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5 Best Physiotherapy in Riverside, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Physiotherapy in Riverside. To help you find the best Physiotherapy located near you in Riverside, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Riverside’s Best Physiotherapy: 

The top-rated Physiotherapy in Riverside, CA are:

  • Select Physical Therapy – committed to providing each patient with an amazing experience
  • Rancho Physical Therapy – will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan
  • Brockton Physical Therapy – has been delivering individualized care with an emphasis on guiding its patients
  • Marketplace Physical Therapy and Wellness Center – give you excellent rehabilitation services that are both affordable and focus on functional independence
  • Prime Therapy & Pain Center – specialized treatment techniques and lifelong knowledge from Experts

Select Physical TherapyPhysiotherapy in Riverside

Select Physical Therapy, your specific goals will be taken into consideration as their experienced clinical team develops a customized care plan. Your rehabilitation will benefit from the knowledge, in-depth clinical training, and open communication that their treatment team brings to the table for their patients. Because they are proud to be a part of the community, they are committed to providing each patient with an amazing experience that promotes healing and rehabilitation in a safe, compassionate environment. Visit a physical therapist right now to experience the wonder of physical therapy.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation providers frequently make the commitment to offering top-notch service. This is shown by Select Physical Therapy’s ongoing patient satisfaction surveys and online ratings, which show that their patients get great clinical results and unmatched care from their therapists.

Products/ Services:

Physical Therapy, Pediatric Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Specialty Services, & More


Address: 6180 Brockton Ave STE 101, Riverside, CA 92506
Phone: (951) 781-6653
Website: www.selectphysicaltherapy.com/riverside


”My therapist is very knowledgeable and professional, he has made me feel very comfortable with this being my first experience with a therapist.” – Carito B.

Rancho Physical TherapyTop Physiotherapy in Riverside

Rancho Physical Therapy, To assist you in achieving your goals, they think you require more than just a therapist. They think you should have a partner. That is what you will discover at Rancho Physical Therapy Riverside East—a therapist who will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan while comprehending your particular circumstances. Together with you, their therapists will develop a special strategy that will help you reach your individual objectives.

You will receive therapy in Riverside that is geared toward giving you the highest degree of specialized professional knowledge and individualized attention. Their expertise is offering you individualized services that are intended to help you restart your life. Their Riverside East clinic accepts a variety of insurance plans and has flexible appointment times.

Products/ Services:

Physical Therapy, & More


Address: 6850 Brockton Ave STE 212, Riverside, CA 92506
Phone: (951) 534-0600
Website: www.ranchopt.com


”The people here are very friendly and even more helpful. I love coming here even if it is a pain to work out my knee. The workers make it a very pleasant experience from the front desk to the therapists.” – YeLonda G.

Brockton Physical TherapyPhysiotherapy Riverside

Brockton Physical Therapy has been delivering individualized care with an emphasis on guiding its patients through successful therapies and teaching them about their particular diseases and what they can do to reach their recovery goals in the Riverside community for more than 31 years. Their team is dedicated to giving their patients high-quality care.

For them, providing quality care entails providing individualized care that is centered on assisting patients in completing successful treatments as well as teaching them about their particular diseases and what they may do to achieve their recovery objectives. Whatever the diagnosis, they will work with their patients to remove any obstacles in their way so they can resume “normal” lifestyles as soon and safely as possible.

Products/ Services:

Advanced Manual Therapies, Hand Specialist, & More


Address: 3908 Tenth St, Riverside, CA 92501
Phone: (951) 274-7744
Website: www.brocktonpt.com


”The therapists on Market Street office are very, very good, courteous to their patients, and knowledgeable. They also provide their patient with a copy of home exercises that a patient can do in between their schedules. I also get good responses to any questions I have to reduce pain or strengthen the muscles which may help. All in all, I find their services are excellent and reliable.” – Milagros A.

Marketplace Physical Therapy and Wellness CenterGood Physiotherapy in Riverside

Marketplace Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, their community-based holistic center provides a wide range of services that are specially designed to fit your needs. Orthopedic, metabolic, and neurological rehabilitation are their areas of expertise. Their goal at Marketplace Physical Therapy is to give you excellent rehabilitation services that are both affordable and focus on functional independence.

This makes it possible for you to heal swiftly and return to your regular activities more quickly than ever. Their physical therapists are highly skilled and work in facilities of the highest caliber. Since they are dedicated to your recovery, doctors and patients in Southern California have trusted them for almost 20 years with their physical therapy and health needs. Every therapy is personalized since they are fully aware of what your body requires.

Products/ Services:

Physical Therapy, Neck Pain Relief, & More


Address: 3191 Mission Inn Avenue STE B, Riverside, CA 92507
Phone: (951) 376-2692
Website: www.marketplacewellnesscenter.com


”I really appreciated the training and exercises that they gave me I thought I wouldn’t be able to play volleyball but they helped me get better in two months. I appreciate the worker Julissa she was the first one to have a conversation and made me feel welcome. Keith helped me correct my form and Brianna helped therapist me at the end of my session.” – Justen I.

Prime Therapy & Pain CenterOne of the best Physiotherapy in Riverside

Prime Therapy & Pain Center, enables you to attain your fitness and health objectives so that you can live an active, healthy lifestyle free from discomfort and worry about any future injuries. In order for you to be able to get back to what you love doing without relying on painkillers or making frequent trips to the doctor, they do this by giving you access to specialized treatment techniques and lifelong knowledge from Experts who will help you overcome injury, resolve pain, and prevent future injuries.

They will be your mentor while you work toward whatever objective you have in mind, ensuring that you have a wonderful time along the way. In order to meet the healthcare needs they identified, PRIME Therapy and Pain Center was founded in 2010.

Products/ Services:

Physical Therapy, Active Release Technique


Address: 3421 Arlington Ave STE 105, Riverside, CA 92506
Phone: (800) 758-0097
Website: www.primetherapy1.com


”Dr. Mike hears your pain. He makes every effort to resolve the issue and get you on the road to recovery. His calm address and patience give me patience. He treats all his patients with respect, has healing hands, and attentively runs Prime Therapy making it a top-notch place to get physical therapy in Riverside. He partners with you to bring results that give you better mobility, strength, and pain relief and put you on a path to recovery and better health. Thank you, Dr. Mike, Dr. J, Mathew, and all therapists & assistants that contribute to improving people’s lives.” – Victoria S.