5 Best Preschools in Detroit, MI

Best Preschools in Detroit

Below is a list of the top and leading Preschools in Detroit. To help you find the best Preschools located near you in Detroit, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Detroit’s Best Preschools:

The top rated Preschools in Detroit, MI are:

  • Childtime – offer child care and early education services to children
  • Bright Horizons – has been recognized for creating innovative programs for children
  • Sugar N Spice – offers a professionally prepared preschool child development program
  • Seeds of Knowledge – is a daycare with a child-focused approach to early learning
  • A Children’s Village International Center – is a non-profit organization focusing on the care of children

ChildtimePreschools in Detroit

Childtime, a division of Gerber Products Corporation, was founded in 1967 and now operates over 200 learning centers around the country. They cater to children ranging in age from six weeks to twelve years old, providing child care and early education. Every day, highly qualified, dedicated directors, educators, and staff ensure your child’s safety and guide them along their path.

Because of their homelike ambiance and safe, secure setting, their facilities are great for children to play, laugh, and learn. Learning Care Group, Inc., which owns Childtime, is the country’s one of the largest profit providers of early childhood care and education.


Creative Arts, Language, Literacy, Logic & Reasoning, Early Math, Nature & Science, Social Studies, Physical Development/Health, Social-Emotional Development


Address:  3031 W Grand Blvd Suite 100, Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (877) 220-0584
Website: www.childtime.com


“I love this place. So much so that even though I need to, I won’t pull my child out. They love it, I love the app, the teachers are honest about my child’s behavior but so sweet and caring. I’m so appreciative of all they do for her.” – Teusdae B.

Bright HorizonsTop Preschools in Detroit

Bright Horizons for the past 30 years, has been revolutionizing the way the world operates. Their founders recognized that child care was a significant barrier for working parents as early as 1986. Providing on-site centers was only one of the ways they responded to improve the efficiency of entire companies. They now provide child care, elder care, and education and career support tools that are utilized by over 1,000 of the world’s top businesses and power many of the world’s best brands.

Their instructors are all highly qualified and experienced experts that adhere to strict certification standards. These gifted educators work alongside youngsters to assist today’s important milestones and tomorrow’s achievement by focusing on their specific interests.


Mathematics, Cooking, Pre-Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and More


Address: 1110 Seward Ave, Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 871-2100


“We have been extremely happy with Bright Horizons. Our son has moved through the infant, transition, toddler, and now young preschool rooms, and we have found all of the teachers to be supportive, engaged, and caring. The admin is very responsive and helpful. The location/drop-off/pick-up is also very convenient – it’s right off the Lodge and has a dedicated parking lot, which is hard to find in Detroit! Love the pics and descriptions they post on the app too.” – Kelsey P.

Sugar N SpicePreschools Detroit

Sugar N Spice has provided a professionally planned preschool child development program that provides a compassionate and engaging environment that helps children discover their skills and develop self-confidence to concerned parents. For children with nursery school experience, their preschool and Great Start programs offer a challenging full-day academic schedule that covers not just readiness but also reading, writing, and math when they are ready. Large and small motor skills, as well as social, sanitary, and linguistic underpinnings, are all established.


Reading, Writing, and Math


Address: 16555 Wyoming Ave, Detroit, MI 48221
Phone: (313) 863-5600
Website: www.snskid.com


“I attended Sugar N Spice as a child and am looking forward to sending my child there next year. They have a nurturing atmosphere that fosters growth and self-confidence in young children, while focusing strongly on learning and curriculum, preparing students for the next level of education. So glad to see Sugar N Spice still going strong.” – Tanisha W.

Seeds of KnowledgeGood Preschools in Detroit

Seeds of Knowledge is a progressive year-round daycare/preschool that offers a child-centered approach to early learning, a collaborative family culture, and a safe, inspiring setting that stimulates inquiry and creativity to Metro Detroit Area families. Our curriculum provides age-appropriate activities that encourage creative inquiry for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. We combine social and environmental consciousness into our program. Seeds of Knowledge Creative Learning Center’s purpose is for children to become actively involved in their own education, with educators acting as guides rather than instructors.

They encourage kids to take chances and learn via creative thinking. Children are active learners, and instructors are facilitators of that learning, according to the workshop/project-based approach they use at their school. To negotiate, plan, and complete tasks, their students collaborate with one another and with their teachers. Real-world connections, excursions, field trips, and projects are used to improve lessons. By aiming to make learning as enjoyable and self-motivating as possible, this strategy stimulates higher-level thinking and application while also fostering positive learning habits.


Art, Music, STEAM, Literacy, Dramatic and Sensory Play


Address: 15101 W McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI 48235
Phone: (313) 270-7455
Website: www.seedsofknowledgeclc.com


“I love Seeds of Knowledge. The teachers go above & beyond to teach the children more than what they need to know. It is a caring & nurturing environment at all times. I wouldn’t take my child to any other learning center.” – Cierra T.

A Children’s Village International CenterOne of the best Preschools in Detroit

A Children’s Village International Center, founded in 1971, is a non-profit organization committed to the care of children. They have qualified specialists who are state-licensed in Michigan. They have a team of dedicated teachers who enjoy working with children and are committed to expanding your child’s horizons. Children’s Village International Centers’ Nursery School is designed to care for, educate, and assist children of all ages, from toddlers to school-aged children.

They use innovative methods and tactics at Children’s Village International Centers Nursery School to ensure that your child learns while having fun. They are confident in their abilities to care for your son or daughter because they have over 30 years of business expertise. Children’s Village International Centers Nursery School can meet your needs, whether you need child care for your toddler or an after-school program for your first-grader.


Preschool and Daycare Center


Address: 14901 Meyers Rd, Detroit, MI 48227
Phone: (313) 931-7610
Website: www.childrenvillagedetroitmi.com


“I love the school my grandson is a student he loves his teachers can wait to go to school the teachers are loving and caring.” – Vanessa S.