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5 Best Real Estate Investing Mentors in the USA🥇

Real estate investing to build wealth with rental property is hotter than ever now with low interest rates and increased demand for housing. However, it does take some skill and knowledge in order to make smart investments which can net a considerable profit, and that is where real estate mentors come into play.

The investment into their services will be well worth it when you can make a significant return on your correct investments.

However, because it is such a profitable industry, everybody wants in on it, and there are many real estate investing mentors out there on the market.

Here are the top-rated real estate investing mentors in the USA:

1. Katy and Frank Home Buyers

Katy and Frank Home Buyers

Katy and Frank Home Buyers have considerable expertise when it comes to home buying and real estate investments. There are a huge range of benefits that come with using their mentorship services.

These include the fact that their mentorship is free, meaning you do not need to pay for their expertise.

Furthermore, they will offer you free seller leads, they 100% fund your deals that come up, you will have private one on one meetings weekly, and they do not charge for coaching. Instead, they will partner with you on deals. They also pay $2,000 for deals you find them calling their leads they provide, and they are full time and active mentors. What more could you want?

2. Freedom Mentor

Freedom Mentor, also known as Phil Pustejovsky, is a successful real estate investor himself and wants to duplicate these efforts for other people. He has a unique profit formula that he follows himself, and shares with his clients. You are sure to make a profit on real estate investing with him.

3. Investarters Mentors

Investarters Mentors

Investarters Mentors offers a free personalized plan which enables you to buy your first investment property within 6 months. You will be mentored by a coach with expertise in the property market, and will be guided throughout the real estate investment process. A great starting point for any future investor.

4. Steven Howell Mentoring

Steven Howell Mentoring

Steven Howell Mentoring is offering an elite mentoring program for real estate investing. His program only has a few offerings open due to its popularity, and he sets proper expectations for the program. His program is a no-nonsense program, and he expects you to be ready as soon as you apply. Definitely worth a look into.

5. Laura Alamery

Laura Alamery

Laura Alamery is a real estate investing mentor with a lot of expertise and knowledge of the industry. She has significant experience in coaching, and would be a great mentor for any potential future real estate investing mentors. She has held several training classes across the USA, and she is definitely the real deal when it comes to this field.

These are the 5 best real estate investing mentors in the USA, based on this rating points list and any one of them would be great for your future investments. If you are looking to get into the real estate investment game, then these people would be the best ones to contact for guidance.