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5 Best Personal Trainer in Detroit, MI

Below is a list of the top and leading Personal Trainers in Detroit. To help you find the best Personal Trainer located near you in Detroit, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Detroit’s Best Personal Trainer:

The top rated Personal Trainer in Detroit, MI are:

  • PT in the D – is a personal training studio located in the heart of Downtown Detroit
  • The Life Center Private Fitness Facility – is a personal training gym in Detroit
  • True Body Fitness – offers one to one personal training and online classes
  • Grindtime Fitness LLC – offers group training as well as one on one training
  • The Wise Decision – provides personal and group fitness training programs

PT in the D

PT in the D is a personal training studio in the center of Detroit’s downtown area. This studio provides clients with one-on-one, dual, and semi-private personal training options, as well as virtual services. Based on their initial assessment and development at the studio, all workouts are continually adjusted to match each individual’s needs.

Workouts at PT in the D are largely geared toward promoting a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, strength gain, and muscular development. More than ever, workout programs must be offered in a time-efficient, safe, and fun manner while also delivering excellent results. Since each person deserves unique attention, the goal at PT in the D is to meet all of these demands.


Personal Training, Virtual Fitness Training, Small Group Training


Address: 1420 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: (586) 381-4387
Website: www.ptinthed.com


“Robert is extremely knowledgeable and takes a big picture view of health that prioritizes consistency and long-term sustainability. This means having a plan that works for your day-to-day life, which has helped me stay consistent for six years now. No other workout strategy has ever lasted me so long and with such great benefit. I couldn’t recommend more.” – Sarah S.

The Life Center Private Fitness FacilityTop Personal Trainer in Detroit

The Life Center Private Fitness Facility in Detroit first opened its doors in December 2009. The Life Center is a Personal Training facility that can accommodate 1 to 4 people at a time. Everyone is given individualized training. Their purpose is to assist you in achieving your objective in an enjoyable, safe, and efficient manner. The training technique is “Functional Training,” in which they do a variety of popular and novel exercises with a focus on light weights and high repetitions.

The Life Center’s workouts include moves that tone, trim, and help you lose weight by focusing on your stomach, glutes, and arms while also working your entire body. Among other training programs, The Life Center provides “Christ-Centered Yoga,” “Seated Yoga,” and is a certified TRX Training gym.


Personal Training and Yoga


Address: 1629 Holden St, Detroit, MI 48208
(866) 945-2938


“Lazet is the best personal trainer that I’ve trained with, I’ve had others in the past, but none were as personable, knowledgeable, and genuinely caring when it comes to your overall health. I love the facility set up and the atmosphere, the other clients were friendly and it’s just the Overall place to be for your fitness needs and healthier life.” – Lawana W.

True Body FitnessPersonal Trainer Detroit

True Body Fitness provides one-on-one personal training, as well as FaceTime and Zoom sessions. If you still choose to use an online platform, each session is an hour-long and may be done effectively with no equipment at all. The purpose has always been to achieve fitness goals without judgment or attitude. Many of these trainers have struggled with fitness in the past, so they can relate to you no matter where you are in your path.

Its goal is to assist you in creating and maintaining a happier, healthier, and better life. Each member of the team adds a distinct viewpoint to the broad definition of fitness.


Personal Training, Corporate Fitness, Nutritional Advice, Weight Loss, Muscle Tone, Core Strength, Posture Correction, Cardio Fitness


Address: 1438 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216
Phone: (810) 923-6705
Website: www.tbfdetroit.com


“Owner is super, super nice. He is very knowledgeable in body fitness, body mechanics, safe stretching, and many more things. His positive attitude can be infectious. He is so nice and supportive, never too pushy. The gym is spotless.” – Renee K.

Grindtime Fitness LLCGood Personal Trainer in Detroit

Grindtime Fitness LLC is a personal training studio that offers both group and one-on-one sessions. John Houston Smith founded GrindTime Fitness five years ago. The gym model he designed was inspired by a need he saw in the fitness business. They also offer meal plans and meal preparation to those who find healthy eating difficult.

GrindTime Fitness is a gym that strives to improve people’s quality of life via physical activity, encouragement, devotion, and good food advice. The ultimate goal is to assist in the restoration of Detroit’s health. This is the gym where excuses are left at the door, limits are broken, and physical results are obtained.


Personal Training and Fitness


Address: 18451 Wyoming Ave, Detroit, MI 48221
Phone: (313) 205-3107
Website: www.grindtimefitnessllc.com


“GrindTime is an amazing gym where everyone is family and every person has set goals that are inspiring to others. I love the staff, the meal preps, the motivational talks, and the music! I have witnessed many people walk in without self-esteem and leave with friendships and courage to come to tolerate another day of pain. John and Rob will take care of all your needs. Come see for yourself, you have nothing to lose but weight.” – Porshea C.

The Wise DecisionOne of the best Personal Trainer in Detroit

The Wise Decision was founded by one of the country’s top fitness experts. TWD’s qualified staff of trainers, coaches, and wellness experts are committed to offering customized programming, coaching, and attention to its member clients in order to assist them in achieving their individual health and fitness goals. TWD’s comfortable family atmosphere, conveniently located near the Detroit riverfront, is a welcoming location for everyone from the youngest to the oldest who wants to build a results-oriented exercise regimen to improve their physical and emotional well-being.

TWD’s staff believes that returning to work should be done at your own pace, and they are responsive, sensitive, and use a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to do so.


Personal Training, Mental Wellness, Youth Strength & Conditioning, Youth Fitness, Corporate Wellness, Senior Fitness, Physical Therapy


Address: 3100 Guoin St, Detroit, MI 48207
Phone: (313) 974-6211
Website: www.thewisedecision.com


“From first glance, it’s a very clean gym. I’ve been to a lot of nasty gyms in the past and this one is definitely well kept. The owner is very friendly and attentive to the needs of the members. You kinda get the “family” vibe in there. All the equipment is up to par compared to some of the larger gyms. The location is great being close to downtown. Overall, I love this gym and I recommend it to beginners and experts.” – Floyd S.