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The 3 Best Property Casualty Law Firms to Protect Your Homes for Natural Disasters

Living near the Gulf Shores seems like a dream. The sunshine and beach are all the pros to living in this area, but there are some serious cons to living near the gulf and in the southernmost part of America.

Living near the Gulf of Mexico during hurricane season (June to November) can pose significant dangers for residents. Such natural disasters typically come equipped with heavy rainfall, strong winds, and surges, which can all cause severe damage to homes and infrastructures. Flooding is a common occurrence during hurricanes, which can also put people’s lives at risk and cause long-term health problems due to contaminated water and strong currents.

It is important to have an insurance policy that covers the types of natural disasters common to your area, such as flood insurance for those living in coastal regions. Despite preparing with insurance companies you believe to trust, the after effects do not always go to plan. Many insurance companies make filing claims after natural disasters difficult and many policyholders find themselves not getting the coverage they expected.

When a disaster strikes, it can leave homeowners feeling vulnerable and uncertain.

The insurance companies, who are supposed to come to their aid, are often the source of frustration due to delays, lowball offers, and outright denials. It is important to work with a dedicated team to help you through the stressful insurance claims and emotional time after a disaster. Understanding your property casualty laws are quite daunting during this time, and having someone there to explain it can bring ease to your mind.

Working with a property casualty law firm is extremely beneficial after a natural disaster. Property casualty law firms are a group of specialized attorneys that help those understand their rights to address the issues that happen during disputes between homeowners and insurance companies. A property casualty firm will work diligently to help you understand and answer any questions that you may have during disputes and the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Here are three top-tier property casualty law firms to guide you during an insurance claim, living in an area that may be impacted by natural disasters:

1. Insurance Claim HQ

Insurance Claim HQ is a dedicated group of lawyers committed to fighting for the rights of policyholders in the complex world of property casualty insurance claims. Owner of Insurance Claim HQ; Galen M Hair, has over a decade in the insurance industry as a property casualty attorney and is now making it his goal to give his customers the most respect and attention to policyholders.

Hair and his team work tirelessly to make sure that everyone has a voice when it comes to getting help after disaster strikes. Hair believes that everyone is entitled to get help in a time of need, even those uninsured, because everyone deserves a safe home and to move past horrific disasters.

Hair has helped over 1,700 families rebuild their homes and businesses after experiencing a loss due to natural disasters or insurance companies not fulfilling their obligations. During a devastating time it is important to have a reliable relationship with your insurance companies to make this time easier.

The specialized in all insurance claims that have to do with natural disasters: flood damage, hurricane damage and even business interruptions due to these storms. Hair has led his team to being extremely successful in taking care of those in need.

With over $1 billion dollars recovered for clients and more than 70,000 clients to date, Insurance Claim HQ has mastered the art in protecting various policy holders during difficult times. They have been trusted to make sure that clients feel the safest in their own homes and are not worried about the “what-ifs.”

Insurance Claim HQ’s mission is to defend policyholders’ rights and ensure they receive maximum compensation for their loss. Unlike other insurance policies, the group of lawyers understand the emotional and financial stress these disasters take on their policyholders and they are determined to provide the support and guidance needed to navigate the complicated process of filing an insurance claim.

Insurance Claim HQ

Insurance Claim HQ Website: https://insuranceclaimhq.com/

2. Merlin Law Group

Merlin Law group is dedicated to assisting policyholders better understand the difficulties faced by the legal system when it comes to property casualty law. The group goes beyond the one-on-one help with their clients and is working to change legislation to fix these issues.

Advocating for legislation to protect these policyholders allows them to work towards their goal to secure the best protections nationwide. With over 30 years of experience in the property casualty industry, Merlin Law Group has built trust and loyalty with not only insured clients but uninsured to help as many people as possible against difficult insurance disputes.

When an insurance company wrongfully denies to limits their assistance to policyholders Merlin Law group is willing and able to step in and assist.

Merlin Law Group Website: https://www.merlinlawgroup.com/about-our-firm/#

3. Kean Miller

Kean Miller

Kean Miller represents policyholders in coverage analysis and disputes with insurance companies, and provides clients with litigation against insurance companies, providing coverage opinions. They also analyze reservation of rights letters, challenging denial of coverage letters, reviewing insurance policies, providing risk management services.

With more than 190 attorneys in Louisiana and Texas, Kean Miller brings legal counsel to the people and industries that drive the regional economy, in order to protect them from difficult insurance claims and policies.

Kean Miller prides themselves on the diverse specialities of their attorneys so that their clients have the most personalized help for their needs.

Kean Miller Website: https://www.keanmiller.com/