5 Best Occupational Therapists in Fresno, CA

5 Best Occupational Therapists in Fresno, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Occupational Therapists in Fresno, CA. To help you find the best Occupational Therapists located near you in Fresno, CA, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Fresno, CA’s Best Occupational Therapists:

The top-rated Occupational Therapists in Fresno, CA are:

  • Rebound Physical Therapy – we understand how pain, or a lack of mobility, makes everyday activities difficult.
  • Advanced Physical Therapy – the relentless pursuit of getting the best outcomes for our patients.
  • Jimenez Physical Therapy – a practice that is traditionally based on family values of hard work, dedication, and discipline.
  • Fresno Physical Therapy – we always deliver hands-on, one-to-one physical therapy aimed at giving you a faster, more effective recovery.
  • Sports & Orthopedic Physical Therapy – a privately owned outpatient practice dedicated to providing first-class quality care in a family-oriented atmosphere.

Rebound Physical Therapy

5 Best Occupational Therapists in Fresno, CA

Rebound Physical Therapy is a therapy center located in Fresno that offers a variety of physical and occupational therapy treatments. This center understands the nature of pain and mobility and how it can affect people in life. Rebound Physical Therapy offers top-tier treatment and care to help people achieve optimal recovery. They have a team of experienced and passionate therapists that will stop at nothing until you get back to 100%. These therapists are highly-trained, experienced, and have the technical and medical know-how to properly treat each patient. So, if you want to work with a caring and compassionate staff, Rebound Physical Therapy is a great option in Fresno.

Physical therapy, help avoid surgery, surgical recovery, reduce re-injury risks, treat root causes, maximize potential

Address: 7206 N. Milburn Ave #102 Fresno, CA, 93722
Phone: (559) 271-3100
Website: reboundca.com

Love this place! They helped me not only bounce back after an injury but push forward to do more in a smarter, more focused way. Appreciate the knowledgeable staff and care. I’d go back to them anytime. – Meredith Ellis

Advanced Physical Therapy

The Best Occupational Therapists in Fresno, CA

Advanced Physical Therapy offers clients proven therapeutic methods that are effective and will help them recover. This physical therapy center is on a mission on pursuing excellence when it comes to providing patients with top-notch care. Advanced Physical Therapy has a team of highly trained and experienced therapists that will oversee your treatment. These therapists have years of experience under their belt and the efficiency to make sure your treatment and overall health are headed in the right direction. If you want to work with a therapist that is experienced and is passionate about your recovery, Advanced Physical Therapy is the way to go.

Patient education, preventive care, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, core strengthening, ultrasound, laser therapy, cryotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, soft tissue mobilization, traction

Address: 6710 N. West Ave, Suite 101 Fresno, CA 93711
Phone: (559) 439-2002
Website: advancedptfresno.com

Best place to get yourself back to normal. All employees are so helpful and courteous, friendly, and always have great personalities. I love it there, wouldn’t go anywhere else! – Rebecca Carrizales

Jimenez Physical Therapy

Best Occupational Therapists in Fresno, CA

Jimenez Physical Therapy is founded on the principle of family values like dedication, hard work, and honesty. This therapy clinic is headed and managed by brothers James and Michael Jimenez who are both physical therapists. Jimenez Physical Therapy’s mission is to provide 100% top-notch service both medically and customer experience-wise. These therapists not only have the qualification and experience but have the drive and passion as well. They will make sure you achieve your recovery goals as efficiently as possible. So, if you are looking for a physical therapist that will help you on your road to recovery in Fresno, Jimenez Physical Therapy is a great option to look into.

Chronic pain, injuries/illnesses, post-surgical

Address: 744 E. Bullard Ave., Ste 101 Fresno, CA 9371
Phone: (559) 436-8155
Website: jimenezphysicaltherapy.com

Great first experience today. Mike and his team provided excellent professional service and looking forward to bringing my son back to continue his therapy. Thank you – Craig Levine

Fresno Physical Therapy

Fresno, CA Best Occupational Therapists

Fresno Physical Therapy offers a more personalized and hands-on experience compared to other therapy service providers. This Fresno-based physical and occupational therapy center offers state-of-the-art medical treatments that will get you back on your feet. Fresno Physical Therapy believes that proper and free movement is an integral part of life. This is why their therapists work hard to make sure they can give each patient the proper attention and treatment. These therapists will make sure that you get top-notch service and get back to 100%. So, if you need a therapist that will help you become pain and injury-free, Fresno Physical Therapy is an excellent center you should check out in Fresno.

Occupational therapy, physical therapy

Address: 4005 N. Fresno St. Suite 106 Fresno, CA 93726
Phone: (559) 227-4440
Website: fresnophysicaltherapy.com

Love this office. They’ve got me back to good after 4 different surgeries. They do amazing work and they are so friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend them. – Yvette Ciotti

Sports & Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Fresno, CA's Best Occupational Therapists

Sports & Orthopedic Physical Therapy is a private practice based in Fresno that offers high-quality therapeutic treatment. This therapy service provider provides comprehensive and personalized treatments that will cater to your condition or injury. Sports & Orthopedic Physical Therapy specialize in treating sports injuries, orthopedic, and neurological conditions. They have an amazing team of therapists that are not just highly qualified but have the drive, passion, and commitment to make sure each patient is tended to personally. These therapists will always go above and beyond for you to make sure you achieve your goals of getting back to 100%. So, if you need an excellent therapist in Fresno, Sports & Orthopedic Physical Therapy is a great place to start.

Orthopedic and sports injuries, pre/post-surgical rehabilitation, work injuries, physical therapy, gym program

Address: 6335 North Fresno Street, Suite 108 Fresno, CA 93710
Phone: (559) 432-0524
Website: sportsandorthopt.com

Randy and his team were awesome in giving me a pain-free day. Following his instructions for home exercises in-between visits had me finish a recovery right on his promised schedule. – Peter T.