5 Best Petrol Stations in Washington, DC

Best Petrol Stations in Washington, DC

Below is a list of the top and leading Petrol Stations in Washington. To help you find the best Petrol Stations located near you in Washington, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Washington’s Best Petrol Stations: 

The top-rated Petrol Stations in Washington, DC are:

  • Shell – premium provider of petrol with a wide range of station services
  • Mobil – features the most modern and customer-friendly petrol station with top-notch machinery
  • bp – local provider of petrol and diesel products with cost-efficient payment deals
  • Tenleytown Exxon Gas Station – full-service auto and petrol station shop
  • Valero – focuses on making products that are used in everyday life and is the safest and most reliable operator


premium Petrol Stations in Washington, DC

Shell is a premium provider of petrol offering a wide range of gas station services. They have a vehicle identification system to assure the protection and privacy of their customers. Furthermore, the station provides the finest service in pumping gas with their experienced and friendly staff. They make sure that every purchase is made stress-free for every client they serve.

Their fuelling location has a wide range of services with a variety of unleaded and diesel products. Moreover, they have Shell V-Power NiTRO+ premium gasoline, Shell Midgarde Gasoline, and Diesel.

Products/ Services:

petrol, gas


Address: 2501 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20020
Phone: (202) 581-0750
Website: shell.com


”I mean, it’s a gas station. I’ve yet to visit a 5 star one. I can say that of the station in this specific area, at least the pumps always seem to work. That’s not the case with the Sunoco 2 blocks prior. This location of Shell is right off of several major highways in DC (highway 295, 395, etc) and across the street from several other gas stations. The prices are always comparable to other DC gas stations.” – ERIKA G


modern Petrol Stations in Washington, DC

Mobil features the most modern and customer-friendly petrol station with top-notch machinery. Their station features a 24-hour operating time with various state-of-the-art services. Their pump station is Alexa-Supported. Furthermore, they have convenient payment options with options of rewards card, Apple Pay, and Google pay. The station also provides clean, safe, and reliable gas station services.

They ensure that their customers are satisfied with the performance of their products. Moreover, these products include gasoline, premium gasoline, and wholesale fuels. In addition, they offer wholesale fuels for trusted and valued customers.

Products/ Services:

gas station, petrol


Address: 45 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 529-7400
Website: exxon.com


”It’s respectful and peaceful. They have Decent gas prices & diesel etc for every driver.” – Aeshia Allen


safe Petrol Stations in Washington, DC

bp is a local provider of petrol and diesel products with cost-efficient payment deals. The petrol station provides a clean and safe environment for their valued drivers. Furthermore, they make sure that every driver is satisfied and happy with every visit. They have a team that assures their customers of quality services through their responsive customer service.

They offer a large variety of services and products that work well with every make of vehicle. Moreover, these services include in-store purchases, petrol rewards, and grocery rewards. Their services are available 24/7.

Products/ Services:

diesel, gas station


Address: 6401 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20012
Phone: (202) 291-2355
Website: bp.com


“My experience in this place was excellent. I really like it for being a very clean and tidy place. With very very good prices thank you I hope they continue like this. ” – Alexis Granados

Tenleytown Exxon Gas Station

full-service Petrol Stations in Washington, DC

Tenleytown Exxon Gas Station is a full-service auto and petrol station shop. They have seasoned mechanics that are there for all their client’s repair and service needs. In addition, they are an experienced automotive service provider and maintenance center. Their services are delivered by experienced and reliable mechanics. Furthermore, they make every service experience hassle-free and stress-free.

Their gas station provides an exemplary selection of automotive services that comes at affordable prices. They provide automotive repair services and propane gas refills. Furthermore, they offer low-interest rates for their services.

Products/ Services:

gas station, mechanic, propane


Address: 1340 Smith Ave Suite 300, Washington, DC 21209
Phone: (202) 844-2886
Website: tenleytownautomotive.com


”This is my go-to spot for all of my car repair needs. The service is efficient, friendly, and well done every single time. I routinely visit with urgent concerns about my vehicle and I’m in and out within a small window. These guys are awesome. I 100% recommend using them for your car repairs and servicing.” – Tobi Smith


reliable Petrol Stations in Washington, DC

Valero focuses on making fuels that are used safely in everyday life. Their services and products are made to be environmentally responsible. In addition, they provide renewable fuel operations that are affordable to all their valued clients. Furthermore, they make sure that every car is supplied right and at the right time. They have a safe, healthy, and rewarding work environment.

They provide various petrol and bioethanol products perfect for different vehicles. Moreover, these products are made and processed with ethanol, refining segments, and renewable diesel segments.

Products/ Services:

gas station, renewable gas


Address: 5420 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011
Phone: (202) 722-8863
Website: valero.com


”Stopped by the other day, they were out of gas, back in business today. Always friendly & always clean inside!! This is a winning Powerball spot! I can get in and out with the Best priced gas and the Cashier are pleasant. ” – Chyna Dole