5 Best Orthodontists in St. Paul, MN

Best Orthodontists in St. Paul

Below is a list of the top and leading Orthodontists in St. Paul. To help you find the best Orthodontists located near you in St. Paul, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

St. Paul’s Best Orthodontists: 

The top-rated Orthodontists in St. Paul, MN are:

  • Thayer Orthodontics – keeping up with all recent breakthroughs in orthodontics
  • Woodlake Orthodontics – Midway – gives you the best orthodontic care possible
  • Signature Orthodontics. Wendy L. Sydlewski M.D., D.D.S – offer focuses on facial aesthetics, sometimes known as beauty or attractiveness
  • Smile Orthodontics – offers your best smile faster, they use technology
  • Lakeside Orthodontics – St. Paul – helps you and your loved ones achieve the confident smile

Thayer OrthodonticsOrthodontists in St. Paul

Thayer Orthodontics consistently strives to give its patients the best possible orthodontic treatment in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the surrounding areas. They take satisfaction in keeping up with all recent breakthroughs in orthodontics and actively working to further their education.

Their objective is to provide patients with the most cutting-edge and efficient orthodontic treatments available. For you to get a perfect, straight smile in a way that works for you, they are pleased to provide a variety of treatments and technology. In order to assist you in making the greatest choice for you and your intended outcomes, they will go over all of your alternatives.

Products/ Services:

Braces for Children, Early Treatment, Braces For Teens, Clear Aligners


Address: 1050 Larpenteur Ave W # 2, St Paul, MN 55113
Phone: (651) 488-5622
Website: www.thayerorthodontics.com


”Excellent service and staff. I got my braces off almost twenty years ago. Recently, I needed my retainer adjusted and had some questions. Dr. Thayer remembered me after all these years.” – Taylor A.

Woodlake Orthodontics – MidwayTop Orthodontists in St. Paul

Woodlake Orthodontics – Midway offers the necessary tools, the space, and the team to handle the most complex orthodontic demands of the present in a welcoming and caring setting. Their mission is to give you the best orthodontic care possible while making the process enjoyable. They appreciate you stopping by their website. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or send them an email.

They appreciate you coming by. They are aware that you have options when choosing an orthodontist. Their top priority is to provide each patient with individualized, sensitive, comprehensive care. Just a few of the things that set their office apart are as follows: From the reception area to the exam room, their clinic is staffed by experts that take your oral health very seriously.

Products/ Services:

Invisalign®, Braces, & More


Address: 1375 St Anthony Ave, St Paul, MN 55104
Phone: (651) 286-8153
Website: www.woodlakeorthodontics.com


”Super nice and friendly team, my experience was amazing. Thanks to Dr. Padovano and the entire team” – Haitham R.

Signature Orthodontics. Wendy L. Sydlewski M.D., D.D.SOrthodontists St. Paul

Signature Orthodontics. Wendy L. Sydlewski M.D., D.D.S, offers orthodontic treatment in a welcoming and compassionate environment for both kids and adults. In their office, the orthodontic care they offer focuses on facial aesthetics, sometimes known as beauty or attractiveness, or as it is more widely known: beauty.

For many people, an orthodontist will be the only healthcare provider they will ever encounter whose primary goal is to improve their facial look. Naturally, that improvement will also result in greater self-assurance, better general health, and higher self-esteem. They appreciate you choosing them to provide your orthodontic care and look forward to getting to know you or your kid.

Products/ Services:

Braces, Early Treatment, Adult Braces, Invisalign®, & More


Address: 1575 7th St W STE 102, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: (651) 426-9986
Website: www.signaturesmilesmn.com


”Dr. Sydlewski has been amazing to work with. My 2 kids have both had braces. I highly recommend her. The staff at both clinics have been so nice and very accommodating. Thank you Dr. Sydlewski.” – Heidi B.

Smile OrthodonticsGood Orthodontists in St. Paul

Smile Orthodontics, many different private and state insurances are used by their company. To offer your best smile faster, they use technology. They provide simple payment choices and treat children, adolescents, and adults. Their aim during your initial consultation is to get to know you, learn your story, and provide you with all the information you require regarding your path to a lifetime of self-confidence and a gorgeous, healthy smile.

At this appointment, they will take X-rays, digital scans, and orthodontic pictures in addition to gathering basic health history data. They then make a unique, cutting-edge treatment plan for you using this information, and they will also address all of your concerns about the procedure, the cost, and insurance. Without ever leaving the comfort of your home, begin your orthodontic journey.

Products/ Services:

Braces, Clear Aligners, Retainers


Address: 2008 Ford Pkwy, St Paul, MN 55116
Phone: (651) 351-7777
Website: www.smileortho.net


”This place is the best. Dr. Wolff and his staff continue to impress. Angie has a sunny disposition, is so polite, and always professional. Edgar and Bashir both went above and beyond in customer service.” – Camille G.

Lakeside Orthodontics – St. PaulOne of the best Orthodontists in St. Paul

Lakeside Orthodontics – St. Paul, as you’ll see, they are motivated by a passion for providing every patient with their very best care, and they love having a wonderful time while they are doing it. Meet the smile builders behind Lakeside Orthodontics in Eagan and St. Paul, Minnesota. Every member of your treatment team is a registered assistant, and you can rely on their office staff’s dedication to customer care given their wealth of expertise.

Lakeside Orthodontics is trusted by Twin Cities Smiles. With their full range of orthodontic treatments, they help you and your loved ones achieve the confident smile you deserve, from various braces and Invisalign® aligner options to retainers and even free early growth monitoring.

Products/ Services:

Braces, Invisalign® Aligners, Smile Express, Virtual Appointments


Address: 1696 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105
Phone: (651) 699-2013
Website: www.lakesideorthodontics.com/st-paul-grand


”Our entire family has benefited from this clinic. I did Invisalign, and two of my kiddos are going through their journey now. We love the care, friendly atmosphere, and the welcoming staff.” – Cassie W.