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5 Best Paranormal Blogs

Does ghost really exist? Well, there are lots of individuals who think ghosts are real. Paranormal events are so-called phenomena explained in general culture, people, and other non-scientific bodies of understanding, whose existence within these situations is described as outside the scope of normal scientific knowledge. Are you interested in ghost hunting or paranormal and ghost stories or enthusiastic about reading paranormal blogs? Below are the lists of websites you can choose from.

Top Rated and Best Paranormal Blogs:

#1 The Ghost AtticTop rated Paranormal Blogs

The Ghost Attic is the room for your paranormal and creepy fix. They have a selection of real ghost photos, also profiles on haunted places in America, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand with links if you want accommodation. If you’re into paranormal podcasts they have a selection that specializes in the paranormal and ghost stories such as Lex Wahl and Jim Harolds Campfire.

Check out the Secret Room that has ongoing articles including horror movie reviews, ghost hunting equipment reviews, and news on the paranormal. If you are a fan of Halloween. Support them and get your costumes from their partnered Halloween Store. Search their Spooky Directory for businesses related to everything paranormal and if you need to purchase something more.

#2 The Original Ghost TourParanormal Blogs

The original Ghost Tour is the seconf oldest ghost tour in the nation and most popular candlelight walking ghost tour in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Original Ghosts of Williamsburg offers year round tours. Have you ever wanted to walk through the streets of a historic town at night and discover it’s hidden secrets? Then allow their expert storytellers to guide you on a candlelit walk through Colonial Williamsburg, while they share many strange stories and other-worldly happenings that have occurred over the years.

Be sure to bring your camera. It is believed that paranormal entities often produce light phenomena in photographs. Thousands of their guests each year get pictures of light orbs and sometimes even shapes and images that resemble human like figures.

#3 Colonial GhostBest rated Paranormal Blogs

Colonial Ghost is sincerely passionate about hauntings in Williamsburg. They put a lot of hard work into these tours and they want you to get the best value for your money. That’s why US City Traveler has rated them as one of the top 10 tours in the US, and they are mentioned in INC and Huffington Post. Colonial Ghost is nationally recognized, and offer a different lineup of tours, including ghost hunts, two different types of ghost tours, and cemetery tours during the day.

They are the only ghost tour company in town that has done their own research and actually documented their hauntings. They fact check and verify every story they tell, but more importantly, they document the haunting activity – see their blogs for proof. They are fascinated with real human stories and real hauntings, and they want to share these incredible experiences with you.

#4 SeeAGhost.comGood Paranormal Blogs

SeeAGhost.com is self-funded, with the mandate to not only serve the paranormal community, but also the communities in which they live. Through their various endeavors, they not only raise money to support their own group, but they also help raise money to support private businesses, historical societies, and not-for-profit charities. SeeAGhost.com is a small group of eclectic individuals who view the investigation of the paranormal not as a scientific endeavor, but one of personal exploration. This philosophy allows them to present a truly unique experience and one that you will never forget.

The St. Louis Paranormal Research Society provides the best haunted – history and ghost tours in the St. Louis area. They even provide the latest in ghost hunting equipment on select tours, so you can conduct an actual paranormal investigation.

#5 Third Eye Paranormal SocietyOne of the best Paranormal Blogs

Third Eye Paranormal Society attempts to help those experiencing paranormal activity by sharing information on the latest in paranormal research, equipment, and techniques. All articles, resources, and links on their site are there to assist other researchers and investigators.