5 Best Property Insurance Attorneys in the US

Best Property Insurance Attorneys

There are many issues that can arise as an owner of property in the US. When something does go wrong, it is important to know that your insurance will be able to cover any damages. Property insurance attorneys specialize in helping you through this process.

They can advise on all matters related to property and will guide you in the appropriate action to take in the unfortunate event that your property is damaged.

These are the 5 best property insurance attorneys in the US to achieve positive outcomes for your case:

5 Best Property Insurance Attorneys in the US

#1 Galen M. Hair

Property Insurance Attorney
Galen M. Hair

Galen M. Hair from Insurance Claim HQ has developed a reputation as the best property insurance attorney in the US due to his dedication to his clients and the expertise that he demonstrates in this area of law. He is known for his commitment to achieving only the best results for his clients and continues to succeed with his work.

Having worked in both large firms and boutique firms, Galen M. Hair’s methods have been described as a combination of the two. He takes a rigorous big firm approach to every case, all while keeping his services low cost and affordable for the people who he aims to help. It is clear through his work as a property insurance attorney and as an active member of several community organizations that Galen M. Hair truly cares about his community.

The work that Galen M. Hair has done throughout his career has led him to be named as a Super Lawyer Rising Star and a Top Lawyer by New Orleans Magazine. He had also been awarded the Pro Bono Publico Award for his continued successes. He is one of the best property insurance attorneys in the US to deal with your case, whatever it may be.

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#2 Daniel J. Callahan

Property Insurance Attorney
Daniel J. Callahan

Daniel J. Callahan is one of California’s top property insurance attorneys. Founder of the law firm Callahan & Blaine, Daniel J. Callahan has dedicated his career to becoming successful in multiple areas of law. His work in property insurance is no exception and continues to be an area that he achieves many successes in.

As a highly experience attorney, Daniel J. Callahan is trusted by countless clients to achieve the best results for their property insurance cases, no matter how complex the cases are. Mr Callahan’s thorough approach to understanding his clients and developing a plan of action to get them the outcomes that they desire has seen him develop a well-earned reputation.

Daniel J. Callahan has been recognized many times for his work. He was named one of the Top 10 Attorneys in the United States by the National Law Journal, voted California Business Trial Lawyer of the Year by California Lawyer Magazine, named one of the Top 100 trial lawyers by the American Trial Association, and much more. He has also been the winner of the prestigious OCTLA Trial Lawyer of the Year Award on three occasions.

#3 Jeffrey L. Raizner

Property Insurance Attorneys in the US
Daniel J. Callahan

Jeffrey L. Raizner is known as one of the best representatives for clients in the US, particularly for his work representing clients in claims against major insurers. Whether it is commercial or residential losses, Jeffrey L. Raizner achieves clients the results that they are after. He also specializes in claims against large corporations such as pharmaceutical bodies and other mass tort claims where compensation is needed for his clients.

As a member and former director of Texas Trial Lawyers Association, a past president of Houston Trial Lawyers Association, and a member of the American Association for Justice, Jeffrey L. Raizner has continued to prove his expertise in matters involving property insurance and has become one of the most notable property insurance attorneys in the US.

Mr Raizner began his career as an attorney in 1992 and has since developed his own firm and achieved countless successful outcomes for the clients that he serves. Bad faith insurance actions are what he does best and he consistently strives to achieve justice to those wronged by unlawful insurance actions.

#4 Eric Dinnocenzo

Property Insurance Attorneys USA
Eric Dinnocenzo

Eric Dinnocenzo continues to be an exemplary representative for those seeking compensation from corporations and insurance companies for property insurance matters. From the very beginnings of his career, Eric Dinnocenzo was already making an impact in the legal world. He tried his first case before even being admitted to the bar and obtained the largest verdict on behalf of his client ever seen by his office. From this initial success, the victories only kept coming.

A strong commitment to achieving justice for those in his community is what drives Eric Dinnocenzo. He has become a prominent figure and trusted property insurance attorney in the US through his work. He continues to successfully win cases and also publishes legal articles on the complexities of property insurance law and related areas.

The Law Offices of Eric Dinnocenzo was founded in 2011 and continues to be an excellent place to go for representation from one of the US’s best, Eric Dinnocenzo.

#5 Gene Warhurst

Top rated Property Insurance Attorneys in the US
Gene Warhurst, Esq.

Gene Warhurst , Esq. began his career in 1988 working in the insurance business as a property and auto claims adjuster. It was here that he gained the knowledge necessary to go on to become a prominent property insurance attorney in the US. In handling claims, he came to understand their complexities and utilizes these expertise in every case that he takes on.

In 1995 Gene Warhurst began his career as a lawyer and put his passion for helping people achieve justice for their insurance claims into practice. He assists with matters such as property damage claims, home insurance claims, commercial property insurance claims, fire insurance claims, hurricane claims, personal injury and wrongful death claims, and more.

Gene Warhurst, Esq. is known for being a lawyer who will fight for you. He wholeheartedly believes in achieving justice for those that have been wronged and consistently delivers successful outcomes to clients on their cases. He rightfully rounds out our list of the best property insurance attorneys in the US.