5 Best Public Speaking Coaches in the US🥇

Best Public Speaking Coaches in the US

Public speaking is one of the hardest communication skills you can try to master. Even if you have confidence speaking to individuals or even small groups, speaking to a crowd of strangers can be an incredibly daunting experience.

The fear of failure will throw off even the best-prepared speech, and fumbling at the microphone can sink a listener’s confidence in what you are saying no matter how valid it may be on paper.

For anyone who wants to improve their public speaking, they may want to explore the services of a professional public speaking coach. The following will take a quick look at the 5 best public speaking coaches in the United States today.

Here are 5 best public speaking coaches in the US:

Rank: Coach: Website:
1 Speak by Design www.speakbydesign.com
2 Moxie Institute www.moxieinstitute.com
3 The Genard Method www.genardmethod.com
4 Speak Up for Success www.speakupforsuccess.com
5 Ivy Naistadt www.ivynaistadt.com

1. Speak by Design

Speak by Design

Speak by Design is a public speaking coaching service based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm focuses on helping its clients hone their leadership and communication skills so they can elevate their impact and increase their influence.

With over 15 leadership and communication coaches from a variety of backgrounds on staff, Speak by Design can connect its clients with a coach tailored to their unique communication demands and maximize their communication effectiveness.

Their approach covers everything from personal style, to message style and presentation, and they’ve witnessed their clients go on to achieve incredible feats in the world of business, government, non-profit work and much more.

2. Moxie Institute

Moxie Institute

Based in San Diego, California, Moxie Institute is the brainchild of acclaimed theatrical instructed, NYU-trained performer, and public speaking coach Fia Fasbinder.

The coaching service provides professionals and executives with high-level speaker training that allows them to tackle any public speaking engagement with both clarity and confidence.

3. The Genard Method

Located in Belmont, Massachusetts, The Genard Method is the professional public speaker coaching service of Dr Gary Genard.

Dr Genard is recognized as one of the top communication professionals in the world, and his unique style helps people from all backgrounds hone their skills via virtual coaching based on techniques like role-plays and other various exercises.

4. Speak Up for Success

Speak Up for Success

Speak Up for Success, started by professional public speaking coach Jezra Kaye based in New York City.

Despite being located in New York, Jezra provides coaching services to help people all around the world to improve their communication skills and draws on her vast experience helping executive prepare and deliver winning keynotes, investor pitches, and more.

5. Ivy Naistadt

Ivy Naistadt

Based in New York, Ivy Naistadt has helped both big companies and individuals communicate with confidence for more than 20 years.

Ivy’s high-developed coaching system gives her clients useful tools they can leverage to speak with full confidence and make the impact they seek.