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5 Best Patent Attorneys in Kansas City, MO

Below is a list of the top and leading Patent Attorneys in Kansas City. To help you find the best Patent Attorneys located near you in Kansas City, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Kansas City’s Best Patent Attorneys: 

The top-rated Patent Attorneys in Kansas City, MO are:

  • Erickson Kernell IP, LLC – empowers clients through their ideas
  • Intellectual Property Center – understands the value of the intellectual property
  • Howard IP – makes intellectual property simple and hassle-free
  • Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P. – shares its impressive legal expertise in the field of patents
  • BRADLEY IP, LLC – provides personalized legal services

Erickson Kernell IP, LLCfriendly Patent Attorneys in Kansas City, MO

Erickson Kernell IP, LLC empowers clients through their ideas. The firm aims to empower, protect, and defend its client’s intellectual property. In addition, they are experienced in helping companies and individuals resolve all disputes regarding their patents. Their services are guaranteed to help innovative people do innovative things. Furthermore, they readily represent clients in all legal areas for their licensing needs.

The firm provides a wide range of specialized legal practice areas. Moreover, their practice areas include patents, product patents, and non-disclosure agreements. The firm also specializes in estate planning services.

Products/ Services:

estate planning, patent attorney, product patent


Address: 8900 State Line Rd Suite 500, Leawood, KS 66206
Phone: (816) 549-4700
Website: kcpatentlaw.com


”Very knowledgeable and helpful. I went in with a product idea and was presented my options in a very helpful way. Would highly recommend this firm” – Aaron Ford

Intellectual Property Center

trusted Patent Attorneys in Kansas City, MO

Intellectual Property Center understands the value of intellectual property. They help clients strategize and find solutions for all their patent needs. Moreover, they also give clients the confidence that their ideas and assets are protected. The team also makes sure to inform, collaborate, and represent clients in all types of legal representation needs. In addition, the firm is also known for its aggressive advocacy for intellectual property rights.

They provide a broad array of legal patent and copyright services. These include patent filings, trademark agreements, and copyright litigation. Furthermore, they also specialize in agreements and internet law.

Products/ Services:

case filing, patent attorney, legal representation


Address: 05 W 47th St #350, Kansas City, MO 64112
Phone: (816) 345-0900
Website: theipcenter.com


”Art and staff have been awesome in guiding us through a difficult and stressful situation. He was our second attorney and we didnt have much hope of resolving our situation without losing a lot of money. His expertise and experience helped us avoid a painful loss. We highly recommend him and his team.” – Ben Fetzer

Howard IPprofessional Patent Attorneys in Kansas City, MO

Howard IP makes intellectual property simple and hassle-free. The firm has over 20 years of combined experience in patent and intellectual property services. Furthermore, their services are provided with care by certified and professional patent attorneys. They also make sure to consult and inform customers about all their legal service needs. The firm also bridges the gap with its immersive legal assistance. In addition, they make customers confident in their ideas.

They feature a full range of specialized practice areas. Moreover, their practice includes trademark searches, license agreements, and NDAs. They also offer confidentiality paper drafting services.

Products/ Services:

consultation, patent attorney


Address: 16434 Chaney Ln, Stilwell, KS 66085
Phone: (816) 393-7537
Website: howard-ip.com


Attorney Howard did a fabulous job in guiding me through the patent process. Even though I am an attorney, I am not a patent lawyer. His knowledge and ability to communicate made this process easy.” – David Elliott

Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.

confident Patent Attorneys in Kansas City, MO

Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P. shares its impressive legal expertise in the field of patents. They aim to offer immediate solutions to all their clients’ legal problems. Furthermore, they ensure that every case is handled with confidentiality and honesty. Their team is made of skilled patent attorneys and baristas for an all-around legal service. In addition, they guide clients from start to finish of their legal process.

They offer a wide range of specialized legal patent practice areas. These include trademark searches, conducting patents, and patent prosecution. Moreover, the team also provides trademark and copyright services.

Products/ Services:

patent attorney


Address: 2555 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: (816) 474-6550
Website: shb.com


”This law firm is amazing. They are helping with my foster to adoption case and the money he receives from my case he puts into a fund for the kids once they turn 18.” – Rachael Caple

BRADLEY IP, LLCskilled Patent Attorneys in Kansas City, MO

BRADLEY IP, LLC provides personalized legal services. The firm aims to offer consistent, professional, and patient legal services to all its clients. They make sure to plan and efficiently provide legal solutions that answer their client’s needs and budgets. Moreover, they work closely with their clients to make sure they make well-informed decisions regarding their intellectual property. The team is also highly skilled in handling all types of patents. In addition, they are highly experienced in the legal process.

The firm specializes in a wide range of legal practice areas. Furthermore, these include business planning, patenting, and logo patenting. They also cover branding patenting and design patents.

Products/ Services:

patent attorney, business planning


Address: 6320 Brookside Plaza, Kansas City, MO 64113
Phone: (816) 450-2500
Website: bradleyip.com


”Sean was incredibly patient with us in pursuing a trademark for an open source hardware project. Price was reasonable and completed successfully. Would always recommend!” – Steve White