5 Best Osteopaths in Nashville, TN

5 Best Osteopaths in Nashville, TN

Below is a list of the top and leading Osteopaths in Nashville, TN. To help you find the best Osteopaths located near you in Nashville, TN, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Nashville, TN’s Best Osteopaths:

The top-rated Osteopaths in Nashville, TN are:

  • Steve Kravitz Physical Therapy – specializing in a unique blend of physical therapy and craniosacral therapy.
  • Nashville Osteopathic Medicine – we empower you to take charge and be the CEO of your own health.
  • Osteo Strong – a unique system for developing your skeletal strength.
  • Manual Therapy of Williamson County – stop treating symptoms, and address the problem naturally.
  • The Osteopathic Center – heal your injuries and gain energy, look and feel better sooner!

Steve Kravitz Physical Therapy

5 Best Osteopaths in Nashville, TN

Steve Kravitz Physical Therapy is owned and managed by licensed physical therapist Steve Kravitz. Dr. Kravitz is a well-known doctor in the New York and Nashville areas. He specializes in over a dozen practice areas like orthopedic therapy, craniosacral therapy, nerve mobilization, and more. He leads a team of specialists who has the experience and knowledge needed to properly treat any patient. They will go above and beyond to make sure all patients get to 100% and lead a normal and healthy life. So, if you are looking for a well-respected and reliable osteopathic and physical therapy practice, Steve Kravitz Physical Therapy is a top choice in Nashville.

Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, hip and knee pain, pregnancy and postnatal pain

Address: 2000 Glen Echo Road Suite 209 Nashville, TN 37215
Phone: (615) 840-3281
Website: stevekravitz.com

I have experienced excellent, professional & helpful physical therapy at this business. There are personally focused 60 minutes of attention to the areas of pain and I felt much better at the end of each session. I recommend this group of knowledgeable PT professionals. – Alice Justiss

Nashville Osteopathic Medicine

The Best Osteopaths in Nashville, TN

Nashville Osteopathic Medicine offers a comprehensive and patient-focused osteopathy center. This osteopathy and physical therapy center fuse conventional medicine with a more holistic approach. This way, Nashville Osteopathic, and Integrative Medicine provide a wider range of treatments that can be more effective. This center has a team of therapists that specialize in osteopathy and physical therapy. They will work hard to make sure you get back on your feet and back to a normal life. If you live in or around Nashville and are in need of a capable and trustworthy specialist to deal with your condition, Nashville Osteopathic and Integrative Medicine is a great option.

Osteopathy, integrative medicine, metabolic testing

Address: 4115 Mallory Lane, Suite 100-A, Franklin, TN 37067
Phone: (615) 669-2791
Website: nashvilleosteopathicmed.com

Dr. Husaini healed my back! After a year of consistent back pain from 2 herniated discs causing sciatica, he found the root cause of the issue. Physical therapy, chiropractors, and injections didn’t solve the problem. His approach to medicine and treatment is phenomenal and gives a lasting solution. – Nathan Wells

Osteo Strong

Best Osteopaths in Nashville, TN

Osteo Strong provides a unique and ground-breaking system that will develop skeletal strength. This is a unique center that will help you improve your overall health. Osteo Strong does this by helping you develop and strengthen your skeletal system. Osteo Strong provides many benefits like improved posture, improved athletic performance, better bone density, and more. This works for people both your and old. Their staff and specialists will help you learn and understand the system to help you with any osteopathic or physical therapy issue. So, if you are looking for a new way to improve your overall health, Osteo Strong is a very enticing option in Nashville.

Osteopathy services

Address: 2134 Bandywood Nashville Tennessee 37215
Phone: (615) 922-2656
Website: osteostrong.me

Osteostrong is amazing! Stops bone loss, increases bone density and strength, improves balance – all in a once per week session of about 10 minutes! – Catherine Behl

Manual Therapy of Williamson County

Nashville, TN Best Osteopaths

Manual Therapy of Williamson County offers a different perspective compared to other osteopathy centers. Most centers offer treatments for the symptoms instead of the underlying cause. Manual Therapy of Williamson County focuses on helping patients address the underlying cause. By doing this, you get a better chance of learning everything about your condition and tailoring an effective treatment for it. MTWC has a team of specialists that has the knowledge, experience, and drive needed to provide you with the best osteopathic care available in Nashville. So, if you are looking for osteopathy specialists, Manual Therapy of Williamson County is a top choice in Nashville.

Counterstrain (CS), powerful impact, physical therapy

Address: 7240 Nolensville Road Unit 315 Nolensville, TN 37135
Phone: (615) 619-0300
Website: manualtherapywilliamsoncounty.com

Dr. Reiter has treated multiple physical issues with me, ranging from my eyes, pelvic floor, and restless legs. I highly recommend him. My body feels so much better and always feels so relaxed after the treatment. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment today. – Maggie Thyme

The Osteopathic Center

Nashville, TN's Best Osteopaths

The Osteopathic Center is an osteopathic practice that helps patients heal from injuries and get better fast. This practice offers services and treatments such as regenerative treatments, integrative medicine, sports medicine, and more. Osteopathic Center focuses on patients so that they can heal, restore, and renew their bodies back to 100%. Their team of talented and experienced osteopaths is among Tennessee’s best. They have the experience and knowledge needed to not only address and treat your condition but educate and help you understand. With this in mind, if you are looking for a capable osteopath in Nashville, Osteopathic Center is a great choice.

Regenerative treatments, integrative medicine, cosmetic therapy, sexual health, sports medicine

Address: 9000 Executive Park Drive, Suite A210 Knoxville, TN 37923
Phone: (865) 321-1732
Website: theosteocenter.com

Dr. Goddard and his staff at The Osteopathic Center are amazing. My husband and I see him for any injuries to avoid surgery if possible. We have always had a wonderful experience and will continue to trust him and his staff with our care. – Amanda Horton