5 Best Psychologists in Las Vegas, NV

5 Best Psychologists in Las Vegas, NV

Below is a list of the top and leading Psychologists in Las Vegas, NV. To help you find the best Psychologists located near you in Las Vegas, NV, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Las Vegas, NV’s Best Psychologists:

The top-rated Psychologists in Las Vegas, NV are:

  • Vantage Counseling – proudly offers counseling and psychotherapy services conducted by Las Vegas Psychologist, Dr. Juan Garcia.
  • Jacqueline B. Panish, Ph.D. – a clinical psychologist providing psychotherapy to adults in Las Vegas since 2003.
  • David Gosse, Psy.D. – provides drug-free treatment for depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship issues.
  • Thriveworks Counseling – makes getting counseling be hassle-free in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.
  • Summerlin Therapy & Couples Counseling – Las Vegas therapy and couples counseling for those seeking support.

Vantage Counseling

5 Best Psychologists in Las Vegas, NV

Vantage Counseling is a clinic that provides top-notch counseling and other psychological services. This psychological practice has a team of experienced and qualified psychologists and therapists. Vantage Counseling is managed and led by Dr. Juan Garcia, one of the leading psychologists of Nevada. This practice specializes in intensive psychotherapy, child and adolescent therapy, couples counseling, and more. They are a client-centric practice that makes sure each client is well taken care of. So, if you are looking for a psychologist to work with you, Vantage Counseling is a top-tier option in Vegas.

Individual counseling, group therapy, couples counseling, marriage counseling, sex therapy, crisis counseling, family counseling, career counseling

Address: 3595 S Town Center Dr. Suite 117, Las Vegas, NV 89135
Phone: (702) 291-8364
Website: vantagecounseling.com

Doctor Garcia is wonderful; he pays attention and is genuinely trying to help his patients. I wouldn’t suggest going to any other therapist in Nevada, Dr. Garcia is the best. – Camellia Rose

Jacqueline B. Panish, Ph.D.

The Best Psychologists in Las Vegas, NV

Jacqueline B. Panish, Ph.D. is a renowned clinical psychologist that offers top-tier psychotherapy to clients in Las Vegas. For almost 20 years, Dr. Panish has helped countless clients with their woes. Jacqueline Panish bases her clinical approach on the idea that each person can change for the better. The focus is to help a person achieve a better understanding of themselves. Clinical services include individual therapy, couples therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. If you are looking for a capable and understanding psychologist to work with you, Dr. Jacqueline Panish is one of your best choices in Las Vegas.

Individual therapy, couples therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Address: 2965 S. Jones Blvd., Suite B Las Vegas, NV 89146
Phone: (702)396-9000
Website: drpanish.com

She is so good at what she does. Dr. Panish makes sure to hear you out and understand what you’re going through. Definitely, an amazing therapist that I would highly recommend. – Natalie Gibson

David Gosse, Psy.D.

Best Psychologists in Las Vegas, NV

David Gosse, Psy.D. is a psychologist based in Las Vegas that will help you search for solutions when it comes to the problems in life. This psychologist will teach you to not only can address and process everything but teach you to be your own therapist. David Gosse, Psy.D. offers solutions especially those who are in a storm in their lives at the moment. Services include specialized therapy for anxiety, relationships, depression, and more. Dr. Gosse creates a safe and personal relationship for patients so they can ease into being able to accept and find solutions. So, if you want to start heading towards the right direction in your life, David Gosse, Psy.D. is a great option you should consider.

Individual counseling, intensive counseling, relationship counseling, personal coaching, in-person sessions, phone or online sessions

Address: 2620 Regatta Drive, Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV 89128
Phone: (702) 385-4673
Website: drgossepsychologist.com

Dr. Gosse has helped me utilize cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to confront and overcome anxiety-related issues for over 18 months. He is professional, exceptionally competent, and truly the best psychologist I could ever have hoped for. I have zero hesitation in recommending Dr. Gosse. – Casey Reinl

Thriveworks Counseling

Las Vegas, NV Best Psychologists

Thriveworks Counseling offers very accessible therapy and psychiatry services in Nevada. This practice offers a variety of services from therapy to life coaching. Thriveworks Counseling has a hardworking and passionate team of psychologists and mental health specialists that will help you go through your issues. Services include individual therapy, relationship therapy, online therapy, and life coaching. These mental health experts will always go the extra mile to help each client manage and process their situation. This is why Thriveworks is one of the more popular psychology practices in Las Vegas.

Individual counseling, relationship counseling, online counseling

Address: 2780 S Jones Blvd Suite 100A Las Vegas, NV 89146
Phone: (702) 820-3061
Website: thriveworks.com

Had an amazing experience at Thriveworks. Scheduling was a breeze and everything was done professionally. I worked with Simone who was incredible and helped me in so many ways. I highly recommend this place. – Farzad Alikozai

Summerlin Therapy & Couples Counseling

Las Vegas, NV's Best Psychologists

Summerlin Therapy & Couples Counseling provides psychological services both in-person and online. counseling. This psychology practice serves Las Vegas and surrounding areas and specializes in a variety of counseling methods. Summerlin Therapy and Couples Counseling are experts when it comes to helping people process and addresses each issue they have in their lives. They provide a healthy and safe space so that you can open up and work with your therapist freely. Services include therapy for anger management, disordered eating, depression, phobias, death anxiety, and more. If you are looking for a trustworthy psychologist that will help you with your fears or worries, Summerlin is a top-notch option you should consider.

Therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, parenting challenges, existential issues, relationship conflict, infidelity, BPD, self-esteem

Address: 1091 S Cimarron Rd, Suite A6 Las Vegas, NV 89145
Phone: (702) 479-6745
Website: summerlintherapy.com

After searching for the right environment and therapist, I found the perfect person. From the moment I first met her, Jessica has been incredibly caring, compassionate, and nurturing. I felt at ease very quickly, which I found nearly impossible to achieve previously. I hope to be with her for many years. – Paul Shapiro