5 Best Pharmacy Shops in Detroit, MI

Best Pharmacy Shops in Detroit, MI

Below is a list of the top and leading Pharmacy Shops in Detroit. To help you find the best Pharmacy Shops located near you in Detroit, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Detroit’s Best Pharmacy Shops : 

The top-rated Pharmacy Shops in Detroit, MI are:

  • Westside Pharmacy of Detroit – family-owned pharmacy and has been operating since 1985
  • PharMor Pharmacy-Midtown – dedicated to quality pharmacy care that means more than just prompt prescription
  • Walgreens Pharmacy – provides experienced-based medicine services provided by certified individuals
  • Griswold Pharmacy –  open door full-service pharmacy dedicated to all locals
  • Rx Care Pharmacy – offers comprehensive and reliable pharmacists providing the right medications

Westside Pharmacy of Detroit

family-owned Pharmacy Shops in Detroit, MI

Westside Pharmacy of Detroit is a family-owned pharmacy and has been operating since 1985. Furthermore, they love serving their customers and answering all their medical needs. Their certified staff is ready to provide topical prescription compounding. In addition, they look forward to meeting their new clients and are happy to welcome back all their old friends. Their services are assured with their experience of over 2 decades in the industry.

The pharmacy is happy to provide various medication services and support. These services include patient consultation, medication service, and notary public services. Moreover, they provide copy and fax services and prayer services.

Products/ Services:

bandages, prescription medicines


Address: 10600 W McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI 48221
Phone: (313) 342-1555
Website: westsidepharmacyofdetroit.com


”We just moved to the neighborhood and don’t know anybody, but the good folks at Westside Pharmacy made us feel at home. They made us feel welcome. I had a full page of prescriptions to fill, and they did it in no time. They also asked me which brands and sizes I preferred. You aren’t just a number here, you are a person. At CVS, Rite-Aid or other big chains, you won’t get the same experience. I highly recommend you check this pharmacy out.” – Pastors Sarah and Garrett

PharMor Pharmacy-Midtown

fast Pharmacy Shops in Detroit, MI

PharMor Pharmacy-Midtown is dedicated to quality pharmacy care that means more than just prompt prescription. For them, quality care is fulfilled with prescriptions having personal care. They make sure that every client received the attention they deserve. Furthermore, they feature their unique and dependable care from knowledgeable pharmacists.

Their pharmacists ensure to provide every medication that their clients may need. In addition, they are fully stocked with cancer medication, pain management medications, and specialty compounds. They also have durable medical equipment.

Products/ Services:

medicine, burn salves, pharmacy


Address:40 E Alexandrine St, Detroit, MI 48201
Phone: (313) 832-2050
Website: mypharmor.com


”The Best Pharmacy I’ve been to ever!!! The Pharmacist really cares and treat you like family. They helped my family get my brother’s meds together when our mom passed We are forever grateful Thanks a million. The staff here is very friendly, professional and helpful. I went in to find a brace for my dad’s hand and even though they didn’t have the one he needed the gentleman was very accommodating and helped me find something that was suitable. He was very helpful and I would definitely recommend them to anyone!” – Andrea Gary

Walgreens Pharmacy

experienced Pharmacy Shops in Detroit, MI

Walgreens Pharmacy provides experienced-based medicine services provided by certified individuals. With over 50 years of experience, they constantly innovate how they fill each prescription. Their management is also efficient to solve every prescription problem with ease. Furthermore, they make sure that every customer is properly addressed and helped. In addition, they have a reliable appointment for every customer they serve.

They provide a vast array of medication services and products. These include medications for flu, pneumonia, and TDAP. Moreover, they also offer HIV/AIDS supports and health tests like blood pressure monitoring. Their services also include prescription flavoring services.

Products/ Services:

medicine, health items


Address: 6331 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48207
Phone: (313) 567-4239
Website: walgreens.com


“The pharmacy staff are excellent!!! Don’t have a long wait. cashiers are great also!! The store is clean. would be good to find Lysol sprays at this location! I have learned to like this store. The employees are professional and kind!” – A Wilson

Griswold Pharmacy

full-service Pharmacy Shops in Detroit, MI

Griswold Pharmacy is an open door full-service pharmacy dedicated to all locals. Their pharmacy carries those especially hard-to-find specialty medications. Furthermore, they have friendly and helpful medical specialists that take medication problems off their client’s hands. The pharmacy also holds free blister packaging for an efficient way of packing their medicine. They make sure to provide a reliable and affordable medical service.

The pharmacy offers specialty medications with a wide range of medication options. They offer medicines for HIV, asthma, and more common sicknesses. Furthermore, they offer painkillers, sickle cell medications, and transplants.

Products/ Services:

medicine, first aid supply


Address: 1411 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: (313) 237-9000
Website: griswoldpharmacy.com


”This is hands down the best pharmacy in Detroit. I was so tired of going to the big chains and being told thing were ready and they weren’t or being told they were out of items. All the staff are incredibly friendly and honest. I cant say enough good things about this place. I will continue to go here as long as I live in the city.” – Jared Pena

Rx Care Pharmacy

personalized Pharmacy Shops in Detroit, MI

Rx Care Pharmacy offers comprehensive and reliable pharmacists providing the right medications. Furthermore, they offer fully customized medication packaging. Their certified and experienced pharmacists readily assist every customer they cater to. They assure that they are a pharmacy that will always be by their customer’s side as a reliable health care provider.

The pharmacy features a large array of medicine selections from well-known brands. Moreover, they offer medicine compounding for prescription medicines. They assure that every service is fast, kind, and sufficient for every customer.

Products/ Services:

compounding, medicine, pharmacy


Address: 16311 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI 48227
Phone: (313) 838-1100
Website: rxcarepharmacy-pharmacy.business.site


”Very Friendly staff ❤ Love this pharmacy. Moreover, they are SUPER fast and unbeatable friendly service, Rx Care specializes in compounding also carry specialty medicine. They are very positive even for new people in the neighborhood. ” – Shannon Lopez