5 Best Podiatrists in Arlington, TX

Best Podiatrists in Arlington

Below is a list of the top and leading Podiatrists in Arlington. To help you find the best Podiatrists located near you in Arlington, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Arlington’s Best Podiatrists:

The top rated Podiatrists in Arlington, TX are:

  • Total Family Foot Care – is to provide comprehensive foot and ankle treatment
  • AllCare Foot & Ankle Center – is made on the knowledge and passion of podiatrists
  • Apple Podiatry Group – is led by Rahul Bhatt, DPM, and Jarna Rathod-Bhatt, DPM
  • Podiatry Associates of Texas – offer laser treatment for fungal nails
  • Arlington/Mansfield Foot And Ankle Centers – was established in 1986 by Dr. William Valentine

Total Family Foot CarePodiatrists in Arlington

Total Family Foot Care is to provide comprehensive foot and ankle treatment for the whole family. Their podiatrists Terry Wright, DPM, and Jacquelyn Perry, DPM, use evidence-based techniques and state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and treat patients with surgical and nonsurgical care. Dr. Wright and Dr. Perry comprehend the importance of conservative and surgical treatment of foot and ankle conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, neuromas, warts, slow-healing wounds, etc.

Along with traditional treatments, such as custom-made orthotics, wound care, medications, and the practice provides EPAT therapy. The expert and trained podiatrists at Total Family Foot Care firmly believe that everyone deserves the best care possible. They treat all their patients like family and never recommend proceedings they wouldn’t perform on a loved one.


Podiatry, Bunions, Fungal Nails, Hammertoes, Ingrown Toenails, Neuromas, Plantar Fasciitis, Sports Medicine, Wound Care


Address: 2625 Matlock Rd #103, Arlington, TX 76015
Phone: (817) 663-7118
Website: www.thetotalfamilyfootcare.com


“Dr. Perry was Knowledgeable, Caring, and efficient with the diagnosis and treatment of my foot problem. I believe it has been resolved with time to heal.” – Alan S.

AllCare Foot & Ankle CenterTop Podiatrists in Arlington

AllCare Foot & Ankle Center is made on the knowledge and passion of podiatrists. All of their professionals maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in podiatry. Their skilled podiatrists and wound care experts understand how recurring and chronic foot and ankle pain can impact a person’s quality of life.

Without healthy feet and ankles, simple proceedings like walking up a flight of stairs suddenly feel like daunting tasks. The entire group is extremely hands-on and committed to providing comprehensive care that extends beyond the foot and ankle. This can help Dr. Tran establish whether a patient’s leg, hip, or back pain is actually tied to chronic foot problems. With help from a team of skilled foot care experts, many patients are back on their feet in no time.


Podiatry, Ingrown Toenails, Achilles Tendon, Nail Fungus, Neuroma, Athlete’s Foot, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetic Foot Care, Flat Feet, Foot Injuries, Gout, Hammertoe


Address: 3030 Matlock Rd, Arlington, TX 76015
Phone: (817) 276-4600
Website: www.allcarefootdoc.com


“Dr.Tran and his staff are the best! I had a great experience before and after my neuroma surgery. Dr.Tran perform the surgery and his staff arranged my aftercare with outpatient OT. When my daughter broke her toe. I know exactly the doctor Dr.Tran. I highly recommend Dr. Tran.” – Marcedes G.

Apple Podiatry GroupPodiatrists Arlington

Apple Podiatry Group is led by Rahul Bhatt, DPM, and Jarna Rathod-Bhatt, DPM, with offices in Arlington, Flower Mound, and Irving, Texas, the expert podiatry group serves the greater Dallas community. Apple Podiatry Group specifies sports medicine, wound care, reconstructive surgery, orthotics, and diabetic foot care.

The group strives to get you pain-free as soon as possible and exhaust all conservative care measures before recommending drastic treatment. Apple Podiatry Group treats and avoids a wide range of foot and ankle ailments, including chronic foot and ankle pain, injuries, breaks and sprains, fungal nail infections, warts, bunions, hammertoes, and flat feet.


Podiatry, Ingrown Toenail, Ankle Sprain, Orthotics, Bunions, Plantar Warts, Diabetic Foot Care, Sports Injuries


Address: 3600 Matlock Rd Suite 104, Arlington, TX 76015
Phone: (817) 200-4113
Website: www.applepodiatrygroup.com


“I was so scared to get my toenail removed. Sonja was great and help me through the process! The Dr was so understanding and took his time with the procedure. I would definitely recommend Apple Podiatry Group. The overall experience made it worth it and I love the outcome of my toe.” – Tamika W.

Podiatry Associates of TexasGood Podiatrists in Arlington

Podiatry Associates of Texas proudly serves the community of Arlington and Weatherford, TX. Their podiatrists treat many foot and ankle conditions such as heel pain, bunions, and ingrown toenails. Their practice also specializes in wound care, limb salvage, rearfoot and forefoot surgery, and bunion surgery. They also offer laser treatment for fungal nails and a state-of-the-art digital scanner for custom orthotics and braces. Their doctors always prioritize conservative treatments before considering surgical procedures.


Podiatry, Heel Pain Treatment, Foot and Ankle Pain, Foot and Ankle Fractures, Ingrown Toenails, Sports Injuries, Fungal Nails, Diabetic Foot Care


Address: 1108 W Pioneer Pkwy #200, Arlington, TX 76013
Phone: (817) 704-4223
Website: www.podiatryassociatesoftexas.com


“Dr. Salano and his staff have been a God send in helping me with my foot pain. Dr. Salano has a genuine concern for his patients. He always takes time to provide excellent bedside and professional service. I highly recommend him if you are seeking a caring, knowledgeable, concerned healthcare provider. He and his office staff all work together in providing exceptional, professional work! I am very pleased with the services he and his team have provided me over the past few years. I highly recommend him and his team.” – Vicki M.

Arlington/Mansfield Foot And Ankle CentersOne of the best Podiatrists in Arlington

Arlington/Mansfield Foot And Ankle Centers is headed by an expert team of physicians that treat patients so they can enjoy active lifestyles free of foot and ankle pain. Established in 1986 by Dr. William Valentine, Arlington/Mansfield Foot & Ankle Centers has been a leading provider of comprehensive foot and ankle care for over 30 years. Arlington/Mansfield Foot & Ankle Centers make it easy for patients to access advanced foot and ankle care.

They are committed to the use of the latest cutting-edge technologies, the group of physicians uses methods such as digital X-rays, CT scanners, lasers, and shockwave therapy to produce the most accurate diagnosis and secure optimal results for each patient. The practice offers care for everything ranging from common concerns like ingrown nails and gout to injuries, sprains, and fractures. The group of physicians has experience with diabetic and athletic patients of all ages.


Ingrown Toenail, Ankle Fractures, Ankle Replacement, Nerve Pain, Neuropathy, Orthotics, Bunions, Osteoarthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetic Foot Care, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Flat Feet


Address: 400 W Arbrook Blvd #201, Arlington, TX 76014
Phone: (817) 467-1990
Website: www.footanklecenters.com


“The facility is very clean. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Warren is awesome. He’s friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. He had me feeling 100% better after my first visit. Am now under his care for a secondary issue. I am really glad I decided to get my feet locked. I urge anyone having any issues with your feet to have them checked out and I highly recommend Dr. Warren at the Arlington/Mansfield Foot & Ankle Center.” – Terry V.