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5 Best Omnichannel Software You Should Be Using🥇

Omnichannel software is all about delivering the right content for the user. However, it’s not just about providing the right content; it’s about giving this information at the right time, at the right moment and to an appropriate target market.

There’s no point promoting services to a consumer disinterested in what you’re offering. Knowing your market is critical, and omnichannel software platforms are crucial to upholding this process. We put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Top and Best omnichannel software:

Here are the top 5 best omnichannel software programs you should be using:

  1. CommBox – one and the best so far powerful platform
  2. Smooch – interactive messaging experiences
  3. Acquire – sell and support in just one platform
  4. Talkdesk – solution for innovative enterprises
  5. Freshdesk – self-service solutions for customer service

#1 CommBox

CommBox - omnichannel software

Website: www.commbox.io
Free demo: www.commbox.io/request-a-demo

CommBox was founded back in 2013 and was formerly known as BumpYard. In less than a decade, CommBox has emerged as a serious omnichannel force for the future. They have developed next-generation omnichannel communication programs that are designed to improve the customer service experience.

With CommBox, thousands of customer service firms can provide their customers with tailored digital support, generated via AI Chatbots and machine learning. This means organisations can quickly launch a variety of communication channels, such as SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger and other social media platforms.

#2 Smooch

Smooch - omnichannel platforms

Website: smooch.io
Free demo: smooch.io/signup

Coming in at number 2 on our list is Smooch, also known as Sunshine Conversations. Smooch allows customers to unify their messages across a range of channels into a single conversation. By streamlining their communications, clients can build interactive messaging experiences anywhere.

Their core products include the use of artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, and interactive messaging services. Smooch is a relatively new business that was established in 2015. Based in Montreal, Canada, Smooch’s mission hasn’t changed since it began, and this family-owned business continues to live by its corporate principles of humanising customer-business relationships.

#3 Acquire

Acquire - omnichannel software

Website: acquire.io
Acquire was founded by Laduram Vishnoi and Amritpal Dhangal with the express purpose of providing customers with immediate feedback. Laduram remains the CEO of the firm, and Amrital is the COO.

Their platform has capabilities across a wide range of subject areas, such as Live Chat, Chatbots, Email, Video Chat, Integrations, Analytics, VoIP Calls, Unified Agent View and Knowledge Base. The firm is advised by several individuals from its strategic partners, including S28, Base10 and Fathom.

#4 Talkdesk

Talkdesk - omnichannel software

Website: www.talkdesk.com
Free demo: www.talkdesk.com/request-demo

Talkdesk is one of the oldest businesses on our list, having been operating since 2011. Since their establishment, Talkdesk has been assisting organisations across the world with building brand loyalty and supreme customer satisfaction by delivering terrific sales experiences. They have worked with more than 1800 companies in less than a decade and across 75 different countries.

Talkdesk have provided omnichannel strategies and support to some of the biggest names in the tech consumer space, like IBM, Trivago and Peloton. How have they been so successful? Well, Talkdesk has a revolutionary customer-focused contact centre solution that provides world-class simplicity and enterprise-grade performance. With the help of Talkdesk, your business will see increased productivity gains, improved customer utility and lower costs across the board.

#5 Freshdesk

Freshdesk - omnichannel software

Website: freshdesk.com
Free demo: freshdesk.com/signup

Topping off our list is Freshdesk, who offer a centralised platform that will serve all your omnichannel needs. The origins of Freshdesk can be traced back to 2010; however, the software wasn’t formally launched until June 2011 in Chennai, India. In October 2010, co-founders Girish and Shan began working on a user-focused cloud-based customer service platform.

Freshdesk was officially incorporated at the end of 2010, and by December of the following year, Freshdesk had raised close to $1 million in funding, primarily from venture capitalist firm, Accel. By April 2012, Freshdesk as raised a whopping $5 million in funding. Earlier this year, Freshdesk acquired AnswerIQ crossing $100 million in annual revenue!