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5 Best Pilates Studios in Henderson, NV

Below is a list of the top and leading Pilates Studios in Henderson. To help you find the best Pilates Studios located near you in Henderson, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Henderson’s Best Pilates Studios:

The top rated Pilates Studios in Henderson, NV are:

  • Core Pilates – is a pilates reformer and cadillac studio
  • Las Vegas Pilates – is a professional, fully equipped Pilates studio in Henderson
  • Bodies by Pilates – offer private, semi-private, and group pilates classes
  • Via Pilates – is a boutique, members-only studio specializing in pilates for fitness
  • Vibe 28 – is a vibration fitness and wellness sanctuary in Henderson

Core PilatesPilates Studios in Henderson

Core Pilates is a Reformer + Cadillac studio that specializes in instructing clients in the ins and outs of the Pilates method’s proper form and technique. Since then, Core has added three more sites, all of which are staffed entirely by women. What began as a passion for a particular activity has grown into a dominant Pilates brand, altering what it means to have a Pilates physique.

This caring community is based on a foundation of healing movements, altering how human bodies age, and, most importantly, providing a space where women can support one another and help one another shine. Jessica Rabbo and Nicole Haveland, the owners of the company, are dedicated to providing the Nevada area with carefully selected venues, top-notch instructors, and high-quality workouts.


Reformer Pilates and Private Pilates


Address: 2530 St Rose Pkwy #150, Henderson, NV 89074
Phone: (702) 798-8000
Website: www.mycorestudios.com


“Love this studio! The atmosphere is great, the studio decor is really cute. The instructors have different styles and I love the versatility. The music is upbeat and keeps you motivated through the workout. I’ve been working out for a year now and definitely see a change in my body. I have a back hernia and it’s important to keep my core enhanced so I don’t feel pain and this is definitely the best workout for me.” – Alessandra C.

Las Vegas PilatesTop Pilates Studios in Henderson

Las Vegas Pilates is a qualified Pilates facility with all the appropriate equipment. They have classes available throughout the day and are open seven days a week to accommodate your hectic schedule. They want to establish a warm environment where they can support clients in achieving their fitness objectives. They take great pleasure in having exceptional teachers, with one-on-one service and the ability to keep clients strong, energized, and motivated. Every session must be scheduled in advance.


Reformer Pilates and Virtual Pilates


Address: 120 S Green Valley Pkwy #184, Henderson, NV 89012
Phone: (702) 914-9944
Website: www.lvpilates.com


“A fabulous studio with superb, knowledgeable, friendly, super certified, and concerned instructors! They changed my life, bringing me from a state where I was slumping, weak, and joint and back pain-ridden to a more balanced and conditioned form. Not bad for a 60-year-old guy! Instructors always have time to counsel and advise on proper techniques and living solutions. Other clients reflect multiple age brackets and are so very friendly and respectful. Truly a nice bunch of folks. The studio is maintained impeccably. Just a lovely place I always enjoy going to.” – Chris R.

Bodies by PilatesPilates Studios Henderson

Bodies by Pilates is a distinctive studio with a welcoming, peaceful, and cozy ambiance in Henderson. Paula Kalish established this Pilates facility in Las Vegas in 2004. Her long-term goal was to establish a space with the most up-to-date Pilates equipment design so everyone may benefit from Pilates. Working one-on-one with a Pilates instructor in private Pilates sessions is their area of expertise.

Duets and small groups can be booked if you have a partner in mind. On Saturday mornings and in the evenings during the week, they also offer small-group Pilates reformer lessons.


Pilates Reformer and Group Classes


Address: 2790 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy #120, Henderson, NV 89052
Phone: (702) 228-2005
Website: www.bodiesbypilateslv.com


“I started going to Paula when I was pregnant with my last child. It was the best pregnancy I ever had! No leg cramps, no back pain, and I slept better. The instructors are all so great at what they do. They monitor every move and make small adjustments along the way that make a huge difference in the results. I love this studio and always feel better after my workout sessions. Highly recommend Bodies by Pilates.” – Sandy T.

Via PilatesGood Pilates Studios in Henderson

Via Pilates is a specialized, members-only facility that focuses on Pilates for physical rehabilitation, fitness, and athletic conditioning. They stand out from the competition because of their dedication to providing each customer with a unique approach and the use of cutting-edge methods. Via Pilates instructors are dedicated to assisting clients in transforming their lives through movement, placing a focus on functional movement training, injury prevention, and rehabilitative exercise.

They offer functional movement training in private or semi-private sessions meant to engage and transform both body and mind, whether you are an experienced athlete, recovering from an injury, starting a new workout regimen, or simply searching for diversity in your fitness program.


Pilates Reformer, Equipment & Circuit, Pilates Mat & Barre, Corealign


Address: 1410 E Lake Mead Pkwy #100, Henderson, NV 89015
Phone: (702) 568-0985
Website: www.via-pilates.com


“I’ve been doing Pilates for over 20 years and this is the best studio I’ve been to! I do privates with Jeanine who is a master instructor who has helped me to get out of pain and feel better. The classes are fun and the energy of the studio is upbeat. Highly recommend Via Pilates.” – Laura S.

Vibe 28One of the best Pilates Studios in Henderson

Vibe 28 is a refuge of vibrational wellbeing and fitness. Athletes sought it, and science contributed to its creation. By laying the foundation for you to live your life at a higher vibration and become more grounded in the present moment and deeply ingrained in your spirit, Vibration Fitness enables you to vibrate with the rich endorphins of health, wellness, and gratitude to live a richer life.

Its mission is to inspire everyone who joins them, to promote the importance of exercise and health, and to improve the connection between the body and the mind in a friendly, upbeat environment. With every harmonic vibration, good, giving, and compassionate energy is released toward the community.


Retox Detox, Barre Vibes, Pilates Pump, Hiit Full Body Fire, Vibe Stretch, Cardio Kickboxing


Address: 10960 S Eastern Ave #101, Henderson, NV 89052
Phone: (702) 272-0142
Website: www.vibe28.com


“I have tried every workout there is known to mankind! This has been best for my body, the fastest and the most fun I’ve ever had before. Not only does it work my body in 28 minutes the best I’ve ever had before but the instructors make it fun! This let me lose that last 20 pounds of baby weight! And the detox Retox class is by far the greatest 28 minutes of my life! I highly recommend you do this.” – Debra R.