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5 Best Personal Trainer in Cincinnati, OH

Below is a list of the top and leading Personal Trainer in Cincinnati. To help you find the best Personal Trainer located near you in Cincinnati, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Cincinnati’s Best Personal Trainer:

The top rated Personal Trainer in Cincinnati, OH are:

  • JZ Personal Training – aims to assist you in finding the most effective and individualized path to reaching your fitness objectives
  • Beat Personal Training – provide individualized, exclusive, personal instruction
  • Trilogy Fitness Systems – is a private training facility dedicated to enhancing the well-being, health, and strength of its members
  • Eric Feigl Personal Training – offering safe and efficient personal fitness
  • Cincinnati Functional Fitness – is outfitted with the latest cutting-edge performance training equipment

JZ Personal TrainingPersonal Trainer in Cincinnati

JZ Personal Training aims to assist you in finding the most effective and individualized path to reaching your fitness objectives. They are run and owned by a Certified Professional Fitness Trainer who will collaborate with you to create a plan that suits your particular requirements and way of life. They can meet even the most specialized wishes and needs thanks to their broad variety of credentials and experience.

They are committed to assisting you in achieving your objectives in a secure and efficient manner because they think that everyone should have access to fitness, regardless of experience or fitness level. You get access to the studio’s high-quality equipment as well as a shower room and locker room, which gives you everything you need to achieve your fitness objectives.


Personal Training, Nutrition Consulting, Athletic Training, Injury Prevention, Strength Gain,
Stretching, Weight Loss, Weight Training


Address: 4865 Duck Creek Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45227
Phone: 513-472-1693
Website: www.cincinnatipersonaltraining.com


“Training with Jordan has been a really great experience. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to push his clients to get the results that they are striving for. If you are willing to put in the work, Jordan will put a plan in place to help you hit all of your goals. He’s creative in offering new and different workouts and he is very well priced and is flexible with scheduling. I highly recommend Jordan whether you are trying to put on muscle, lose weight, or learn how to get the most out of your workouts in the gym!” – Shawn F.

Beat Personal TrainingTop Personal Trainer in Cincinnati

Beat Personal Training is proud to be the best value in the business because it puts its client’s needs first. They have discovered that little modifications made on their end can have a significant impact on performance, outcomes, and client retention. You won’t ever have to wait for a piece of equipment or be forced to work out during a specific time period thanks to their innovative operation.

They provide individualized, exclusive, personal instruction. They all have four-year degrees and come from a variety of backgrounds. Their levels of competence range from being able to assist you in losing weight quickly to enhancing your general health and vigor as well as boosting muscle strength, definition, and performance.


Personal Training, Weight Loss, Athletic Training, Executive Program


Address: 4402 Appleton St, Cincinnati, OH 45209
Phone: 513-621-2328
Website: www.beatpersonaltraining.com


“A friend referred me to Beat Personal Training in Blue Ash when I wanted to meet some fitness goals. I am so glad I found this gym and my trainer Jordan. It’s been almost a year and I just could not recommend this program and Jordan more. Beyond being knowledgeable and professional, all the trainers there are encouraging and motivating. The gym is clean and well-maintained. The atmosphere is energetic and welcoming. I always leave feeling accomplished. If you are looking to make some changes, this is the place!”

Trilogy Fitness SystemsPersonal Trainer Cincinnati

Trilogy Fitness Systems is a private training facility dedicated to enhancing the well-being, health, and strength of its members in a friendly and encouraging setting. Mastering the tried-and-true fundamentals and striving to improve by merely 1% each day are the cornerstones of Trilogy Fitness Systems and approaches.

They sit down for a thorough assessment so they can figure out where to start with your training and programming. The gym provides a friendly setting where they may all develop personally. It’s intended to be both a place of hard labor and enjoyment. They will build muscle and push you in the weight room, but they will also laugh a lot and give you high fives while doing it.


Personal Training, Small Group Training, Online Fitness Coaching


Address: 5373 Ridge Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45213
Phone: 513-472-2565
Website: www.trilogyfitnesssystems.com


“Trilogy has been a part of my workout routine for almost a decade. One of my favorite things about Trilogy is that they start wherever you are with no judgment. Their approach to health is always about setting realistic, long-term goals. Matt taught me that sometimes you should eat the cookie because it’s worth it. Trilogy changed my relationship with food and has allowed me to reach my health goals!”

Eric Feigl Personal TrainingGood Personal Trainer in Cincinnati

Eric Feigl Personal Training gives clients individualized coaching and evidence-based training that is tailored to their goals. While offering safe and efficient personal fitness training and strength coaching, their goal is to inform you and hold you accountable. They have assisted people of all skill levels, but they like working with adults 40 and over who need assistance becoming stronger, moving better, and leading a healthier lifestyle.

They are the proprietors of Eric Feigl Personal Training in Cincinnati, Ohio. They contend that being as physically fit and mobile as possible is the cornerstone of leading a healthier lifestyle. They use principles of resistance/strength training that are supported by research to assist people in achieving both of those objectives.


Personal Training, Strength Coaching, Small Group Fitness Training, Online Fitness Coaching


Address: 2260 Riverside Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513-713-9401
Website: www.ericfeigl.com


“Really happy to be training with Eric the last 6 months. Eric is extremely knowledgeable, and motivating, and is always available to answer my questions. My goal was to get back in the gym lifting to gain strength and it seems like every week we are hitting a new PR. Lucky to have Eric as my trainer. I highly recommend him for whatever fitness goals you want to achieve!” – Josh H.

Cincinnati Functional FitnessOne of the best Personal Trainer in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Functional Fitness is outfitted with the latest cutting-edge performance training equipment. The capacity to integrate agility, coordination, flexibility, strength, and endurance in the best possible way is known as functional fitness. CFF specializes in creating distinctive programs that make sure you’ll be physically fit and prolong your years. In the domains of fitness and athletic performance, their group of performance trainers is without a doubt the best.

Their trainers are highly educated, highly certified, and up-to-date with the most cutting-edge and efficient training approaches, and the CFF staff is committed to helping all of their clients achieve their goals. They take great satisfaction in giving their students the greatest instruction possible, ensuring that they establish a strong foundation and advance in the right direction.


Personal Training, Semi-Private Training, Boot Camp F.I.T


Address: 5005 Barrow Ave # 100, Cincinnati, OH 45209
Phone: 513-351-1640
Website: www.cincyfit.com


“Josh has been a great trainer for me for over a year as I’ve worked back from an injury. He’s attentive during workouts and plans them out well. Scott and the CFF team provide a great atmosphere.”