5 Best Osteopaths in Miami, FL

Best Osteopaths in Miami

Below is a list of the top and leading Osteopaths in Miami. To help you find the best Osteopaths located near you in Miami, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Miami’s Best Osteopaths:

The top rated Osteopaths in Miami, FL are:

  • The Osteopathic Center – Miami – is where you can encounter remedies like never before 
  • Clinic Libessart – was started by Sophie and Didier Libessart
  • Kirby Hotchner, D.O. – is assisting people for about 35 years
  • Michael L. Ross, DO – is an outstanding and one-stop multi-specialty medical practice
  • Icon Medical Centers – is an extremely experienced team

The Osteopathic Center – MiamiOsteopaths in Miami

The Osteopathic Center – Miami is where you can encounter remedies like never before. Find out what is causing your disease. Heal your injuries faster, increase energy, and look and feel better. They promote health at the Osteopathic Center, not only treat symptoms. Each person is seen as a complete, interrelated being.

Healing on a fundamental level is feasible when all of the body’s systems are interconnected and each has an effect on the others. Similarly, their practice relies on the collaboration of many different professionals and practitioners to provide you with the best possible service. Welcome to the Osteopathic Center- Dr. Kristopher Sean Goddard.


Osteopathy, Regenerative Treatments, Integrative Medicine, Cosmetic Therapy, Sports Medicine


Address: 3915 Biscayne Blvd Suite 406, Miami, FL 33137
Phone: 305-367-1176
Website: www.theosteocenter.com


“I have only been once but the staff was amazing with this not-so-easy patient. I am very impressed and will be back. Did MAH and thought they were very professional with protocols!” – Hadley H.

Clinic LibessartTop Osteopaths in Miami

Clinic Libessart was started by Sophie and Didier Libessart. They started in France over 30 years ago and transferred to Miami about 10 years ago. With over 30 years of expertise in their respective fields of osteopathy and physical therapy, they are tremendously passionate about what they do.

Their original Miami clinic was in South Miami, and they exclusively offered osteopathy and physical therapy. They have expanded their spectrum of services throughout the years by forming collaborations with highly skilled and motivated professionals in sectors such as skincare, podiatry, speech therapy, and more.


Osteopathy, Endermologie, Skincare & Facials, Assisted Stretching, Acupuncture


Address: 3850 Bird Rd Suite 502, Miami, FL 33146
Phone: 305-663-4499
Website: www.cliniclibessart.com


“I’ve been coming to Clinic Libessart for the last 2 years. Didier has been treating my back and he does an AMAZING job. much better than a chiropractic adjustment. The BEST osteopath in Miami!” – Caro

Kirby Hotchner, D.O.Osteopaths Miami

Kirby Hotchner, D.O. is assisting people for about 35 years. He is an ordained healing minister, reiki master, certified in Quantum neurology, and their newest addition will be doing adult stem cell therapy. He had many teachers along the way, the greatest of whom have been his patients. They provide a highly unique range and combination of treatment methods that you will not find in too many other places in the world. They treat people of all ages with a variety of conditions, always keeping the full person in mind.

He then completed a one-year internship in Saginaw, Michigan, followed by a one-year homeopathic training program in Chicago. After that, he worked as an associate professor at two different osteopathic medical schools for 15 years. He began full-time private practice in Miami in 1998 and has been doing so ever since.


Medical Visits, Medical Tests, Spiritual Healing, Coaching


Address: 1330 SW 22nd St, Miami, FL 33145
Phone: 305-856-8185
Website: www.drhotchner.com


“If you are looking for a doctor that you as a whole Doctor Kirby is the one. He treats the root of the problem instead of giving you a bag of chemical pills. Best holistic approach. I’m really happy with him and the whole staff.” – T

Michael L. Ross, DOGood Osteopaths in Miami

Michael L. Ross, DO is an outstanding and one-stop multi-specialty medical practice. They are in a prime location in Miami. Ross Medical Group’s high-quality health care trained medical specialists, and friendly employees attract patients of all ages, from newborns to centenarians. Ross Medical Group has been family-owned and operated since 1995, and it incorporates a traditional family ethos into every aspect of its practice, from its commitment to excellence and compassion to its goal of creating a one-stop-shop that can meet nearly all of its patients’ medical needs in-house while maintaining continuity of care. It is an osteopathic practice as well.


Family Medicine, Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy


Address: 8200 SW 117th Ave #100-200, Miami, FL 33183
Phone: 305-279-7677
Website: www.rossmedicalgroup.com


“Dr. Ross is truly a wonderful and caring doctor with an incredible bedside manner. I know my mom is in very good hands with him.” – Comic Kids

Icon Medical CentersOne of the best Osteopaths in Miami

Icon Medical Centers is an extremely experienced team. Their licensed chiropractors are professionals at realigning the spine and restoring each patient’s optimal health and vitality using a range of chiropractic treatments. Their patients may require advanced treatment choices in order to fully recover in some circumstances.

Their pain management experts are trained to identify and treat patients with complex pain problems, and they have the specific expertise and technology to do so. Physical therapy helps to repair damaged or weak muscles, ligaments, and tendons, reducing discomfort and improving strength and flexibility.


Chiropractic Adjustment, Mechanical Traction, Osteopathic Treatment, Trigger Point Injections


Address: 232 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130
Phone: 305-858-8845
Website: www.iconmedicalcenters.com


“Dr. Reggiano and his staff are great! They’ve been helping me through an injury and they take my insurance!” – Alexandra H.