5 Best Paediatric Dentists in Riverside, CA

Best Paediatric Dentists in Riverside

Below is a list of the top and leading Paediatric Dentists in Riverside. To help you find the best Paediatric Dentists located near you in Riverside, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Riverside’s Best Paediatric Dentists: 

The top-rated Paediatric Dentists in Riverside, CA are:

  • Kids Dental Planet – provides high-quality dental care in a welcoming environment for children
  • Dental Kidz Club – Riverside – makes every effort to make their young patients feel at ease
  • Just For Kids Pediatric Dentistry Riverside – their staff are enthusiastic about the work they perform
  • Riverside Children’s Dentistry – provides cutting-edge equipment to ensure children’s safety
  • Children’s Dental FunZone – Riverside – give your child a nice dental visit that reduces their anxiety

Kids Dental PlanetPaediatric Dentists in Riverside

Kids Dental Planet, proudly offers the people of Santa Ana and Riverside the best children’s dental treatment available. Working with kids has always been enjoyable for their medical team. Children’s smiles make them happy. Their goal is to provide high-quality dental care in a welcoming environment for children, so they enjoy their visit. They emphasize prevention because they firmly think that maintaining good oral health is essential to maintaining overall good health and well-being.

If you haven’t already benefited from the most advanced dental technology available, you’re in for a treat. In contrast to the very limited radiation exposure of conventional dental X-rays, they use contemporary digital X-ray technology; an intraoral camera is used to take photos of your teeth so that you can see them live on high-resolution computers.

Products/ Services:

Comprehensive Dental Exam, Cleaning/Fluoride Treatment, Preventive Care, & More


Address: 4234 Riverwalk Pkwy STE 190, Riverside, CA 92505
Phone: (951) 689-1838
Website: www.kidsdentalplanet.com


”I’ve been bringing my kids since 2011. Never had issues. My kids feel safe with the doctors and the staff are nice. They work with your schedule for appointments too which is a plus.” – Eva R.

Dental Kidz Club – RiversideTop Paediatric Dentists in Riverside

Dental Kidz Club – Riverside, children may find going to the dentist a little intimidating, but the pediatric dental staff at Dental Kidz Club, under the direction of Jihee Chun, DDS, make every effort to make their young patients feel at ease and welcome right away. Children may expect warm grins at each of the Dental Kidz Club offices in California, which have sites in Perris, Brea, Corona, Covina, Ontario, Chino, and Riverside.

The goal of Dental Kidz Club is to “provide exceptional and affordable dentistry to every child,” and they definitely fulfill this commitment. The team utilizes cutting-edge technology and routinely completes in-depth training on the most recent advancements in dentistry. They approach all phases of pediatric dentistry, from early dental care to adolescent dentistry, holistically and conservatively.

Products/ Services:

Pediatric Dentistry, Emergency Dentistry, Silver Diamine Flouride, & More


Address: 4140 Tyler St, Riverside, CA 92503
Phone: (951) 324-1480
Website: www.dentalkidzclub.com


”My kids have been coming here for a few years and it’s always a good experience. Everyone is very nice and friendly. The doctors are very knowledgeable and always explain everything very well. Definitely will keep coming here.” – Bianca O.

Just For Kids Pediatric Dentistry RiversidePaediatric Dentists Riverside

Just For Kids Pediatric Dentistry Riverside, Dr. Raymond Wang, an exceptional pediatric dentist, and their staff are enthusiastic about the work they perform for their patients and their parents. They treat all of their patients and parents like they are a part of the family because they are very much like one. Beginning with your child’s first trip to their Riverside pediatric dental clinic, proper oral health can last a lifetime.

They think dental decay is entirely preventable, and with your help, they can provide your son or daughter with perfect oral health and a lifetime of joyful, attractive smiles. Infants, kids, and teenagers, especially those with special needs, are the areas of expertise for Dr. Wang and their team when it comes to dental care. They offer pediatric oral examinations, caries risk evaluations, oral healthcare instructions for children and their caregivers, teeth cleaning, X-rays, and comprehensive dental treatment for children of all ages.

Products/ Services:

Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics


Address: 7170 Indiana Ave, Riverside, CA 92504
Phone: (951) 248-0567
Website: www.jfkpedoriverside.com


”Was referred to JFK by my dentist to my child. I also recommend it to anyone with a child that needs to be seen because they are great and they treat kids so well. The dentists and assistants are very nice and welcoming to the kids and parents. Also, they make the kids feel comfortable whenever possible.” – Jessie G.

Riverside Children’s DentistryGood Paediatric Dentists in Riverside

Riverside Children’s Dentistry, provides cutting-edge equipment to ensure children’s safety and satisfy their comfort requirements. The dentist shouldn’t make you nervous. The individual dental suites in their cutting-edge children’s dentistry clinic are designed to keep your child’s appointments private. They respect parents’ desire for privacy when speaking with them about their child’s medical and dental needs.

Their cutting-edge technology reduces their environmental impact while making pediatric exams simpler. Excellent pediatric dental care is given in a friendly, upbeat office setting that has been designed by professionals who love children. They have created a fun dental environment for newborns, kids, teens, and those with special needs, complete with a library of amusing movies, whimsical décor, and iPad games. Your child should have a favorable dental experience beginning at a young age.

Products/ Services:

Pediatric Dentistry, Digital X-Rays, Sealants, Teeth Cleaning, & More


Address: 4960 Arlington Ave suite a, Riverside, CA 92504
Phone: (951) 977-9992
Website: www.riversidechildrensdentistry.com


”I absolutely Love this place. The staff is so friendly to kids and parents. They take the time to really explain everything to you and the kids. My kids are excited to go see the dentist (the complete opposite of me as a kid). I had a few bad experiences with other dentists and this place really made up for all of them. I will continue to take my kids here for as long as they are allowed. Thank you to the staff for making the Dentist a comfortable experience for me and my kids.” – Amanda P.

Children’s Dental FunZone – RiversideOne of the best Paediatric Dentists in Riverside

Children’s Dental FunZone – Riverside, their top objective is to give your child a nice dental visit that reduces their anxiety. They also adhere to a strict sense of punctuality. They are aware of how valuable time is in a parent’s hectic schedule, therefore they take steps to ensure that each kid receives the care they require on time. Throughout the procedure, parents are invited to stay with their kids and ask any questions they may have.

They go above and beyond in their efforts to give your child the best care possible, just as they would for their own. Infants, kids, teenagers, and patients with special needs will all receive the attentive care they require from their carefully trained personnel. Allow their team to take care of your needs whatever they may be.

Products/ Services:

Pediatric Dental Care, Orthodontics For Children, Emergency Dental Care, & More


Address: 5628 Van Buren Boulevard Ste. A, Riverside, CA 92503
Phone: (951) 419-3261
Website: www.childrensdentalfunzone.com/riverside-pediatric-dentist


”Staff is amazing here. I have a child with severe autism who’s very nervous and freaks out a lot. The assistants and Dr were very understanding and helpful when it came down to restraining to even get a quick look at my child’s teeth. Their patience with him was amazing and I’m so thankful to found a place that handles a situation like this so well.” – Hanna M.