5 Best Real Estate Agencies in Egypt

Real estate agencies are authorized to assist dealers to sell and purchasers buy real estate and are typically licensed to work, arrange, and organize sales. It is a firm that hires a team of real estate agents who help assist a transaction between the buyers and sellers.

In buying or selling a property you need a real estate company or real estate agents to work with and these are the 5 best real estate agencies in Egypt that are ready to assist investors, individuals, and businesses in buying and selling estates.

Top Rated and Best Real Estate Agencies in Egypt:

#1 New CapitalTop rated Real Estate Agencies in Egypt

New Capital aims to provide reliable and customer-oriented real estate consultancy services to its clients from all over the world. It is a large-scale Egyptian company, specializing in real estate consulting and brokerage, based in New Cairo, New Capital City, October, and Alexandria. and numerous agreements with most major Egyptian construction companies, focusing its attention on foreign real estate investors, who wish to own property in New Capital Egypt.

New Capital company has achieved huge successes in Egyptian real estate markets during its long run, gaining extensive practical experience, and a reputation locally and regionally, gaining the confidence of foreign investors and Egyptian construction companies.

#2 FindWell Real Estate ConsultancyReal Estate Agencies in Egypt

FindWell Real Estate Consultancy was established in 2012, as a leading real estate brokerage company, located in the heart of New Cairo, it offers a full-scope range of real estate services in Egypt including sales and acquisitions in the residential and commercial sectors, investment sales, and acquisitions, as well as international sales of properties situated in Egypt and abroad. The owners bring to the table shared experience that goes back to over 10 years in Egypt real estate.

Together with a professional and dedicated team of professional consultants, FindWell Real Estate Consultancy is both equipped and dedicated, to provide its clients whether a buyer, a seller, individual, or organization with outstanding and memorable service addressing specific needs and requirements.

#3 The Egypt Real EstateReal Estate Agencies Egypt

The Egypt Real Estate is an established real estate firm, serving clients from around the world, with excellent expertise in the Egyptian Real Estate Market. The Egypt Real Estate is an Egyptian-owned firm deeply penetrated in the Egyptian marketplace and enjoys the benefits of being a leading company in the area.

With their expertise in such areas, they have the faith to provide their customers any professional real estate-related services they need. The Egypt Real Estate sales team is also widely recognized as the best trained and most knowledgeable in the field of business.

#4 CSC PropertyGood Real Estate Agencies in Egypt

CSC Property offers an amazing opportunity to buy beautiful sea view apartments in Hurghada. Whether you are looking to relocate or to make your savings work harder by investing, the red sea region of Hurghada has become the most sought-after location for property investment. Its lovely year-round climate, close proximity to the UK and Europe, stunning beaches, relaxed lifestyle, low cost of living, and friendly people, make it the perfect place to live and invest.

Throughout the whole buying process their team, which has significant experience, will ensure you with professional guidelines and will help out in answering all the questions of yours which may occur.

#5 Trust Group Egypt Real EstateOne of the best Real Estate Agencies in Egypt

Trust Group Egypt Real Estate is a full-service real estate agency located in Cairo, offering expertise in every aspect of buying and selling residential and commercial real estate properties. Selling or buying, they have the knowledge and the experience to make the real estate transaction smooth and easy. They obtain access to all of the commercial and residential real estate listings in Cairo and surrounding areas.

Its reputation is an asset in the market, therefore client satisfaction is guaranteed. They are a real estate company composed of an international strong team that works together around the clock to bring you home away from home. Their level of production is a sign of loyal clients who return to them time and time again and pay them the ultimate compliment by referring their family and friends.