5 Best Pet Shops in Baltimore, MD

Best Pet Shops in Baltimore

Below is a list of the top and leading Pet Shops in Baltimore. To help you find the best Pet Shops located near you in Baltimore, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Baltimore’s Best Pet Shops:

The top rated Pet Shops in Baltimore, MD are:

  • Happy Dog – provide the healthiest, most nurturing environment
  • Loyal Companion – is a community of experts
  • Petco – follows what they believe
  • Howl – offers high quality, natural, ethically sourced
  • Mutt Mart – is a pet supplies store and a resource for new pet owners

Happy Dog

Pet Shops in Baltimore

Happy Dog provides the nourishing, most fostering environment for your furry family members by giving them the same faithfulness, dedication, trust, integrity, love, and care that they show their own pets. They offer a scope of services and products to help you take the best method to care for your pets. Your pet stays at home like a familiar place, comfy surroundings, and receives personalized care and attention.


Grooming, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Dog Training, In-Home Veterinary Care


Address: 911 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231
Phone: 410-814-0964
Website: www.happydogbaltimore.com


“I just had my doodle groomed at Happy Dog for the first time and she has never smelled so good! We asked for her to be groomed like a standard poodle, and They were so thorough. She was extremely matted, and they managed to brush out many of the mats and remove the rest. They also showered her with love and treats when we came in. I’ll definitely be bringing her back for her next groom— in fact, it’s already scheduled!.” – Anna H.

Loyal Companion

Top Pet Shops in Baltimore

Loyal Companion is a place of specialists from experts in nutrition to groomers to behaviorists devoted to integrated pet wellness. They have created a place where you can discover, have fun, be part of a community and get exactly what you demand. This includes peace of mind. In this pet shop, you will find everything you need under one virtual and physical roof.


Supplies, Grooming. Daycare, Training, Vet services, Advice


Address: 1719 Whetstone Way, Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: 443-438-5125
Website: www.loyalcompanion.com


“Loyal Companion is a great store. The team took the time to help me find the right food for my dogs, get their grooming appointments set up, & find the right healthy treats! Love our local store!!.” – Julia D.


Pet Shops Baltimore

Petco follows what they believe are the industry’s highest principles for animal care and they assume the same from all their partners, including their veterinary services suppliers. Their veterinary care services model is dedicated to creating affordable admission, so cost is not a barrier for a pet parent to seek essential care for their pet.


Training, Grooming, Vet Services


Address: 3969 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone: 410-951-7601
Website: www.petco.com


“This petco offers a great experience. The employees are friendly and helpful. The groomers are top notch. Yvone is the groomer we always use because of her amazing skills with nervous doggos. I highly reccomend this petco.” – Nick B.


Good Pet Shops in Baltimore

Howl offers high feature, natural, ethically sourced, and manufactured foods and products for dogs, cats, and small animals. They want to help their customers become knowledgeable and informed about the choices available to them and their pets. Everything they carry they would happily give their own pets, and each employee here carries a wealth of knowledge and experience to help improve serve their customers.


Grooming, Veterinary Services


Address: 3531 Chestnut Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: 410-235-2469
Website: www.howlinhampden.com


“Very friendly staff. High quality products, but if you’re not interested in food or litter that isn’t kind of a specialty brand, you may not find what you’re looking for. Howl sells the best cat litter ever and now they have a rewards program for discounts. Great place. Support local businesses!.” – Johnnie S.

Mutt Mart

One of the best Pet Shops in Baltimore

Mutt Mart is a pet supplies store at the same time a resource for new pet owners in need of advice with nutrition, training, and the overall welfare of their pets. They offer a cautiously selected variety of healthy food and treats for your pet, as well as all other products you may need.


Nail Trimming, Adoption Events, Pet Supplies


Address: 2904 Hamilton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21214
Phone: 877-293-2831
Website: www.muttmartbaltimore.com


“We love Mutt Mart and feel so lucky to have an independent pet store in our neighborhood. This comes with amazing perks like the owner (Krista) knowing us and our dog Milo by name, having the same lovely person, Anne, cut Milo’s nails on Sundays, and getting fantastic personalized service. Three days ago I made an unplanned visit to Mutt Mart to get dog food. When I walked in, I was presented with a case of Milo’s favorite food with his name taped right to it. Turns out, Krista has stopped carrying this brand, but thought to order us a case so it would be waiting for us when we were ready. REALLY? Who provides service like that? Our local pet store, that’s who! You won’t get that at the big box stores. Thank you, Krista and Mutt Mart!.” – Lisa F.