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How to Find the Best Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Gentle Sleep Trainer in Atlanta

A good night’s sleep is essential for us all, but it is particularly essential for young, growing children. When a child has issues with their sleep, it can be detrimental not only to their health and comfort but to the health and comfort of the parents as well. A wide range of factors can affect sleep and can result in different kinds of sleep problems. A certified pediatric sleep consultant or infant sleep trainer is a person who solves your child’s sleep challenges and/or prevents them from happening all together. By assessing your baby’s sleep habits that is causing many interruptions for restful sleep may be, the key that you are looking for to address and solve these issues. Certified newborn care specialists, baby nurse- which is a term only used by registered nurses babynurse, night nanny or even an overnight doula can be considered for this role as well as long as they are certified in infant sleep and skilled in holistic and gentle sleep training. So, if you are looking for a pediatric sleep trainer in Atlanta, here are some of the steps that you can take to find the perfect one.

Identify Your Child’s Sleep Issues

The first step in determining what kind of pediatric consultancy you need is to try and identify the specific issue that your child has with sleeping and some of the factors that may be contributing to this. You may not have the perfect answer, but having some idea of what may be affecting your child can help point you in the right direction when choosing a pediatric sleep trainer, baby nurse, newborn care specialist, overnight doula, or even a night nanny (all of who are knowledgeable and certified in proper and customed sleep training). Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Master Newborn Care Specialist, Lactation Consultant and Author Amber Gilmore at  Creative Nurturing will then be able to provide insight, parent education, sleep education, specialized care and advice to you and your family. They can customize a sleep plan or and provide direct care which can be several weeks or several months of assistance to you in a discreet way within your home. Having overnight or live-in 24/7 support from these sleep trainers in the safety of your own home will take the pressure off you and help your whole family get relief. No matter where you are, they can travel to you (even by airplane) and work tirelessly to meet any of your needs including postpartum care for mom’s, parent education, infant care education, holistic gentle sleep training, breastfeeding support, and no cry sleep solutions. The expert knowledge of a gentle sleep trainer such as this will provide you with the steps you need to be taking and present you with solutions for your child’s sleep problems.

Do Your Research

If you are struggling to find recommendations for a sleep consultant or an overnight infant sleep trainer, you may need to take matters into your own hands. See what you can find online and carefully examine each sleep consultant or even a night nanny who only works at night and who is certified in infant sleep hygiene to determine their potential strengths and weaknesses. Once you have compiled a list of sleep trainers in the Atlanta area, consider you and your child’s specific situation and make your selection based on the factors that are important to you, such as price- (TIP-the price will match the sleep trainer’s experience, education level, years in the field and outstanding parental reviews of excellence care of their child and their sleep rested child), location, degrees or certifications, AAP safe sleep awareness, SIDS awareness, positive online presence, word of mouth referrals, verifiable job references, reference letters, family reviews of their work performance, which sleep method is right for your child and family, successful methods of sleep training that compliments the individual infant and child’s needs and temperaments or area of expertise. Careful research is necessary to find the perfect consultant or night sleep trainer for your child.

Ask Around

If you are still unsure that the sleep trainers you are considering are right for you, try turning to your community. Poor sleep in babies and children can be a common problem and it is likely that someone you know and trust has had similar problems with their own children. Ask your friends and family for advice and see if they have a qualified pediatric sleep consultant or gentle sleep trainer that they recommend. It just might be their best kept infant sleep secret. 

Read Reviews

Now that you have a solid selection of sleep trainers, sleep consultants, night nannies, baby nurses which are registered nurses babynurse, and overnight doulas who all certified in infant and child sleep, you may want to use the reviews of the general public to narrow down their options. Reviews will give you clarity on not only the services they offer and if they are effective, but what the trainers and consultants are like as people as well. A nurturing presence is essential for your child’s wellbeing and you want to be sure that the sleep trainer you choose is going to be a knowledgeable yet caring person who genuinely wants to see your child get a good night’s sleep.


If you have taken all of these steps, then you are ready to choose your pediatric sleep trainer or sleep consultant in Atlanta. Factor in all of the elements mentioned above and you will be sure to find the perfect gentle pediatric sleep trainer and sleep consultant to help your family sleep better. Ensure that the person you choose is well versed in your child’s particular sleep issue, can provide helpful advice for overcoming it, set appropriate developmental sleep routines, initiate sleep hygiene education from onset and knows when to refer you to a pediatrician or sleep doctor. The consultant will be willing to come to your home and sleep train your child for you and bring about a genuinely nurturing and comforting presence in you and your family’s lives.