5 Best Options Education Trading Websites

Best Options Education Trading Websites

In the financial world, trading options is another game. Unlike stock trading or forex trading, options trading brings increased complexity. With this complexity, it delivers greater flexibility to manage risk. But, it can be much more rewarding. Stock trading deals with a single dimension (price variation) for the trader to manage. Options trading brings other variables that affect their value, like Implied Volatility or time decay, to name a few.  Hence, the learning curve in options trading is longer and harder. It is advisable to join others to capture knowledge and avoid losing unnecessary money. Start trading options and learning alone can take time and not easily understood.

That is why we selected the best 5 sources to turn your options trading faster into a consistent level that most option trading books, videos and free guides do not teach nor give you the edge needed over the market. All the 5 Best Options Education Trading websites have different profiles that will appeal to every trader, either a beginner or an advanced options trader that is willing to improve its skills.

Top Rated and Best Options Education Trading Websites:

 #1 Options Tribe

Options Tribe is belonging to SMB Capital firm, but focused in options trading education. They have an extensive collection of videos discussing several options strategies; not only the strategies offered, but also from other invited members. It is a good community where knowledge is being shared. Any student needs to pay a monthly fee to access the video library but they also do frequent webinars. They also provide intermediate to advanced level options trading courses and mentorship programs.


  • Good video library with options related content (paid access)
  • Proprietary and third party options strategies offered
  • Good support
  • Frequent webinars covering options strategies


  • Expensive options strategies courses
  • Monthly subscription only to access Video library and webinars
  • Good for traders with capital above 25k
  • No community
  • No free content

#2 My Options Edge

My Options Edge

My Options Edge is delivering both proprietary options strategies and a trading community. The instructor is also a trader and publishes its own trades for its community members. It has a practical approach to options trading education where students learn from real trading and can interact with the instructor in a live trading room. It offers proprietary options strategies courses and a subscription service to access instructor trades. Mentorship / coaching is also available. Excellent for beginners to intermediate options traders.


  • Cheap, compared with others
  • Trader only shares trades he is taking risk (good past performance)
  • Growing options trading community
  • Options education comes from real trading experience
  • Responsive and interactive instructor with students


  • Only 2 years of proven track-record
  • Options blog is limited (free resources limited)
  • No video library

#3 Lock In Your Success

Options Education Trading Websites

Lock in Your Success is led by John Lock, a reputable trader and instructor. He developed his own options trading strategies that he sells through his website. It offers a trading community where members can share their experience. His trading style is focused on intermediate to advanced traders. He offers a program where members can learn from easier strategies and can enter in others more complex after consolidating their knowledge.


  • Well established instructor / long track record
  • Proven proprietary strategies
  • Good support
  • Trading psychology courses available
  • Trading Community available (although depends on subscription level)
  • Some free content, including webinars and videos on-demand


  • Expensive options strategies courses
  • Not the right place to start for beginner options traders
  • Good for traders with capital above 25k

#4 Steady Options

Steady Options

Steady Options is offering options trading services that also include alerts. They offer their own trading strategies. It includes a blog with extensive topics that anyone can benefit for free. Also available is a forum where anyone registered can interact with others and leading instructor.


  • Free content available (Education center)
  • Long track-record
  • Easy options strategies to apply
  • Average monthly subscription cost
  • Sharing only trades they take


  • Targeting more robust investors (25k-50k minimum)
  • No courses available
  • Not disclosing their own strategies

#5 Option Pit

Option Pit is focused on Volatility trading. But, in the last couple of years, moved to other services and assets traded (stocks, bonds). Only selected products that will deliver access to members where the leading instructors are issuing content and trade alerts. Interaction is welcomed with each leading instructor. The website is being constantly updated with commentary and some trading opportunities.


  • Daily free content available / Market commentary
  • Good for all trading levels
  • Reputable instructors
  • Interaction with instructors and members possible
  • Frequent webinars
  • Good for all options trading levels


  • Expensive – each product can only be subscribed for one year
  • No on-demand options courses