5 Best Pirate Flags and Jolly Roger Stores

Best Pirate Flags and Jolly Roger Stores

Pirate flags used to strike fear into the minds of all who were unlucky to encounter them. They are also used as identification of the pirate who executed the deed. It was the signature or seal of those who drag the Jolly Roger on their ship. Jolly Roger is the traditional English name for the flags flown to recognize a pirate ship about to strike, during the early 18th century. It went on to make the most usually utilized pirate flag during the 1720s, even though other designs were also in use. Currently, a black flag with a skull-and-crossbones known as the Jolly Roger is simply a cultural image for piracy.

If you are looking for a store where you can find pirate flags and jolly roger, here are the top shops that offer wholesale and shipping services.

Top Rated and Best Pirate Flags and Jolly Roger Stores:

#1 Sons Of PirateTop rated Pirate Flags and Jolly Roger Stores

Sons Of Pirate is the pirate flag shop where you will find the best Jolly Roger. Like any self-respecting pirate, you must have your own pirate flag, a sign that you belong to the community of sea scum and treasure hunters. Choose among a hundred pirate flags the one that inspires you the most and that corresponds to the pirate you want to be. More bloodthirsty, a treasure hunter, or a tribute to legendary pirates like Blackbeard, Jack Rackham, or Bartholomew Roberts among others.

Sons Of Pirate also has a blog on the theme of piracy where you will find a wide range of quality articles on your passion.

#2 Flappin’ FlagsPirate Flags and Jolly Roger Stores

Flappin’ Flags wholesales pirate-themed flags, headwear, flasks, shot glasses, and novelties. From skull and crossbones to happy hour and other themes, we have what retail buyers want. At Flappin’ Flags, they specialize in fun, hot-selling pirate-themed souvenirs, and novelties. They know what buyers want and they are always happy to help our wholesale buyers identify the latest pirate trend.

#3 Patriot WoodBest rated Pirate Flags and Jolly Roger Stores

Patriot Wood started in 2014. Since then they have shipped thousands of custom flags to all 50 states and multiple countries around the world. They are a husband and wife team, happily married for 28 years. And met while serving their great country in the US Air Force after the first Gulf War. Along with their two incredible children, they live just outside of Bellingham, Washington. They are proud patriots who love the country and are passionate about building custom flags that honor Americans who serve.

When you purchase a flag from Patriot Wood, not only will you receive an awesome handcrafted flag you’ll proudly display for all to see, but more importantly, you’ll receive a level of customer service that has long been forgotten.

#4 FlagsImporter.comGood Pirate Flags and Jolly Roger Stores

FlagsImporter.com is a pioneer in the industry of manufacturing flags. For more than 15 years, Flags Importer has been selling quality flags to both wholesale and retail customers. They produce country flags, state flags, American flags, super flags, military flags, rebel flags, pirate flags, car flags, and more.

Whatever the occasion, whether you are buying for yourself or to distribute, they have it all. Call their office to find out about their volume discounts. They have a large selection at wholesale prices. And has its own design department, creating exclusive new flag designs every month, and we make custom flags for wholesalers.

#5 Flags.comOne of the best Pirate Flags and Jolly Roger Stores

Flags.com started as a family-run business in 1990. As a United States Marine, the founder of Flags.com wanted a flagpole in front of his home and discovered it was hard to find one. That is when he and his wife decided to sell flagpoles and flags to the public. They started with a selection of flagpoles, state flags, military flags, country flags, and of course American flags. Sometimes people stopped at their Maryland home with interest in purchasing a flagpole like those lining their front yard.

Other times passers-by would see their custom “flags.com” flag, and stop in to get one of their own made. The business has since moved to Florida but is still run by the family. Today they are still providing the same great small business feel with high-quality American-made products, with more competitive prices and exceptional customer service.