Furthermore, they are delighted to serve clients with the finest seafood fine dining service. The team also aims to share a memorable experience with the restaurant through their dishes.

The restaurant offers a variety of fresh and tasty seafood dishes. Moreover, they serve seafood stews, lobster rolls, and lobster soup. They also serve salmon entrees and calamari.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 5301 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618
Phone: (510) 985-8388
Website: maricaoakland.com


”We had the mussel our first time and they were amazing, I had the two Maine lobsters tails so yummy, sweet and flavorful. My teen had the seafood soup!!! Plenty of seafood in the soup!!!” – Trisha Mendez