5 Best Physiotherapy in Stockton, CA

Best Physiotherapy in Stockton

Below is a list of the top and leading Physiotherapy in Stockton. To help you find the best Physiotherapy located near you in Stockton, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Stockton’s Best Physiotherapy: 

The top-rated Physiotherapy in Stockton, CA are:

  • Movement for Life Physical Therapy – offer a degree of personalized and specialized care
  • Select Physical Therapy – dedicated to giving each patient an extraordinary experience
  • Golden Bear Physical Therapy Rehabilitation & Wellness – provides superior care, dependable competence, and outstanding results
  • Pacific Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy – offer a personalized treatment plan
  • Motion Physical Therapy & Rehab – create a personalized strategy for you to address the underlying constraints

Movement for Life Physical TherapyPhysiotherapy in Stockton

Movement for Life Physical Therapy, the way they navigate life, in their opinion, is what matters most. Following the 3-A’s, they think physical therapy should be available to everyone who needs it, delivered in a positive environment, and based on demonstrable ability. They consider the why of an experience together with the how and what.

They offer the degree of personalized and specialized care that they would desire for themselves as the biggest employee-owned outpatient physical therapy team in the country. Through the application of modern, efficient treatment in a positive, therapeutic environment that fosters progress, their mission is to enhance the lives of people they come in contact with. They are keen to help you.

Products/ Services:

General Physical Therapy, ACL Injury Prevention, Arthritis, & More


Address: 1716 W Hammer Ln, Stockton, CA 95209
Phone: (209) 473-2383
Website: www.movementforlife.com/stockton-hammer


”I did my therapy for 10 weeks and I loved it there. The staff is amazing. I was limping when I went in and now I am able to walk right. Thank you, Katie and her team for all your help and for getting me where I am today. If you need therapy you need to go here. Best place I have been.” – Linda F.

Select Physical TherapyTop Physiotherapy in Stockton

Select Physical Therapy, their skilled clinical team will create a personalized care plan with your unique objectives in mind. Their treatment team will offer you a leg up in recovery through expertise, extensive clinical training, and open communication with their patients. They are dedicated to giving each patient an extraordinary experience that fosters healing and recovery in a secure, caring setting because they are proud to be a part of the community.

A well-known and locally based provider of outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation, Select Physical Therapy is a component of the Select Medical Outpatient Division. Their portfolio of businesses enjoys widespread recognition and respect across the nation. More than 500 professional, collegiate, and amateur athletes choose them as their physical therapy and rehabilitation partner because of their knowledge and trust.

Products/ Services:

Physical Therapy, Pediatric Therapy, Sports Medicine, & More


Address: 707 Lincoln Center, Stockton, CA 95207
Phone: (209) 478-3900
Website: www.selectphysicaltherapy.com/stockton


”The office/support staff is friendly and helpful. My therapist, Tristan Seok is outstanding. He guides me through my exercises and offers lots of verbal support. He took the time to thoroughly explain my injury during my first visit and made me believe that we were going to be able to improve my painful back. I have complete confidence in Tristan. Although I don’t love exercising, I look forward to seeing Tristan, because after just 3 sessions, I already feel some improvement.” – Donna A.

Golden Bear Physical Therapy Rehabilitation & WellnessPhysiotherapy Stockton

Golden Bear Physical Therapy Rehabilitation & Wellness, has provided physical therapy in the Central Valley and neighboring regions for more than 40 years. The best option for specialized physical therapy in a welcoming and supportive environment is Golden Bear Physical Therapy, which is conveniently located on Hammer Lane. Through in-clinic PT treatment, they provide superior care, dependable competence, and outstanding results.

Golden Bear Physical Therapy is the finest place to go for physical therapy in Stockton, California, for everything from balance and vertigo issues to sports injuries and worker’s compensation cases. The welcoming staff at Golden Bear Physical Therapy will create a customized treatment plan just for you to help you achieve your goals and lower the risk of future injuries. They employ all-encompassing techniques like functional movement analysis, differential diagnosis, and a whole-body approach, to help determine which services you will benefit from most.

Products/ Services:

Sports Injuries, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Balance & Gait Disorders, & More


Address: 2339 W Hammer Ln STE K, Stockton, CA 95209
Phone: (209) 623-2500
Website: www.therapypartnersgroup.com


”My experience at Golden Bear has been wonderful. My physical therapist, Candice, is exceptional at what she does. Kind, gentle, easy to talk to. Magic hands! And everyone else who worked with me was amazing too! Shout out to Eric, Martha, and Andrea too. Everybody is so very welcoming and nice.” – Eli C.

Pacific Rehabilitation and Sports TherapyGood Physiotherapy in Stockton

Pacific Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy, you can receive treatment at their physical therapy clinic for a wide range of injuries brought on by sports, jobs, and even the aftereffects of invasive medical procedures. One of their skilled physical therapy specialists will offer a personalized treatment plan following a thorough assessment to help you get back on your feet as fast and securely as possible.

You’ll meet frequently to strengthen your body and prepare it for pain-free living once more. Physical Rehabilitation Network (PRN) has been providing high-quality physical therapy care and operating over 200 outpatient PT clinics in the Western and Central parts of the United States for more than 30 years. We work to address cost and access issues while delivering outstanding quality care models.

Products/ Services:

Neck Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Pelvic Floor Therapy, & More


Address: 5910 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95207
Phone: (209) 475-1000
Website: www.prnpt.com/stockton


”Only by meeting the staff and having one appointment for my daughter that is a young stroke victim, they are wonderful. My daughter was not having a good day but they handled everything perfectly and were very patient. I’m very anxious to continue her care there with her therapy and therapist Michele. Will be a start on a great road to recovery.” – Tina T.

Motion Physical Therapy & RehabOne of the best Physiotherapy in Stockton

Motion Physical Therapy & Rehab, their physical therapists (PTs) spend the time to learn your full medical history in order to comprehend how and why you came to have this issue. Then they investigate why it isn’t healing on its own.

Then, utilizing the most recent research and therapy methods, they create a personalized strategy for you to address the underlying constraints. In order to prevent aggravating your illness while it is healing, they will go over how to carry out your typical daily duties with good form and mechanics during each therapy session.

Products/ Services:

Head & Neck, Back & Spine, Limbs & Extremities, & More


Address: 1617 St Marks Plaza suite b, Stockton, CA 95207
Phone: (209) 888-6346
Website: www.motionptr.com


”What a wonderful team. My knee is all healed and ready to hit the gym after a few sessions. I was avoiding to perform PT sessions for a couple of months. But BJ and his team did wonders and now I can get back to my normal routine. Wonderful group.” – Amanpreet K.