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5 Best Patent Attorneys in Charlotte 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Patent Attorneys in Charlotte. To help you find the best Patent Attorneys located near you in Charlotte, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Charlotte’s Best Patent Attorneys:

The top-rated Patent Attorneys in Charlotte are:

  • Grell & Watson Patent Attorneys – experienced and affordable patent attorneys in Charlotte.
  • Clements Bernard Walker – global intellectual property attorneys in Charlotte.
  • Ashley Law Firm P.C. – skilled attorneys experienced in intellectual property and real estate law.
  • Law Office of Kyle Fletcher – specializes in providing intellectual property legal services to individual inventors and small businesses.
  • Schwartz Law Firm – serving the legal needs of business owners, corporations, entrepreneurs, and inventors.

Grell & Watson Patent Attorneys

5 Best Patent Attorneys in Charlotte

Grell & Watson Patent Attorneys is a law firm in Charlotte that is known to specialize in intellectual property law, specifically cases that have to do with patents, copyrights, and trademarks. The attorneys at Grell and Watson aren’t just some of the best intellectual property legal experts in Charlotte, but they will also save you the wasted time and resources that other firms have clients go through and cut the overhead costs. You can also get a free consultation with one of their attorneys to have a better understanding of your situation. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable legal partner, Grell and Watson Patent Attorneys will go above and beyond to make sure you get the outcome you deserve.

Patent, copyright, trademark, agreement, and contracts, entity formation

Address: 1800 Camden Road, Charlotte NC 28203
Phone: (704) 625-7747
Website: gwpatentattorney.com

We had an awesome experience with this law firm, Jeff and the team have done a great job getting it done. We definitely recommend them if looking to get a product patented. So HAPPY!! – Carrie Pennington

Clements Bernard Walker

The Best Patent Attorneys in Charlotte

Clements Bernard Walker is dedicated to making sure that a client’s intellectual property is well-protected. This law firm specializes in intellectual property services individuals and businesses that are looking to safeguard their information, creative expression, and brands. CBW specializes in the defense, enforcement, acquisition, and evaluation of patents and trade secrets of clients. Their legal experts have more than enough experience and expertise to make sure that each client has a competitive edge over the opposition.

Patent and trademark law

Address: 4500 Cameron Valley Parkway Ste. 350 Charlotte, NC 28211
Phone: (704) 790-3600
Website: worldpatents.com

Great group of attorneys! Located in a convenient area in South Park the team helped me through a trademark issue. Being completely uninformed Seth and the rest of his team helped to educate and guide us through the entire legal process. Highly recommend! – Jason Normoyle

Ashley Law Firm P.C.

Best Patent Attorneys in Charlotte

Ashley Law Firm P.C. offers specialized legal services when it comes to intellectual property and real estate law. Mary and Stephen Ashley have a combined thirty years between them when it comes to practicing law that focuses on intellectual property and real estate. The firm focuses on customer satisfaction and service, knowing that each client deserves the proper outcome for them. This client-driven firm will work hard with each client and draw up an individualized and unique plan to make sure that each client has the highest chance of winning their case.

IP litigation, intellectual property, residential closings, real estate law

Address: 10700 Sikes Pl Ste 230, Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: (704) 847-1300
Website: ashleypatentlaw.com

They do a great job helping the clients I refer to them. I’ve also been involved professionally in a real estate closing at this firm. I highly recommend this law firm. Great lawyers and great people. – Chris Cox

Law Office of Kyle Fletcher

Charlotte Best Patent Attorneys

Law Office of Kyle Fletcher is an intellectual property law firm that has been practicing law for almost 20 years. Since opening its practice in 2007, the law office of Kyle Fletcher has helped clients make sure that their intellectual property is safe and well-taken care of through Mr. Fletcher’s expertise as an intellectual property lawyer. Mr. Fletcher is known to be highly-versed in new product ideas, help and development, patent search, and other aspects of intellectual property law. If you have a patent idea that you want to safeguard, the law office of Kyle Fletcher will be a formidable ally in making sure that your patent or copyright is safe.

Trademarks, patents

Address: 1515 Mockingbird Lane, Suite 500 Charlotte, NC 28209
Phone: (704) 719-9016
Website: fletcherpatents.com

Wonderful experience. Mr. Fletcher was quite professional in safeguarding my idea. Thanks, Kyle. – Sam Cowherd

Schwartz Law Firm

Charlotte's Best Patent Attorneys

Schwartz Law Firm strives to forge a long-lasting relationship with each client they work with to make sure they have a deep understanding of them. They do this to make sure that they can come up with the best solutions and strategies to make sure that each client has the best chance of protecting their intellectual property. The attorneys at Schwartz are highly qualified, extremely competent and experienced, and will go above and beyond to make sure they not only exceed each client’s expectations but give them peace of mind that their intellectual property is safe.

Intellectual property, patents, trademarks and branding, copyright

Address: 6100 Fairview Road, Suite 1135 Charlotte, NC 28210
Phone: (704) 325-6099
Website: schwartz-iplaw.com

Great IP Lawyer, have worked with a few other local lawyers. They are very responsive and accommodating. They will help guide the process from conception to acceptance and were instrumental in getting a poorly written patent, from another IP lawyer. – Mat Grell