5 Best Sandwich Shops in Aurora, CO

Best Sandwich Shops in Aurora

Below is a list of the top and leading Sandwich Shops in Aurora. To help you find the best Sandwich Shops located near you in Aurora, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Aurora’s Best Sandwich Shops: 

The top-rated Sandwich Shops in Aurora, CO are:

  • Jersey Mike’s Subs – grills fresh and made-to-order hot subs and sandwiches
  • Jimmy John’s – makes the finest selection of freaky fresh sandwiches
  • Dough Deli – delivers affordable oven-fresh sandwiches that are out of this world
  • Firehouse Subs Tower And Salida – specializes in artisan and hand-made hot sub sandwiches
  • Fat Shack – showcases personally made sandwiches served in the perfect atmosphere

Jersey Mike’s Subsfresh Sandwich Shops in Aurora

Jersey Mike’s Subs grills fresh and made-to-order hot subs and sandwiches. The restaurant serves its valued customers with tender and rich-tasting subs. In addition, they are the crowd favorite for their wide variety of subs and sandwich combos. They are also a locally-owned and operated sandwich company. At the store, their food and drink selection is all about quality. Moreover, they provide high-quality meats and cheese with an authentic fresh taste.

They provide freshly made and customized sandwich subs. These include Portabella subs, cheese steak subs, and chicken cheese subs. Furthermore, they also serve Philly and Chipotle cheese steak sub.

Products/ Services:

sandwich shop, club sandwich, drinks


Address: 3571 S Tower Rd E, Aurora, CO 80013
Phone: (720) 381-0919
Website: jerseymikes.com


Had the steak and cheese. Good cheesy peppery goodness. Bread was soft . Will buy again.” – Brandie Dobbins

Jimmy John’s

go-to Sandwich Shops in Aurora

Jimmy John’s makes the finest selection of freaky fresh sandwiches. They serve a variety of lunches and sandwiches to all their customers. Moreover, they are always ready to make the tastiest sandwich that is available 24/7. They take pride in being able to provide authentic French bread that is baked fresh daily. Their team is also dedicated to delivering fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. In addition, every sub is made from scratch.

The fast food chain serves a wide array of sandwich varieties. Their sandwiches include club sandwiches, vegetable sandwiches, and bacon-cheese sandwiches. Furthermore, they also serve turkey sandwiches and messy brisket sandwiches.

Products/ Services:

fruit shakes, sandwich shop


Address: 14302 E Cedar Ave unit f, Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: (720) 577-0242
Website: jimmyjohns.com


The bread was soooooo soft. I love the Italian!! We saw him the next day out. He was like how was the bread. He remembered us. Great customer experience..” – Ms. Nyree

Dough Deli

affordable Sandwich Shops in Aurora

Dough Deli delivers affordable oven-fresh sandwiches that are out of this world. Every sandwich brings a chef-inspired combination with a unique artisan roll combined with tasty meats. Furthermore, they have in-store-made sauces and spreads that go well with their sandwiches. They are ready to provide the finest sandwiches with just a call from their customers. In addition, they aim to become the leading shop for all sandwich cravings.

They provide a must-try selection of affordable and fresh sandwiches. Moreover, these include deep-fried chicken sandwiches, beef sandwiches, and bacon sandwiches. They also serve drinks and ice cream sandwiches.

Products/ Services:

acai bowl, sandwich shop


Address: 18191 E Hampden Ave, Aurora, CO 80013
Phone: (720) 123-8634
Website: doughdeli.com


Really good sandwiches and a great deal for the boxed lunch combo.” – Niki Hale

Firehouse Subs Tower And Salida

recommended Sandwich Shops in Aurora

Firehouse Subs Tower And Salida specialize in artisan and hand-made hot sub sandwiches. Their products are made with premium meats and cheeses that are streamed to perfection into a private recipe sub roll. Moreover, they have amazing community service returns whenever purchasing from them. The shop is also named one of the best and recommended restaurants serving quality sandwiches in the city. In addition, their dishes will surely satisfy their client’s appetites from breakfast to lunch and snack specials.

The shop serves a variety of rich-tasting and all-meat sandwiches. Furthermore, their sandwiches include Philly breakfast sandwiches and bacon sandwiches. They also serve deep-fried chocolate chip cookies.

Products/ Services:

sandwich shop


Address: 3425 N Salida St, Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: (720) 371-7827
Website: firehousesubs.com


” The food was great. Looks like they have a couple new people (yay employment), so that made things a little slower than usual – but it was good.” – Billie Hawkins

Fat Shack

impressive Sandwich Shops in Aurora

Fat Shack showcases personally made sandwiches served in the perfect atmosphere. They take pride in offering quality subs and burgers with top-notch customer service. Furthermore, their team is dedicated to serving clients with quality customer service whenever visiting. Their subs are also curated to fit the tastes and cravings of their customers. In addition, they aim to inspire others through their impressive selection of subs and sandwiches.

They provide a large selection of tasty and freshly made burgers. These include Angus burgers, fat sandwiches, and Philly. Moreover, they also have a variety of chicken wings and cheese fingers available.

Products/ Services:

sandwich shop, sandwiches


Address: 1708 S Chambers Rd, Aurora, CO 80017
Phone: (720) 477-7805
Website: fatshack.com


”Each visit with you guys is THE VERY BEST part of my day..
Out of all the late nights this is the most convenient grub spot in my neighborhood. My cravings are wild and Fat Shack’s menu certainly matches my appetite. ” – Drina Lu