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5 Best Pet Care Centre in Bakersfield, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Pet Care Centre in Bakersfield. To help you find the best Pet Care Centre located near you in Bakersfield, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Bakersfield’s Best Pet Care Centre:

The top rated Pet Care Centre in Bakersfield, CA are:

  • Critters Without Litters – strive to make getting your pet fixed as reasonable on your budget as possible
  • Stiern Veterinary Hospital – providing the individualized, compassionate veterinary care
  • Thurman Veterinary Center – is proud to serve Bakersfield, CA, and nearby areas
  • Auburn Animal Hospital – provides the Bakersfield animal community with emergency veterinary services
  • Mt. Vernon Veterinary Hospital – is devoted to providing your pet with the most compassionate and advanced health care available

Critters Without LittersPet Care Centre in Bakersfield

Critters Without Litters, the clinic opened on October 1, 2012, with one goal in mind to reduce the number of healthy, adoptable animals being euthanized in their shelters due to overpopulation. By providing accessible, low-cost spay/neuter services, they seek to remove a huge barrier cited by many as the primary reason for not getting their pets fixed, the cost. As a nonprofit organization, they are able to offer reduced-fee services by applying for grant funding; receiving donations from individuals, businesses, and local organizations; and accepting vouchers from several animal welfare groups.

They strive to make getting your pet fixed as reasonable on your budget as possible. Their clinic features superior surgical equipment and a highly-trained staff to guarantee that your pet cares for the way they would want someone to care for their own pets.


Spay/Neuter, Veterinary Services


Address: 4300 Stine Rd Suite 720, Bakersfield, CA 93313
Phone: (661) 831-6000
Website: www.critterswithoutlitters.org


“My dog was recently neutered at this clinic. The employees were very nice, the vet came out to talk to me regarding pain management. His surgery was successful and he didn’t seem like he was in pain. His incision healed very quickly.” – Adri P.

Stiern Veterinary HospitalTop Pet Care Centre in Bakersfield

Stiern Veterinary Hospital comprehends choosing a veterinarian is one of the most major decisions a pet owner will make for their pet’s lifelong well-being. You can rest assured that when you choose Stiern Veterinary Hospitals, they consider you and your pet family. Bakersfield is much different than it was when it opened its doors in 1938, but one thing has remained steadfast: its clients have always treated their beloved companions like valued family members. For the past over 75 years, it has been their dedication to providing the individualized, compassionate veterinary care their clients expect and deserve for their pets.

Their trusted, experienced doctors and staff are well trained and prepared to meet your pet’s unique needs in a pleasant, competent, and friendly manner. Their veterinary hospitals in Bakersfield are modern, inviting, and feature a variety of special equipment so they may continue to provide the finest professional health care to dogs, cats, and other companion animals for years to come.


Dentistry, Diet & Nutrition, Parasite Control, Wellness & Preventive Care, Vaccinations, Microchipping, Puppy & Kitten Care, Senior Pet Care


Address: 17 Monterey St, Bakersfield, CA 93305
Phone: (661) 327-5571
Website: www.stiernveterinaryhospital.com


“This was our first visit with a new Vet. The Vet and her staff were very nice. You can tell they genuinely love animals. They were very kind and answered all my questions. It was a great experience.” – Kaylene S.

Thurman Veterinary CenterPet Care Centre Bakersfield

Thurman Veterinary Center is proud to serve Bakersfield, CA, and nearby areas. They are committed to providing the highest level of veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service. They believe in treating every patient as if they were their own pets and giving them the same loving attention and care. Thurman Veterinary Center is a group of highly trained, experienced animal lovers who are dedicated to giving their patients the best care possible.

At Thurman Vet Center, they offer a range of services to care for your pet. Their goal is to catch any problems before they become serious ones. The sooner that they are able to catch an issue, the easier it is to treat it, and the more likely that your pet will make a full recovery.


Exams & Consultations, Nutritional Counseling, Surgery, Vaccinations, Microchipping, Preventative Medicine, Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Allergy Testing, Others


Address: 12816 Jomani Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93312
Phone: (661) 589-9900
Website: www.thurmanvetcenter.com


“Dr. Thurman and his staff are very professional and so friendly! We are very thankful for all that they do! Went in for a check-up, ended up doing blood work, and Dr. called me that day with the results! I appreciate the timeliness. My cat is very nervous when she goes to the vet and Dr. Thurman + staff always handle her with care and patience. I also appreciate that they don’t overcharge. They will always give an estimate and explain everything on the bill. Their rooms and office are very nice and clean as well. I can’t say better things about this business! Thank you for all that you do! Pippa says thank you too.” – Molly C.

Auburn Animal HospitalGood Pet Care Centre in Bakersfield

Auburn Animal Hospital is dedicated to your pet’s health. Bakersfield-based Auburn Animal Hospital excels in the science of Veterinary medicine and was founded in 1990. Since then Dr. Kristy Utt and their staff have excelled in compassionate veterinary care in the Bakersfield area. They are a full-service animal hospital whose mission is to provide the highest standard of veterinary care for pets. They provide informative, friendly, and supportive services for you and your pet while maintaining an outstanding working environment for their employees.

Auburn Animal Hospital provides the Bakersfield animal community emergency veterinary services along with surgical, medical, and dental veterinary care. With an in-house pharmacy and access to specialists, their facility provides a one-stop for your pet’s health and medical care.


Emergency & Urgent Care, Appointments


Address: 3713 Auburn St, Bakersfield, CA 93306
Phone: (661) 872-0363
Website: www.auburnanimalhospitalbakersfield.com


“I adopted my cat from a shelter and wanted to have a wellness check-up they made us feel very welcome and my kitty was so comfortable in the exam room due to the vet and vet tech’s wonderful positive energy! They made sure he was up to date on his vaccines and were very gentle with him. Unfortunately, there was a long wait to get an appointment, but that seems to be the case at every vet right now. Nail clipping was $18 but worth it because they taught me how to do it myself too. Overall great experience and great staff!” – Alexandra Smith C.

Mt. Vernon Veterinary HospitalOne of the best Pet Care Centre in Bakersfield

Mt. Vernon Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Shane Reno, and staff are devoted to providing your pet with the most compassionate and advanced health care available. It was founded in 1968 by Dr. Lynn Reno, who practiced for 46 years until he passed away in 2014. Dr. Shane Reno, his son, graduated from veterinary school and began practicing veterinary medicine as a partner with his father in 1994. Working with animals requires understanding, patience, and above all compassion, both for the animal and for its owners.

Therefore, all the staff at Mt. Vernon Veterinary Hospital have a common bond: an everyday goal to give their clients and their pets the most modern and best possible medical care. Each one of their staff is committed to this goal, making it a marvelous environment to work in. They hope you will feel this dedication from them when you visit and come to trust them with all of your pet care needs.


Physical Examinations, Vaccinations, Surgery, Radiology & Ultrasound, Laboratory Testing, Dentals, Spay/Neuter, Orthopedic Surgery, Soft Tissue Surgery, Microchips


Address: 2120 E California Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93307
Phone: (661) 327-7536
Website: www.mtvernonvet.com


“I have brought my cat here multiple times for different reasons (deworming, sinus infection, torn nail) and have always had a great experience. If you walk in, it always takes about an hour which I do not mind waiting while looking at all the other cute pets! Dr. Shane Reno is very empathetic and explains everything to you step by step. Everything is pretty affordable, especially compared to the hospitals that are open on the weekend. I can always trust that my cat is taken care of here, and she has always healed nicely after any reason I’ve taken her here for. Highly recommend!” – Summer W.