5 Best Property Lawyers in Cincinnati, OH

Best Property Lawyers in Cincinnati

Below is a list of the top and leading Property Lawyers in Cincinnati. To help you find the best Property Lawyers located near you in Cincinnati, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Cincinnati’s Best Property Lawyers: 

The top-rated Property Lawyers in Cincinnati, OH are:

  • Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL – has been a cornerstone of the Cincinnati community
  • Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & Tucker – committed to coming up with innovative, effective solutions
  • Finney Law Firm, LLC – dedicated to practicing law in a distinctive way
  • Bricker Graydon LLP – represents clients all over the country and has a broadened pool of experienced personnel
  • Manley Burke – an effort to design and implement cost structures

Keating Muething & Klekamp PLLProperty Lawyers in Cincinnati

Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL is a well-known law practice with about 130 attorneys in Cincinnati, Ohio. They provide advanced legal solutions to people and organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 50 enterprises and start-up businesses. Although the firm’s reputation has largely been established in the tri-state region, which includes Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, its unshakable client-first philosophy has enabled them to forge a presence on a national and worldwide level.

KMK Law has been a cornerstone of the Cincinnati community for more than 65 years. The lawyers and staff of KMK Law have committed themselves to acting as reliable counsel for privately held and publicly traded businesses, nonprofits, charitable organizations, and people from all walks of life.

Products/ Services:

Real Estate, Intellectual Property & Technology, & More


Address: 1 E 4th St #1400, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 579-6400
Website: www.kmklaw.com


”Great attorneys to work with.” – Sid S.

Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & TuckerTop Property Lawyers in Cincinnati

Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & Tucker, their law practice, which they founded more than 50 years ago, is committed to coming up with innovative, effective solutions to help their clients achieve their goals. Your confidence was gained through their commitment, and today Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & Tucker’s attorneys and employees have expanded into a practice big enough to handle all of your legal requirements while still providing the responsiveness and individualized care their customers have come to expect from them.

They are quite proud of the lasting relationships they have built with many of their customers because they firmly think that the best legal advice is founded on a relationship of trust, confidence, and respect. RKPT lawyers understand how crucial it is to keep clients informed and respond to their inquiries and concerns in a timely and considerate manner.

Products/ Services:

Real Estate, Business & Corporate Law, & More


Address: 312 Elm St Suite 2200, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513-721-3330
Website: www.rkpt.com


”Mike Yeazell and the rest of the firm are very responsive and professional. Could not ask for more from a law firm. They truly are a trusted partner.” – Jim M.

Finney Law Firm, LLCProperty Lawyers Cincinnati

Finney Law Firm, LLC, was established in 2014 under the direction of Christopher P. Finney and has seven brilliant, hard-working attorneys and a talented, committed team. Their staff is dedicated to practicing law in a distinctive way that benefits their clients by concentrating on identifying and then achieving the best result for them.

The practice of Finney Law Firm has considerable knowledge of the full spectrum of legal services that people and corporations may require. By leveraging highly effective technology and cutting-edge legal tactics, they persistently strive to add value for their clients. They are able to keep up with the evolving needs of their clients’ difficult personal and professional settings thanks to this strategy. To learn how Finney Law Firm may help, get in touch with them.

Products/ Services:

Real Estate Law, Property Tax Valuation, & More


Address: 1077 Celestial St. #10, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 854-8834
Website: www.finneylawfirm.com


”Steve Imm is a fantastic attorney who takes time to understand your case and how to best assist you. They’re kind, courteous, and efficient. Definitely reach out to Finney Law Firm if you need assistance with unemployment issues.” – Nicolette T.

Bricker Graydon LLPGood Property Lawyers in Cincinnati

Bricker Graydon LLP features more than 200 lawyers and a wide range of other legal experts. Bricker Graydon boasts a firm with little about 400 employees in total. Bricker Graydon represents clients all over the country and has a broadened pool of experienced personnel in addition to its reputation as a preeminent Midwest legal practice. Many of their clients have been in business with them for many decades.

Their career and joy both lie in getting to know their companies as well as their own. They have extensive experience in all of their industrial groupings and practice areas as a result. At Bricker Graydon, they take great satisfaction in having a group of lawyers who are very knowledgeable and experienced.

Products/ Services:

Real Estate, Privacy & Data Protection, Intellectual Property, & More


Address: Scripps Center, 312 Walnut St #1800, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 621-6464
Website: www.brickergraydon.com


”Graydon has been a great supporter of the Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati. They allow us to use their spaces for our organization’s programming needs and are gracious hosts throughout each event. They have an obvious passion for the community that makes us proud to have them as a sponsor of our organization.” – Christen L.

Manley BurkeOne of the best Property Lawyers in Cincinnati

Manley Burke pledges to consistently provide top-notch legal advice while paying close attention to the client’s bottom line. A lawyer must be excellent, but they also need to be mindful of their client’s financial situation. In a number of circumstances, they put a lot of effort to design and implement cost structures that make sense for their clients.

To develop a solution that satisfies the client’s demands, they combine the traditional billable hour form of billing with flat or capped fees, blended rate billing, contingent agreements, and modified contingent arrangements. Excellence is their first priority at Manley Burke, and they hold all employees, including their most senior partners and law student clerks, to the same high standard.

Products/ Services:

Real Estate, Litigation, Land Use & Zoning, & More


Address: 225 W Court St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 721-5525
Website: www.manleyburke.com


”The whole team does great work and is extremely professional. Very easy to work with.” – Adam H.