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5 Best Places to Buy Colored Contact Lenses

Buying colored contact lenses is a great decision. They can casually boost your appearance and give you a stunning look for your big night out, round off a costume to make it really stand out, or just let you get creative with yourself.

However, where you buy them is important.

You need contacts that are going to look great, exude quality, and come at a fair price.

Here is our top five countdown for the best places to buy colored contact lenses.

5: MyEyeBB

MyEyeBB is in our number-five spot, and it has a lot going for it if you’re on a budget and use colored contacts frequently.

We’ve picked it because the majority of lenses they offer are just under $30, it often provides BOGO sales that let you get more than you pay for, and impressively, all of MyEyeBB’s lenses are FDA-approved. So, you can trust that you’re getting a good deal for the money.

However, the brand is focused on 5-tone designs that won’t be suitable for everyone’s needs.

4: LensDirect

LensDirect is an eyewear company based in the US. It has a tremendous reputation, and the products are high quality. Also, unlike many of the options on our list, LensDirect is focused on prescription contacts. So, you can find functional contacts as well if you need them.

That leads to its main drawback, though. It doesn’t have a wide selection, and the company’s “lowest price” claim is more aimed at the prescription market.

3: 1-800 Contacts

1-800 Contacts makes the middle of our list thanks to its great all-around offerings. You can find prescription contacts, colored contacts that come in both casual and prescription varieties, and all of the accessories you might need to go with them. The selection for colored non-prescription contacts is also pretty large. So, you’re likely to get what you need, and the company is dedicated to fast, affordable transactions.

However, 1-800 Contacts is more focused on natural colors since it is largely a prescription contact company. You won’t find anything to complete a supernatural look or anything too abnormal.


TTDEYE is a company that cosplayers will love. The reason it ranks so high on our list is it’s one of the more trustworthy places to get truly exotic contact lenses. However, it can’t be number one, because the average person isn’t going to want to only choose from extremely supernatural looks. The price also isn’t the most attractive, and there aren’t a lot of deals like MyEyeBB and the number-one spot we’ll get to soon.

However, if you’re looking for red, demonic eyes, pure-white eyes, or any other strange or striking eye colors, this is a good place to look.

1: LensTownUS

LensTownUS Colored Contacts

Finally, we’re at our number 1 spot. LensTownUS is a company focused on providing a wide variety of colored contacts ranging from natural colors befitting everything from a night out to a day in the office to the wildest exotic colors that are perfect for costumes and roleplay.

Better yet, LensTownUS offers the best prices, and it has one of the best return policies if the lenses you get simply don’t match their description. You have seven days from the delivery date to make a claim, and the customer service is the best in the industry.

All of these features earn LensTownUS the number-one spot on our list.